Is North Face diaper bag the Real Deal For Dads?

Is North face diaper bag the best baby bag for Dads?

Time is really up against us in defining what is the best diaper bag for each an every person out there, moms, dads, boys, girls, militants and all bag lovers.

I may have done most of the convos here about diaper bags for mums with very little to offer our baby parenting partners “Daddy”.
I have had to go into a comment hunting spree to hear what daddies had to say on their favorite diaper bags.

This is what daddies had to say:

Honestly, its something far from what I had expected. Most of them voted for North face diaper bag (Dadgear Backpack Diaper Bag by Dadgear). Oh.oh,  I know you are now wondering how comes my favorite isn’t ranked?

North Face diaper bag - Dadgear Backpack Diaper Bag
Well, it is a fact there are Great daddy diaper bags as well (like the Daddy Builder and Military bags) but this one just seemed to be the most popular amongst the dads I interacted with , it is more about the “never scream diaper when I carry you ” technique that was deployed in this baby gear.

Not forgetting, the North face diaper  bag is functional, comfy bag, and a lightweight bag when fit as a messenger style using the slingshot.
Speaking of colors, I bet you will find one that impresses you. There are colors such as Blue Retro, Classic rock, Black, Metal Maori, red retro-stripe, camouflage, universal camo, green retro stripe, grey professional, genuine quality, pink retro, wicket white and more.

Another amazing thing with this gender natural bag is that you can stuff a laptop inside it as well.

If you live in the plane and island most of your time making flying tips, you may just know enough how much better it is to fit all of the necessary items into one bag

But What is the Drawback with North Face diaper bags for men?

It may look overly sized despite its light weight feature. This could be a turn down if you have some love for minimalistic design in diaper bags.
Other than that, I do not think there is any biggie with size as you could be planning to carry it along for a couple children.

Do remember to attach the slingshot to convert it into a lightweight diaper bag distributing the weight all over your body.

Do you think this will work out for Hubby as a gift?

Yes, It would do much better compared to the girly looking “hello kitty” bags to keep hubby confident as he carries it along.

Parting Shot

If I was to buy a gift for my hubby, then I would simply run with a north face designer bag especially the Dadgear Backpack Diaper Bag by Dadgear which looks promising.

This diaper bag can easily qualify as a backpack, messenger bag (with sling attached) hence the love from men and can be re-purposed as the child grows older.

Note: The next North Face diaper bag close to the dadgear backpack is the DadGear Courier Diaper Bag manufactured by dadgear as well.

Cloth diapers Vs Disposable diapers Pros and Cons

Cloth diapers Vs Disposable diapers Pros and Cons


cloth diaper 1

As much as there are several disposable diaper brands out there, there are also several brands for cloth diapers. Although not as many to put them in the same scale as disposable diapers.


All in one Cloth diapers – The outer Waterproof AIO, dry inner layer and a soak.
All in Two cloth diapers – They are similar to the AIO although in  two pieces instead of just one. They are also a little more expensive.

Pre-fold Cloth diapers – They come with multiple layers thus making them good for absorption. Good thing about them is that they are easy to wash.
Durable and money saving as well. Daddy may have to spend a little more time to learn them though.
Pocket Cloth diapers –  Normally has a water proof outer layer and stay dry inner layer plus pocket opening to insert a soaker.  This enables absorbency control with ease.
Fitted cloth diapers – Diapers made of  fibers such as cotton or  bamboo. They also dry quickly with a snap in soaker, not as water proof though.
Flat diapers –  Call it the old style diapers. Just ask granny she will give you some insight on how they used them. Some moms are loving these ones today.


cloth diapers with pins

  • They have been proven easier to use and learn as well compared to their counterparts.
  • Research has also shown that they are best suited for potty training. The baby can take note of them as soon as they get wet which is a good thing to trigger the child’s stimuli and mature up faster.
  • These cloth diapers are no doubt a good one when it comes to reducing baby rash.The softness in the diapers is amazing to be precise. They come pre-folded in Terry cloth, Fannel or cotton cloth.
  • Another good thing about these cloth diapers is the price. Its a little cheaper compared to the disposable diapers thus saving you money.
  • Say bye bye to running out of stocked diapers. This is why its common amongst moms who like to saving 1 more dollar.


  • Some moms are not just ready to get into the hassle to of cleaning baby diapers, they just want it easy and keep going with their life. This is a common phenomenon amongst the modern mom who likes it easy.
  • Be ready to clean them with quite some water and spend the time to iron them as well. This is one task that some new moms are not just ready to undertake, thus prefer the use of disposable diapers to the cloth diapers.
  • They are normally not so good especially when you are in a place that you don’t want to carry them along with a risk of getting smelly poop!
  • If you will be traveling, then it may be a pain to you as you will keep worrying whenever someone takes a look at you!! Condemning yourself for causing a new wave of polluted air to breathe.
  • You will need to change them more frequently compared to their counterparts.

These can be easily categorized as either absorbent or super absorbent.


disposable diapers

  • The baby will always feel more comfortable on these ones.This is due to the softness and the absorbent design in them.
  • Other than the absorbent design. they are also sturdy and leakages are rare.
  • These are a breeze to change at the tap of your fingers thanks to the designers of the strips that comes ready for fastening and quick loosening making it ready for disposal.
  • A bonus with disposable diapers is that they are also easy to move around with. These are the kind of diapers you don’t want to get stressed with. Use it and damp it then get another FRESHone. Easy Right?
  • Good way to stick to your day to day chores for laundry handling


They are not Eco-friendly as environmental veterans (You and me) would want it to be. I have seen one company starting to produce Eco-friendly one’s.

  • After all. poop! isn’t that bad!! It part of the creation and can be always turned back into being useful. Its the material used to make diapers that can be hazardous.
  • Potty training is rather challenging as they are highly absorbent to an extent that the baby forgets about the wetness.


That’s it for now, you can see that both of them equally have the pros and cons. conversely, the reason most parents will chose disposable over  the former is the ability to save themselves from washing a diaper over and over, let alone touching poo-pooh!

Just remember. that works for another baby may not work out for you. Know your Baby! and pickup what works best for your baby. Something that will
keep her/him smiling always.

We are no scientist here at Xpress designer diaper bags, But we want all the best for your baby. You could start with disposable diapers and switch to cloth diapers later when ready to start potty training.

How to Buy a Messenger Bag Online

How to Buy a Messenger Bag

How to Choose a messenger Bag Like This one From  Jujube

Fresh From Jujube

A messenger bag is a commonly renown for the way its worn over the shoulder with an easy to hang strap. These bags have become so common  today that it would be a crime for any parent not to know how to buy a Messenger Bag that serves it purpose effectively.

This strap can always cross the body over the chest, letting the bag rest at the body back thus easier to carry.

It is also easier to carry heavier items like books and more with these bags considering the design that evenly distributes weight all over the body.
You will note that this bag is commonly used by students to also carry laptops besides being used as a day to day accessory to the diaper bags already available. Messenger bags have also been trending as a bag for men who want to take it easy on themselves. Call it an alternative to the handbags that women carry as well.

It therefore goes without a doubt that these messenger bags have got several uses in our day to day lives, learning how to buy a messenger bag is something good to know in the modern baby bag market.It doesn’t matter whether you will be buying them online or from your departmental store.

How to Choose a messenger Bag

Messenger bags come in a variety of colors, sizes and other features in order to satisfy the individual fashion taste for bag users.
We will be covering some of the core features that you need to evaluate before swiping your credit card online for any purchase.

1. Interior Pockets

some of the messenger bags out there come with several interior pockets that can effectively serve their purposes. There are also some which can make you life a true hell due to their small sizes.
What is the recommended size? Well, there is no actual way to measure this, But you will need to first checkout for several pockets. This will go a good way in ensuring that you have enough space for all the baby accessories you will want to carry along with you.

It is also a good thing to confirm that you will have some pockets zipped just to enhance them for your critical items like credit cards or keys.

2. Durability

You want a sturdy bag. Don’t you? This is normally more of about the material that is used to make the messenger bag.
You will note that messenger bags that have been made using canvas material are a little more stronger compared to the leather ones.
There are some diaper bags that have been designed with a thick layer on them and then double stitched to reinforce them for a long time usage.
Durability is never a hard nut to crack when buying a messenger bag. Just check the stitching, material used, thickness , zipping used and you will be fine. Never forget to check the strength of the shoulder strap as well.

3. Price

Pricing is a tricky one as there are some very good messenger bags that will cost you less more compared to their expensive counterparts
which are sometimes not worth the price tag.
To be frank, I would advice you to go with the designer type. These are normally sturdy besides having a good history behind them that you will love to associate with as well.

Cheap is expensive is a common phenomenon especially if you don’t take your time to research what you want to buy. Never let this happen to you by taking a little more time to investigate the materials that the messenger bag manufacturers sourced in order to come up with the product cheaply.
I can sure tell you that this will save you big time. Take a couple minutes in our site and find out what we have to say about the diaper bag using our search box.

4. Messenger Bag Size

Messenger bag size largely depends on what you will be using it for. if you will be going with lighter items like light books, then small sizes will do compared to heavier items like carrying oxford dictionaries and encyclopedia which may need a larger one.
For sizes, its again normally an easier nut to crack. just check sizes for 2 or 3 messenger bags and run with one.

5. Choosing the right color

Actually, i don’t normally emphasize on match-matchy colors for messenger bags as these can be used for casual events as well. The most common colors available are black and brown which will always do quite well with any attire. Some other colors that are available in the market are dark blue, white and Navy style.
Sticking with black or brown will do good for you.

Our Final word on How to Buy a Messenger Diaper Bag

Messenger bags are the kind of bags that are used by both women and men because there is no need to over-think about when to use them. Once you know where to find the right messenger bags, you will have no problems with wardrobe matches. You can even chose to put them on with any casual attire as well. Don’t forget that they are always light to carry whilst holding several items that you need along with you.
Go with branded designer messenger bags that are normally sturdy in design as they take their time to use the best materials available.

You can also learn how to pack your diaper bag here after the purchase, and if at all you still want to know more on what is messenger bags meant for, then check here. Remember to always come back and tell us how the diaper bag purchase went for you.

How to make a diaper cake step by step with pictures

How to make a diaper cake step by step with pictures

Diaper cakes have gone viral lately with lots of moms giving it a try for their new baby shower thus trying to learn on how to make a diaper cake step by step with pictures. I therefore decided to give it a try and see how it turns out. Are you with me? I want to prepare this cake you see here.

How to make a diaper cake step by step with pictures

If you are to think of any diaper cake then just as the name suggest ‘diapers’ will be one of the necessities as an ingredient.

Your mind must be now blowing like ‘Heck! Diapers Seriously?’, yes am serious about diapers, in fact we need some soft classic ones of size 1 to 2. It will be a sweet one!! Believe me.

Here are the Ingredients required for this 3-tier cake

  • We will need like 60 diapers for this to workout well.
  • Also try and get some rubber bands ready (get both the 60 pieces clear rubber bands and 10 pieces thick rubber bands)
  • A Pair of scissor – Can get this from your dept store if you lack one.
  • Thick colored ribbons for every layer  – Get a color that matches your babies shower theme. – Cost $6
  • Double sided tape $5.93
  • Get a couple toys for decoration where things go hot
    platter and Two(8oz.) baby bottles.
  • These are good collection of items to use for the diaper cake and every mom will love these for their baby shower before putting them in their diaper bag.

Step By Step Diaper Cake Making Instructions

1. Now, its time to prepare the cake, hold your ground and start rolling some diapers. Rolling them inwards has proven to be the best thing so far.
Make sure you roll it till it reaches a tight spot and then round it up with a rubber band.
You will need to do this process for all the 60 diapers. Use the colorless bands for this.


2. Now, secondly, we will need to start the 1st tier at the bottom by placing a bottle at the center of the cake platter and then wrap the big rubber band around it, sliding it smoothly.

It is now a good time to take the diapers we rolled previously and insert them slowly inside the rubber bands in a balanced circular way so that it forms a ring. You will note that the first ring around the bottle will need somewhere between 6-8 diapers you prepared earlier.


3. The second tier build up is now the focus.
Just like we did with the first tier of the cake, we will again wrap the rubber band around the bottle and slide the diapers slowly inside like in this demonstration below.You will start noting that the diaper cake is slowly becoming stronger and stronger.


4. Add a rubber band around the top of the bottle and fill with diapers.

This will connect and stabilize the diaper cake. You should end up with something like this.

2tiers are now ready on diaper cake.

3rings at the first layer and 2 rings at the second layer. We haven’t sweetened it yet!!! Stop salivating. haha

5. You will note that there is still some small space at the top that is not yet unused. Its time for the second bottle to come into use.
You will note that even after you insert the second bottle and wrap it around with diapers like we did with the previous tiers, it will still leave some bottle space at the top.
Remember we only need one ring for tier 3 (The top most tier) and finally having something like this one.

3tier diaper cake is almost ready

Now, You can start salivating!! Its Decoration Time!!

6. There is actually an array of several items you can use to decorate this cake nicely. You can make use of flowers or other baby toys like pacifiers,
rattles, wash cloths, combs, bibs and many more.

How to Decorate Diaper Cake

1. We will start by wrapping a pretty colored ribbon around each tier to cover the 3 rubber bands that we used to hold up the whole cake. The double tape we talked of earlier actually comes handy here once again for fastening at the ends.

Now, get some small flowers, I prefer green flowers that have got a small mix of white. Its a good match to the diaper color I used here. Insert each
of those small green flowers at the top of each diaper you rolled. At this stage you will be salivating even much more!! even though we are not done yet.

2. Get a flower bouquet (For Baby boy or Baby girl )to sit at the remaining top of the baby bottle. You can do away with the bottle top in order to arrange some flowers inside there.
You want to attach some matching ribbons at the top  as well. This will hold it up firmly at the top as well.

3. To make a bouquet of flowers on the top, remove the top of the baby bottle. Arrange silk flowers as a bouquet inside the open baby bottle.
Attach matching curling ribbon on toothpicks to add some fullness to the bouquet. And voila, you’re done!

Yay! You just prepared a diaper cake, and its now time to start your celebrations and have fun. These cakes are normally good gifts for baby showers. Its a Cheap baby shower gift at the same time a unique baby shower gift that every mom-to-be will appreciate so much!

You will end up with something like this:

amazing diaper cake for baby shower is ready

FINAL PRODUCT: Diaper Cake is Ready

But When Can I eat a Diaper Cake I just prepared?
I know you must have thought you will be eating this cake. But sorry a diaper cake is not really a cake meant to be eaten, its normally an
arrangement that looks more like a cake for gift.

When are you preparing yours? You can take up the challenge and come up with this one.diaper cake kit

This is a ready made one for your baby shower, Get it here

You can also find more information here :

what to look for in a baby diaper bag

what to look for in a baby diaper bag

You just landed in the solution center for all those who are unaware on what to look for in a baby diaper bag that will serve its purpose.

what should you look for in a diaper bag?

Diaper bags have lately become a fashion statement that cannot be overlooked in themselves.

 The trend has been slowly pointing towards diaper bags that don’t exactly look like diaper bags but more like a purse.what to look in a diaper bag
It therefore goes without any doubt that this industry will be going hot very soon with millions of moms toting for purses that can carry along most of the baby stuff that are a must have.

Some moms forget that the first diaper bag doesn’t need to be  your last. but why?Its simple, needs keep changing. You will realize that your baby needs like bottle feeds, wipes, pads and more will keep changing and you may need to replace the first diaper bag with a new one as most of those diaper bags  designed for pacifiers and bottles shall have been overtaken by non liquid foods and sippy cups. Let alone the ever changing trends out there.

If you still don’t know what to look for in a baby diaper bag, then this is your day to smile all the way to your new baby bag purchase.

Easy cleanup
The diaper bag is for you and the baby too.
This is one of the most common mistakes that new moms do. Most would think that the diaper bag is only necessary for the newborn only.
Just because you have a girl does not mean that your baby bag cannot be blue.

Enough compartments.
You also want a baby bag with some compartments for a wallet, cellphone and your keys as well while leaving enough others for baby bottles and diapers.

Stroller facility
Do you want to hang it on the stroller or you want to carry it along on your straps?
Most designer diaper bag suppliers will today come equipped with a stroller strap so you can attach them on your stroller as well.

These stroller straps can always be rolled back letting you hold the baby bag normally.

Bag Space
Scientist have proven that anything that occupies space is called matter.
Well, what is the matter? Wipes, bottles, phones, keys, pads. All these can be a bunch to carry along and believe me. You don’t want to mess up with the space issue especially if you are the other non minimalistic mom or dad.
There are some baby bags designs out there that can carry a lot and remain light weight at the same time.
The fact that a diaper bag is deep enough does not also suggest that it will be easier to find things inside.

Design and Style
This is that moment you want to checkout for the overall outlook whilst carrying the bag along with you. You may want to chose on a favorite color, prints on the bag and even indulge a little more if you can turn heads around while strolling with your baby bag.
We also took time to cover some of these for you including their features.

Go for diaper bags that can last longer and more easier to clean up. Always avoid the one’s that can easily get dirty unless you are a celebrity who can really take real good care of some of those few expensive bags that are hard to clean.

Cushioned bags and easily adjustable one’s are more preferable for purposes of the comfort it comes with.
This is already catered for in most baby bags in their design. Remember to plan for the fact, you will be carrying less and less as the child graduates from being an in fact into being a toddler, its that moment when the saying that goes “Less is more” really applies for toddlers.

What designer diaper bag are you currently Using? And What other factors did you consider before your purchase?

I hope this list helps you know what to look for in a baby diaper bag
Your Turn!!!!

What to put in a diaper bag

What to put in designer diaper bag Before and After Hospital


Are you still confused on What to put in a diaper bag?

what to put in a Diaper bag like Skip Hop Studio ToteNever wait for the last minute rush until you are being taken to the hospital during your early labor to start scrabbling for what to put in a diaper bag.

Research has proven that you should at least have your baby bag 2-3weeks prior to your due date. Despite this proven research, several new moms are still struggling to be prepared well in advance.
From my experience as I peruse the several forums out there, moms who prepared 10weeks+ earlier were even more inspired about their process in giving birth and less stressed as well.

when your baby decides its time to come into earth, every loving baby mama will tell you it takes devotion and complete focus on your newborn.

You will need to check on your labor closely just to have a good idea on when you should have everything ready.
Once the new baby is on earth, most moms have always preferred to spend another night in the hospital while complicated births could even go a little longer. Believe you me its not a good time to thing about basic baby essentials you should have had like 3 weeks earlier. In fact a good plan would be have a couple of these baby bags that can help you out both at home and at the hospital during our labor pains.

Here is a checklist on some essentials to have before the baby kicks to leave the womb and join our beautiful world with a smile.

What to put in diaper bag During Labor

  • Don’t forget to carry a watch with you just to confirm the minute your joy of heart comes on earth.
  • Have all your contacts very closely and most preferably in a piece of paper that you can carry around.
  • Get a top notch baby bag (Designer ones are the best) that can last long enough with the correct features. Some few that have amazed me lately are the one’s from Kate spade and Skip hop. They are also amongst the best sellers online. There are some good one’s as well. but make sure its one that is spacious enough to accommodate this list.
  • Carry a backup battery that will always come in handy whenever your batteries run out.
  • An old nightie dress that you can dispose after the delivery is also vital.
  • Check on your clothes colors as well. Dark colored and stain friendly one’s are the best.
  • Don’t forget thick socks to save from the cold as well.
  • Hair Grips – This will save you from looking like the latest fly-whisk rider to mars. Don’t let that shaggy look catch up with your joyous moments.
  • Try and have some drinks and snacks that is enough for your birthing partner too.
  • Have a water spray full of cold water. It will come in handy.

What do you think your Husband would carry?

What is in your Hospital Bag

Newborn Essentials After Birth

If you just gave birth already and now wondering on what to put in a diaper bag you just bought? Well, You just got sorted as well

  • Never ever forget breast pads even if you do not plan to breastfeed a  baby
  • Baby bottles, Face wipes, Deodorants and other toiletries like baby bath sets
  • Maternity pads – They are known to be bigger and a little more absorbent which is a good thing. Some parents like the disposable changing pads for traveling.
  • Time to Go home Clothing – Make sure that these are comfy and loose enough.  You can also try them with waistbands that will not harm you in case of a CS delivery.
  • Don’t leave the hospital and go start putting on your pre-pregrancy clothes, I know you will miss them, but please give them a little break as you recuperate.
  • Wet wipes – Just remember there is always something to wipe whenever you are with the baby.
  • Baby nappies and changing pads – This is a basic necessity
  • Toddler Car seat – Its time to have a seat for the baby back at home and in the car as well. Eco baby car seats have been proven to be good for the job. Train the birth partner on how to use the car seats.
  • Baby sleep suits – I once saw one that looks like a dolphin kind of suit, It was amazing to be precise. Carry at least 2.
  • Carry Enough Baby clothes – You never know when the next spill will be taking place.
  • Don’t forget to also carry a blanket, baby hat/sunscreen to save from the sun, baby vest, cardigan (VITAL) and some cotton wool that is very good for premature babies. Don’t use wet wipes on such lovely babies, give them like 4weeks.

These are some of the basic baby essentials on what to put in diaper bag and don’t forget to entertain yourself with with a magazine or ipod that plays some smooth music.
Please let us know if there is any newborn essential that we have missed.

Now that you know what to put in a diaper bag. Its now Your turn!! Tell us, what is it you can never go without in your designer diaper bag?