Finding Stylish Diaper Bags

How to find stylish diaper bags for moms

Becoming a mom does not have to get into banishing all your fashionable  taste. You can still find some of the best functional but stylish diaper bags out there.

Just because they are stylish does not refer to the bags being expensive as well, you can still get a stylish and cute diaper bag at just a little under $25 if you research just a little more carefully.

Think outside the box – cheap and stylish diaper bags
Although the typical baby supply stores would carry some of the stylish diaper bags you are even more likely to find a better one just at the departmental store where you can get a regular purse or handbag.

In order to get the ideal bag at a cheaper price, you will observe that several department shops are also dealing in large totes which can satisfy the need for a stylish diaper bag at a cheaper cost under $25, although there are some very cute diaper bags that will go under $50.

Stylish diaper bags under $100
Vera Bradley has also been known to make cute, spacious backpacks and bags which could easily function as a diaper bag. The vera Bradley diaper bags can be more expensive though than the cheaper alternatives that you could find out there, probably ranging at a price of $50 – $100 but the fact is they are colorful, stylish and a loved diaper bag by other ladies.

A good choice from Vera Bradley would be the the stylish Vera Bradley Baby Bag. Another great thing about this bag is that it is easy to clean out all the bodily fluids and very durable.

Stylish diaper bags for fashionable moms
Call it expensive, Don’t worry; you still have the option of using a coach diaper bag as a stylish diaper bag. The signature stripe Multi
function tote is a great and stylish bag that you would not love to miss for this purpose. It even comes well set with changing pads and a sweet price ranging at $300-$400

Okay.. okay.. if you are still style-conscious as we are here at Xpress, then a colorful Louis Vuitton diaper bag like the pink Louis Vuitton or Louis Vuitton Congo tote (water resistant pockets). These awesome bags can sell at above $1000 making you look like one of those celebrity stars, and so you must be ready to take a little more care of it just to keep it durable.

No matter the taste, no matter the price/budget there is no good reason as to why you cannot find a truly functional but stylish diaper bag. It is all up to you to chose one, and let us know how it turns out for you.

We are all here ready to hear from your comments.

3 adorable diaper bags – All under $50

We are not really sure if it is the pattern or the price that makes adorable diaper bags so delectable.. They are stylish though and inexpensively designed to lighten your load hence help in making the right choice for a diaper bag.

Here are some of these diaper bags we went our way into highlighting for you:

Skip Hop Pronto! Mini Changer

skip hop pronto mini changer Are you one person that want to be well set for baby changes while on the move? Well well, this fold up diapering kit will save you a big deal, by helping you hold every stuff in a smartly convenient way.
This is also one of the adorable diaper bags that normally comes stylishly packed with a mesh pocket for wipes and diapers together with a zip pocket for smaller items.

Several moms have confessed that is indeed small, compact and easy to carry along. The strap even makes it sleek  enough to be around your waist. Don’t forget the see through wipe container that just blankly alerts you when you need to get more of them.

Here is what one mom had to say:
Liked it so Much we Got Two – By punktrees
So great to have a diaper changing system so small. I often throw it into my “mommy” purse when going out for short periods with my daughter”


JJ Cole Diapers and Wipes Pod

jj cole diapers and wipes pod-adorable diaper bagsIt is time to say bye bye to the bulky bags. This little number gets you focusing on the specific necessities.
it works miracles in getting you just carry exactly what you need.
It is actually perfect in going for those short trips. The main pocket holds some diapers and wipes that could come in handy.
It is also very cheap, under $50 so you can always grab it as fast as possible on amazon and get moving.


Here is what a mom has confessed about the bag
“I liked the grab and go idea behind the  JJ Cole diaper bag. It’s easy to take to public bathrooms or when you are at a friend or family member’s house. I also think this will be great to leave in the car for those quick diaper emergencies! It
truly is a great on-the-go bag when you only need diapers for the little one and not the whole bag of tricks you
normally carry.”  – Maggie Bleeker

Cargo Cutie Gold Diva – Leopard print diaper bag

cargo cutie gold diva diaper bagWhere are all the diapering divas? This one here is made for you. Cargo cutie gold diva goes beyond the shiny gold you see. It has got fully lined outer pockets, 8 gusseted inner pockets, 2 zip pockets and a phone pocket. Both the interior and the exterior are water resistant making it much more durable. You will also miss the leopard print changing pad, removable mirror, key snap and a credit card slot pocket.
Don’t forget the interiors are lined using leopard print as well making it one of the most adorable diaper bags as well.
To bring out the golden nature, it was also designed with a metal feet at the bottom and reinforced handles to keep it strong.

Don’t miss this, here is what mama Cita had to say:

“I feel like Kimora Lee Simmons with this diaper bag. Of course I only use it when am not needing a super practical bag. Don’t mind paying the $40 bucks to feel a little glammy”.

Here are some leopard print diaper bags just in any case you would wish to use with the changing pad for a matchy matchy look.

Designer Diaper Ecosusi Polka Dot Tote Bag

Polka Dot Tote Bag

All about Ecosusi Polka Dot Tote Bag

Ever heard about Ecosusi Polka Dot Tote Bag?  well if you haven’t, here we go.

Ecosusi is one firm that realized that fashion needs simplicity, no complexity or exaggeration.

They then came up with this bag design which displays a bling bling fashion making you look gorgeous but feeling very much comfy and relaxed.
Almost all of this companies’ bags have got smooth lines, a very renown design to bring comfort.

If you also love eco products, then this is another good one. The firm has a strong eco program that seeks to reduce the harm to earth as well while producing cool diaper bags.

Here are some of the features in this polka dot tote diaper bag:

  1. The inner pocket and the large capacity keeps you well organized. side pockets can be used to store things that you need quite frequently like sweet snacks.
  2. The available extra liner can be used to store several other things like baby bottle or a changing pad. We seek to make it very simple and convenient.
  3. Both sides have one pocket to put things you need.Four interior pockets keep everything in order, the large capacity can keep babies clothes and toys.
  4. Comes with extra straps to increase convenience when carrying the bag along.
  5. The outer pockets were also well designed to carry diapers, very convenient indeed.
  6. You can agree most zippers are a problem. This bag’s zippers were tested several times and proven to be indeed durable.

Polka Dot diaper Bag ecosusi Polka Dot Tote Bag

Give it a try today and you will see for yourself. This is just another good one we went out all the way to bring you.

Check it out Now

Timi and leslie marie antoinette II Diaper Bag

The Timi and Leslie Marie Antoinette

Timi and leslie marie antoinette

The Timi and Leslie Marie Antoinette tote is one of the lightest weight designer diaper bags on the market.

The bag comes made in a light weighted nylon(quilt) featuring some of the custom designs  using brass finishing you would ever find.
The Marie Antoinette comes with several fashionable accessories like adjustable detachable strap and a cross body, both of which make it easier to wear it hands free whenever and wherever you need to.

This wonderful diaper bag also comes with a special changing pad with a front pocket where you can store baby diapers and wipes; there is also a zipped sac to keep the solid clothes; insulated bottle tote is also available to keep the baby bottles warm or cool at anytime.

One thing you wouldn’t want to miss about this bag is the stylish clutch which you can use as your purse, thus saving you from carrying your purse separately.Timi and leslie marie antoinette complete

Oh! They’re even slots for your credit cards with an inside zipper. Isn’t that cool? matching stroller straps are also available to help you hang the baby bag from your stroller when you are taking a walk out there. Not forgetting how cool it can get to have a diaper bag that matches any color of a stroller and still looks cool.

timie and leslie antoniette diaper bag

There are just a bunch of cool features in this bag, including water resistance, 8 more pockets (two exterior pockets and six interior ones to help you get organized), interior key fob to keep your house or office keys very safe and a very cool light colored lining to see everything in your bag easily so you can do those quick checks when getting set to go. check out the interior here.

Get it Today! and you will be glad you did.

Skip hop diaper Bag

skip hop diaper bag

Skip Hop Diaper Bag Black

Skip Hop diaper bag has got one of the most unique designs you will ever need.

The Skip hop Versa diaper bag has got an expandable center that makes it 20% larger not forgetting two insulated front pockets for your baby bottles and cups.

It’s is also easy to hang on a stroller and be worn over the shoulder as you move around since it has got a cushioned changing pad that is soft, light and even water resistant along the linings.

You wouldn’t also want to miss the roomy, insulated bottle pockets (2 of them) together with a handy front zip where you can securely keep your phone. The design itself does not forget that you sometimes would want to keep your purse in there, as such there are several additional pockets which you can easily chose to use leaving the rest to store your diapers, toys, clothes and other personal items that you may need thus keeping all your baby items and safe.

skip hop diaper bag black

Best of all, the design is PVC free, Phthalate free and BPA free.

Skip Hop VERSA diaper bag indeed proves to keep up with you and the baby through errands, play dates, while at work or even in the gym. Grab it and and you will enjoy it as your number one bag on the go.