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Best Diaper Bags Buying Guide 2014

Baby Bag
Dimensions And Weight
No. of Pockets
Okkatots Travel Baby Depot Diaper Bag Backpack -redOkkatots Travel Baby Depot Travel BagBackpack19 x 15 x 614Unisex$$$4 Stars (4 / 5)
kate spade new york classic spade stevie baby bag chocolateKate spade New York classic spade stevieTote12.5 X 14.5 X 7Female$$$4.9 Stars (4.9 / 5)
Skip Hop Duo Deluxe Diaper Bag ChevronSkip Hop Duo DeluxeTote4 x 13 x 14 (1.6 lb)9Unisex$$$4.8 Stars (4.8 / 5)
petunia pickle bottom boxy backpack in mystic mykonosPetunia Pickle Bottom Boxy BackpackTote /Backpack5 x 13 x 13 (3 lb)7Female$$$4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)
jjcole satchel diaper bagJJ Cole Satchel bagTote 6 x 17 x 13 inches (1.5lb)11Female$$4 Stars (4 / 5)
daddy builder diaper bagDaddy BuilderMessenger39.4 x 17.8 x 6.9 centimetres (1.45 kg)Unisex$$4 Stars (4 / 5)
Going out with your baby can easily become like a self made action-night movie. This happens especially when finding baby essentials turns out to be a mirage.

Can I find a diaper bag for twins? Can I find a diaper bag for a baby girl, can I find a diaper bag with a changing table integrated? These are just some of the questions that moms are asking themselves. It is therefore clear that finding the perfect diaper bag can speak the difference between super mommy and sleepy mommy.

One thing most mommies look at first is the storage space, just to ensure that it can take care of all the baby essentials that are needed in a trip.
Every baby bag is unique in its own way.. some are best suited for visiting granny, some for short trips, some for daddy, some for little tots, nevertheless, storage is always a concern. Some baby bags like the skip hop duo deluxe and Skip hop Grand Central have been designed with special provisions for storage of both mommy and baby essentials including key holding pockets, cell phone pockets, diaper pockets and many more just to keep you the most organized mommy in the neighborhood.

There are designs that have lately hit the market thus allowing you to convert any pre-owned purse into a diaper bag thus saving you the overall cost that you could incur if you went with a brand new diaper bag. A good example is the KiloFly Insert Ognizer

Below are some features that you will need to assess closely when purchasing your diaper bag.

  • Is it machine washable?
  • Are the bottle pockets insulated to keep the bottle temperature?
  • Are the shoulder straps padded to keep save your shoulders?
  • Do you need one with a foldout changing pad and a pocket for baby wipes ? more like the skip hop pronto changing station

Most moms never think about their parenting partner thus an increase in expenses overtime especially when you are looking for a diaper bag that daddy can help you carry.

Those long trips can be demanding you know!!, a baby bag that doesn’t “scream diaper” like Okkatots diaper bag can be very handy for such a job,
One that bridges the gap between masculine and feminine while at the same time carrying all your necessary stuff for that awaited visit to granny.
Another point to keep in mind for your partner is the carrying style – Does it support crossbody or the backpack style or both.

Types of diaper bags

There are several types of diaper bags ranging from backpacks, totes and messenger styles being among the most common ones.

Diaper Totes

Tote bags may look overly big compared to their counterparts although there are also smaller ones. Most of them are designed to carry more than enough with enough extra pockets
for both of you and the baby.

Some good totes like the Ju Ju Be BFF diaper bag comes with a detachable strap that easily converts into a backpack  or messenger stlye suited for weight distribution.
The handle at the top also makes it easy to carry these bags around.

These are just some of the lovely totes around (We have reviewed each one of  these for you)

Messenger Style

The messenger baby bag also known as “sling style” come with a strap that makes them easy to carry on the shoulder or using the cross-body style.
Most dads have fallen for the messenger style diaper bags considering most of them don’t look like diaper bags despite the fact that they can be unisex to suit even moms as well. An advantage that messenger styles have over their counterpart is the lightweight design that allows these bags to carry much more
and still remain light while distributing the weight all over your body equally. Some are also so smart enough to include a laptop compartment.

Here are some good examples of messenger style diaper bags (All reviewed for you Once again!! so you know what is best for you)

No.1 on our list is the JJ Cole System 180 Degree Diaper Bag
Diaper Dude Diaper Bag – Designed with Dudes in mind.
Ju Ju Be Messenger Diaper Bag
OiOi floral Messenger Bag
Trend Lab Dr Seuss Messenger Bag

Backpack Style

A Backpack diaper bag looks mostly like the regular backpack you see around. Its a common design for school going children bags except that the backpack diaper bags come with extra pockets to help hold baby essentials and well planned into compartments as they can help with long trips. You can stash almost everything you want in most of these diaper bags as they are normally have more than enough storage space. Take for example the Okkatots Baby Depot Diaper bag which I have been raving about for quite sometime now.. It comes with a special pocket for a portable DVD player to play some music soothing your family all the way to your destination.

Tip: If you do plan to go with a large-stroller-friendly tote that you want to hang on a stroller then do consider purchasing a stroller with a basket so that you can place it at the lower back of the stroller without inducing unnecessary weight that could tip the baby stroller backwards.

What are the features to look for in the best diaper bag?


No mom ever wants something that is either too big to do the job and neither too small to do the job. Pick the perfect size that will make you fulfilled when you are with your Lil tot out there.
Several pocketed diaper bags are good as you will want to keep all your baby items like wipes, diapers and dirt separate from each other. You also need a bag that has some insulated cooler pockets for the tot’s meals while outdoors.
Interior and exterior pockets are also a must watch as these come into use for the ultimate convenience to keep you well organized.


Diaper bags that already weigh over four pounds will automatically be heavy when loaded. Try and check for the weight during your shopping session.
From our analysis we have seen moms with 2-3 baby bags and seen that it really makes sense. sometimes you really want a diaper bag that is more spacious for longer trips and another  minimalistic diaper bag for short outdoor trips.


Always go with a diaper bag that has proven to be sturdy, tough in the seams and holds up even after washing them without a fray.
Zippered pockets will also increase the safety of your bag contents compared to the counterparts that mostly would use a magnetic closure or just left open.
A nice way to study most of these design issues is to take a quick look at the customer reviews to obtain the hands on experience with most of these bags.

Think About the Changing Pad

Several diaper bags are fitted with a changing pad that is easier to clean as well. If at all you don’t find one pre-fitted on the diaper bag. then you will need to consider purchasing one separately. A perfect example of a pre-fitted diaper bag with a Changing pad is the PPB Satchel diaper bag that stores it in a bottom zippered compartment.


Go with fabric types that are durable at the same time washable while maintaining the beautiful outer look on them to keep your glowing wherever you go.


I would go with a color that is more friendly to my baby or even the cute looking zoo diaper bags that come printed with a zoo animal on them. It’s also wise to stick with a color that you can easily clean in case you encounter some dirt.

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