20 Tips for flying with a Baby

20 tiops for flying with a baby

20 Tips for flying with a Baby or a toddler

I just returned from a trip in the capital and must say its so amazing how you get to travel with your kids and learn something new each an every time.

20 tiops for flying with a baby

I am just about to explode you on how to travel in a memorable manner that even your kid/baby will be glad enough to enjoy the trip once again.

Having a baby does not mean you have to stay at home all the year round and a weekend getaway together with the family is a good thing to rejuvenate the  sweet memories you are longing to re-ignite.

As much as you are going to travel with your baby, it doesn’t come free from challenges though. Some of these require a proper planning even if you are that type who prefers to prepare for the last minute getaway then this list may just come in handy.

1. Grab a Cot Seat for your infant baby

Planes are not your regular autos and you will need to think about that super speed.
Make an inquiry with your airline in advance to know whether such a seat is available for your little angel.

2. Never forget the goody bag.

Every baby has a favorite, including a favorite animal figure. like “sophie the girrafe” (amazon baby best seller), Some babies prefer to have the noisy set of toys.

You may want to give a little consideration to accepting goody bags from other airplane passengers just in case you forgot to carry yours.

3. Allocate more than enough time.

It is so easy to realize that you have finally run out of time when traveling with your baby. Especially, when navigating the airport you may need to take some breast feeding/milking breaks occasionally or simply rush to buy that snack you really must have.

4. Get more than enough food and diapering accessories.

As much as you are traveling, you must know the core necessities of your baby right from the amount of food, drinks, clothing and diapering accessories to carry.

Don’t forget to have a ready wet clothe just in case some poop comes along the way.

5. Make a list of baby essentials and pack them

Pack them ready in a smart air travel baby bag like the Okkatots baby depot (Best seller bag for traveling moms) .
There are a ton of other designer baby bags as well but keep with something that is more versatile for travel together with a smaller version like a purse.

okkatots baby depot diaper bag navyCheck the special price from amazon – So far the best airplane travel bag I have come across

Think about baby creams, baby clothing, nursing cover up, flash cards for old toddlers, sippy cups, nose aspirator for infants, pocket DVD player, books for you,changing pad a baby bag that is pad inclusive will do), medications (some ibuprofen included), diapers, washable bibs, ,some oil, wipes, pacifiers and other necessary baby essentials as stated here.

Go through this list a second and third time just before leaving in order to be sure you are set.

organize your diaper bag

6. Never leave the baby documents behind.

It is always good to exercise some caution even though you have paid a seat for your baby.
These can come handy during the least expected moments.

7. Travel while the baby is chilling

Once good thing I have learn t is that it helps a ton to have the baby sleeping while you are traveling. You will therefore have to time the regular baby sleep time and ensure that you have the travel time scheduled to occur at the same time. You will be amazed by just how quick you reached the destination.

8. Carry earplugs for your passengers if you have wild kids aboard.

Have parrot kids? Carry some earplugs for your neighboring passenger. It is a smart way to show them that you really care and fun to be around.

9. Schedule for immunizations well in advance.

You don’t want to travel to an ebola prone zone without the effective immunization for your baby.
In some cases you may need to immunize to guard against more than one sickness.

10. Don’t fret to breastfeed

Just because you are abroad doesn’t mean that you cannot live your life. It is your right to do give your baby the best natural milk they desire to make their bones stronger.

11. Get the “forbidden list” form your airline.

As much as you want to carry everything including your babies favorite puppy, make sure to check with your airline first and drop them a call to verify that noting you carried is in their forbidden list. Example, some airlines do not allow traveling with ready to drink formula.

12. Confirm the flight capacity (Is it full?)

This is more like getting a hint on exactly how things will be for you when you finally land at the airport.
You need to confirm things like planning to carry the baby on your lap or what other options are available.

13. Read the airline policies on how they handle babies.

Some airlines will charge you wile most will fly babies under 2 years of age for free.
Get to read the policies for carrying extra luggage as well – It is important to know this especially when you prefer to
travel with your strollers and car seats as well. Extra luggage have an influence on the cost of the flight.


14. Don’t forget to bring your carry-on diaper bag with you.

Most airlines will not charge you for this and you can use it to store some of the key
essentials you can never do without. It would be a disaster having it in the luggage bag that may not be as close to you when needed.

15. Carry some drinking water that you really trust yourself.

I wouldn’t trust my baby’s health with the purified water from the bathroom.

16. Rent an apartment/Condo

Once you reach the destination, you may need to consider renting an apartment, condo or a cabin. This is very essential for space and get to really experience the real fun as you travel.

17. Have some music ready to soothe the baby.

Music is a good thing to the human mind and it works for babies as well. You may also want to check the baby susher gadget that soothes babies into sleep.

18. Care for yourself too.

As much as you are getting extra clothing for the baby you will also need to carry an extra clothing for yourself.
What would you do if some of the soiled clothing soiled you too just before you stashed them in a wet bag. Planetwise and Thirsties are good for this job.

19. Get a Fly safe car seat and fly safe stroller.

The stroller should be smart enough to be convertible into a luggage carrier as well while keeping you hands free to enjoy your trip. Here is one stroller that is fly safe.

20. The best part of flying with your baby is that you will keep getting better and better.

With a ton of more tips to share with us here. Document your travel plans and have an itinerary plan ALWAYS.

That was really a lot of stuff. Over to you now, what are some tips you have applied while flying with your baby and little kids?

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