5 Celebrity Bumps to Watch 2014

Vanessa Carlton and Husband Pregnant
vanessa carlton is pregrant
Vanessa Carlton and her husband John McCauley are Pregnant.
They are expecting their first child together. This seems to have been a good news for them to post it on Social media super excited. Read More here

Christina Aguilera Shows Off Her Bump

christina-aguilera-showing off her bump
The ever beautiful and HOT Christina Aguilera is throwing the castles in the air with her grown bump once again this weekend.
Christina, hydrates her lips in a super fitting blue dress fit for her figure. How about her giving us a line or two?

Kelly Rowland Cute there.

kelly rowland

Is Kelly Rowland training for some “shaoling kung-fu”? It should be some Yoga practices to refresh her she visualizes her destiny
The Former Destiny child member is indeed pregnant with her first child.

We stole this from her instagram where she poses in a prenatal yoga.

Jenelle Evans Is Bumping on number 2
Jenelle Evans is pregnant
Jenelle hits the bump again with a brand new baby boy to join her son Jace.
Teen Star Mom Jenelle seems to doing well in dieting and exercise to feed the new bundle of joy already, he is growing super fast in there and almost as big as Jace.  Don’t you think toting a Skip hop duo deluxe would be smartest thing for her to do?

Mila Kunis is Pregnant on a Red Carpet

Mila Kunis at The LA Premiere of THIRD PERSON
Mila Kunis has made a rare pose on a red carpet that even caught the eyes of Marie Claire.
Her Chic maternity outfit made the headlines as she went to attend the LA Premier of 3rd Person hosted in a Hollywood Studio.

I think her spaghetti strapped little dress thingy somehow says “check me out again?” and “again?”

Baby Diaper Bag Buying Guide

Best Diaper Bag Buying Guide – How to buy a diaper bag

Whether you are a New Parent or  a Practiced parent, choosing a diaper bag to buy can be one task that burns your time if not well done.

ultimate diaper bag buyer guide

You need to be extremely wise in how you do go about how to buy a diaper bag that does its work. Some would even prefer a diaper bag that doesn’t look like a diaper bag at the same time.

Well, Pause for a few minutes and I promise this small read will be worth it in helping you even have  an ultimate diaper bag checklist ready to load.

The difference between various diaper bag options boils down to majorly style and the size you want tote around.
Almost all of the choices normally falls into one of the following categories.

best diaper bag buying guide

Basic choices to look for in a diaper bag


Totes is the most common style of diaper bags that we see around. If you can find a nice tote bag then you will live to love it for a
long long time. It is one of the most common and familiar styles amongst both new and practiced moms.
They seem to resonate so well with moms who want a particular style, color, design, class and a ton more of factors to chose from.

Some of the basic designs would come with a single big compartment that just does it all whilst some highly stylish ones would have several compartments with some immense power to get you organized.

There are long shoulder strapped ones and Two shoulder Strapped ones.

Messenger Bag

Messenger bags have been lately doing rounds considering that it is a great way to stash baby items without really
telling everyone you are carrying a diaper bag.

Usually designed with a longer strap on it that can be worn over the shoulder or on a cross-body style they can really be
great for a hands free option plus the unisex look that they do present as a pick up option for both moms and dads.

Backpack Style

Just like messenger bag style it also brings aboard a comfortable and hands free use with a couple straps that help to distribute
the body weight on your body evenly.

If you are going to carry several baby items and maybe some items for you too, then this is the perfect way to get going.
Even though an backpack could be converted into a baby bag, the best backpack diaper bags have been readily designed with salient features to help with diapering. Some features included are insulated baby bottles, changing pads and multiple pockets with suited functions.

What to look For in a Diaper Bag

No matter how Stylish and Cool your diaper bag is, you need something that is functional and practical for the job at hand. These are some of the core factors to consider when picking a diaper bag.

Roomy and Organized

A larger diaper bag has got immense benefits that you will appreciate especially when you are outside for long. Example today
I will be leaving for a weekend trip together with my family and it seems like I may have to carry along some stuff for Baby Faith, Baby Grace and some for change clothes for myself as well.

Believe me, you need a large diaper bag for such a stress free trip.

The main inside of the bag should be big enough to accommodate almost everything that mommy will need packed leaving the pocket for the immediate diapering accessories.

We all vary in our personalities and that is why you need to now realize that what works for Mama Faith may not comfortably work for you. Take a closer look into your natural behavior to help pick the best roomy diaper bag for your needs.

Consider something that is also well organized into compartments plus interior and exterior pockets. This gives you the added benefit of being super fast in access to you baby essentials like wipes, creams and safely get hold of your keys without scrambling down for it at the bottom of the bag.

If you already have a hand bag that you really want to convert into a diaper bag then a diaper bag organizer can be worth the investment.
We have seen moms like Anjali Joshi satisfactorily convert a Louis Vuitton Purse bag into the perfect diaper bag she has ever dream’t of owning.


Consider the use of a diaper bag that has been designed using stronger material. Of course it depends much on your choice of taste.
Some parents prefer leather diaper bags, some vinyl diaper bags, some like going for the canvas diaper bags.

Despite wipe clean Vinyl bags being a good alternative to the jungly looking leather bags, canvas bags seem to be the better option for a heavy duty fabric that stands to do its work for a long long time to come. A good alternative to Canvas bags is the Nylon bags that are extremely lightweight plus very much durable to shun wear and tear.

Secured Closures

Always think Zippered, Snapped, Buttoned or Velcro closures for a quality diaper bag to help make sure that no baby items are coming out unawares.

Just be careful not to go for a magnetic snapped closure that would require some mighty Yokozuna to help you open it up.
One thing that magnetic closures does so great with compared to the Velcro closures is the Quietness that they carry along thus not easy to wake up a sleeping baby. Velcro closures are still doing it though.

Stroller Compatibility

Before you swipe that card, ask yourself “is it a stroller compatible diaper bag?”
Having at least one bag that matches your baby stroller can be saver when you want to stroll around so you don’t need two more hands to take a walk with your baby.

Changing Pad

As a mom-on-the-move, you definitely need a clean, comfortable surface to do your baby changing. There are no “buts”, a changing pad will spell a lot of difference in how fast you can get things done.

Where to Buy Diaper Bags

Diaper bags being a baby must have in the current society, it is of great essence to find a functional diaper bag from a TRUSTED store that will guarantee you the best bang of your buck.

You can find baby bags almost anywhere including the following:

  • Departmental Stores
  • Baby Boutiques
  • Discount Offers (Some Discount Offers are Feautured here)
  • Clothing Stores For Children
  • Baby Toy shops
  • Amazon – This is the Best and our Most Recommended source. But Why? Lots of Reviews to help you know what you are going for.

You can also find some used diaper bags at Yard sales and second hand item shops.

Parents and Their Diaper Bags

The New Mom

New moms have proven to be the best carry-it-along lovers for diaper bags considering they still do have lots of baby items to carry.
Just like a Stethoscope to any budding doctor, new moms will always need their baby bag readily stocked on their shoulders or hands for the ultimate solution that they need to have. Think of pacifiers, baby bottles, blankets , onesies and more.

Some do believe that the baby bag only belong to the little kiddie whilst some do believe that the baby bag belongs to them and not the little tot. Seriously, why would you carry 5 mommy change clothes and a pair for the little tot?

With all the options available out there on diaper bags, here is a tip for moms. Check out the 2 out of 10 strongest features and style that makes a bag winner for you. Not all the features you see listed will always be a unique selling point for a good baby bag.

All the diaper bag parts have got something that they carry along, some components will always be a head turner compared to others i.e. Lets say its a signature label for example, is it the most stylish thing that does the magic for you?

If you are a new mom and don’t know what to go for. You can never be wrong on Kate Spade

Carry it all Moms

Take a look at your baby bag next time you are packing for a trip. Is it fully packed? If Yes, you just joined the carry it all moms club.
The quantity of baby supplies seems to be a key concern for you and you don’t need to pretend about this natural tendency. We are all different right?

Simply go get a bigger diaper bag that serve your much better like the Skip hop duo deluxe, Diaper Dude or some Timi and Leslie Antoinette II


Carry-it-less style is also a fancy way that some moms and dads have adopted. You simply want to have some small pack of baby wipes, diapers, a snack and the baby bottle plus a couple clothes of change.

Jujube has done quite some good job here with their messenger small bags that make it easy to tote around without losing touch with wowing the public on your latest trendy fashionable baby bag.


These are the moms and dads who will argue that your latest trendy diaper bag does not have the necessary features. These are purists who believe and preach the immense need of carrying your most basic essentials while making sense at the same time.

There’s a ton of no-nonsense mommies out there who will open a sermon to love on just how you can do great with a particular style of bags.

Some of the baby bags doing rounds for realists are the Kate Spade New York, Okkatots Travel bag for travel moms and more.

Parting Shot

Whatever the diaper bag you choose to run with, always remember that you have something that will make you feel like a super mommy whilst offering lots of pockets, roomy enough, comfortable straps or handles, secured closures, changing pad, long lasting material to help keep the bag strong enough to serve even after the baby has grown up.

Top 15 Chic Diaper Bags For Moms To Carry

15 Chic Diaper Bags For Moms To Carry Even After Baby is Grown

This is our Great selection of Best Chic diaper bags and Designer Diaper Bags we did our best to collect for you. Ranging from Top designer diaper bags to some of the most trendy diaper bags but less known designs.  You will see stylish diaper bags for modern moms including Timi and Leslie, Coach bags, Mia Bossi, Skip hop, Tory Burch, Jujube, Petunia Pickle, Kate Spade amongst other unique diaper bags and high end baby bag. We also have a couple of fun diaper bags listed like the banana clutch bag you will be seeing as you keep reading through. This is a quite some good list of diaper bags to watch and a Must Read even if you have a budget of under $100. You may be surprised to see some diaper bags under $50. There is always some affordable stylishly fashionable bags made for you.

1. Mia Bossi Katie Popcorn Bag

mia bossi katie popcorn diaper bag

This is stylish and furthermore lighter bag that will perform your toting tasks with a lot of ease.
We could easily say It is as light as a popcorn even after loading it with the baby supplies. It equally distributes the weight across your shoulder.

It is lavished with a number of pockets to make it easier in finding items like keys, cellphone and other diapering accessories.

Bonus: Machine washable, An optional computer case is also available.

Check out the Mia Bossi Katie diaper bag popcorn

2. Skip Hop Versa Diaper tote Bag

Skip Hop Versa Diaper tote Bag

The skip hop versa has had tons of great reviews including Tori spelling who listed it as one of her Top 5 favorite diaper bags.
She qualifies this bag as the best functional diaper bag that is fairly priced at under $100.

The Skip Hop versa diaper tote bag Creamlinks below is also a pretty chic diaper bag. Loving it a ton.

Skip Hop Versa Diaper tote Bag creamlinks is awesome

Any new Practiced mommy will tell you how much it was worth the decision to invest on a skip hop versa. It is also a great diaper bag for twins.

3. Burberry Diaper Bag

The uniique burberry diaper bag

If you are a designer bag fanatic then you could obviously consider the Burberry style. A British brand that has broken the records as a diaper bag designer with a relatively predictable chart of what is coming out next. This has kept their fans always hooked to these gorgeous looking diaper bag.

These are the kind of chic baby bags you want to wear when you want to appear classy, expensive and do it around like it is nobody’s business. This is your time to rock like Kate Middleton.

4. Eddie Bauer baby bag

Eddie Bauer

You could run with this Backpack style

Eddie-Bauer diaper bag

OR Simply Tote around with Eddie on your shoulders

This is a product of the American holding company that operates the Eddie Bauer – A clothing store headquartered in the Bellevue, Washington.

Functional, affordable and the hidden diaper changing pad is genius!

5. Kate Spade Baby Bag

kate spade new york classic stevie diaper bag  for trendy moms

This is the one of the Prettiest thing you will ever come across from Kate Spade. One Word. Go for Kate Spade.
It qualifies as a diaper bag that doesn’t look like a diaper bag.

Kate spade is currently rocking the Designer bag retail world . Keep Watch!!

6. Marc By Marc Jacobs Diaper bag

marc by marc jacobs eliza-a-baby diaper bag


There is something to checkout on this brand that celebs have come to love so much.
How many celeb moms have you seen toting this around?

I leave it for you to decide but just remember if you see “Black” from Marc Jacobs, pick it.

7. Petunia Pickle Bottom City carryall


This Petunia city carryall Signature tote embossed prints tote goes into redefining the true meaning of a city bag for a city mom.
It no doubt comes with a sophistication to allow you do diaper changes anywhere at anytime using the inbuilt changing station.
I so so like the side pockets. Good for baby wipes, and baby items you want to access super fast.

Checkout the Petunia city Bag Here

8. Belly Dance Boulevard Bag

Belly Dance Boulevard Bag

Super clean, shiny and classic. I think it can make a good  baby bag for a baby dance

9. Ju Ju Be Kid messenger bag

Ju-Ju-Be kid messenger bag

It doesn’t hurt to get something for the little kiddies as well.
Show some love with this Jujube messenger style tote.

10. Petunia Pickle Bottom Glazed Sashay Satchel

Petunia Pickle Bottom sale Sashay Satchel

Who doesn’t love a Petunia Pickle backpack (hold it hands free) that can convert into a shoulder bag for a cosmopolitan look?
This is your perfect choice if you like selecting from a variety. PPB sashay satchel is available in a wide range of prints including
Twilight Tiger Lily, Bavarian Bliss, Gardens in glasgow, Indelible Iris, Central park north stop, Citron blooms, Classically crete,
Dancing Daisies, union square stop, Picnic in portugal, santiago sunset, southwest skies, sunlit stockholm, Notting hill stop, whispering wildflowers amongst others.

Besides it features a fashionably stylish design with several pockets.

Checkout the PPB Sashay satchel here

11. Pretty Nylon Marc By Marc Eliz-a-baby

Pretty Nylon Marc by Marc Eliz Diaper Bag

This is big enough to stuff almost everything inside it. Besides it doesn’t look like a diaper bag and can easily be converted into a purse if there is a need to.
It highly qualifies as a sassy bag that is made out of light weight nylon material which makes it lighter to use while out there.

con: Since it is designed to easily convert as a diaper bag and into a purse at the same time. It doesn’t come with an internal divider therefore you may take a little longer to find some stuff. Make sure your bag is well organized using the pockets to help find stuff. They easily qualify as Chic diaper bags though. Pretty cool.

12. Tory Burch Billy messenger Bag

tory burch

This is the go to bag for fashionable moms who want to go out for a short trip and still look stylish on one of the sleekest chic diaper bags from Tory Burch.
This cute diaper bag is well designed to also function as a carry on purse when you are catching a flight while still allowing you to carry your baby toting essentials using the numerous compartments.

Good size, Cute Color with a Stacked Logo. How about you Share some Tory Burch Love!!

13. Diaper Dude Messenger Bag

diaper dude bag

Diaper Dude has got hip daddies in mind too. This bag has been doing rounds and especially favored by men for its ‘man diaper bag’ outlook.
The camo printing that comes on the daddy bags has made some designs become more like a unisex diaper bag as I have seen some moms toting around the Daddy Builder one.

To all the proud papas.. Diaper dude camo will sort you out.

14. Malibu Nylon Baby Bag Tote

Juicy Couture Malibu Nylon Baby bag with leopard print

I fell for this leopard print diaper bagfrom Juicy Couture. It sure comes out as a Super mama tote with a bold signature.
Haven’t tried it yet, but I think it can do good for young moms plus it doesn’t look like some other off-the-shelf diaper bag.

15. The Banana Clutch Bag

banana clutch bag

This is a clutch bag that you want to tote around when you have undergone the tear and wear of carrying a bag and fear that
someone out there might be predicting every move of yours.
Come on. Take a break sometimes and carry your little tot for a short grocery trip without any diaper bag. Get some bananas and enjoy.

You will be glad you did.

Now Over to you. What is your most Favorite bag amongst these chic diaper bags?

Fancy diaper bags that Celebrities Carry

Diaper bags do allow us to express our unique styles and sensibility all while we keep the baby essentials under wraps.
With plenty of brands available in the market today, it has therefore become a little harder to select from the wide range of fancy diaper bags that are innovative, fancy, premium fabric material, vibrant and saturated in color.

Nevertheless, it can never get easier than this. Take a look at some bags these celebs are toting with perhaps you may learn a few tips on  the coolest diaper bag you need steal next.

Gwen Stefani

Gwen StefaniCourtesy of: StyleBistro

She is one beautiful mom who means business and loves to rock on a plaid peacock design over a printed diaper bag.

Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa

amber rose and wiz khalifaCourtesy of: Splash news

This is one couple with a swag to envy. Take a deep breath on the thematic Grecian look Khalifa’s leather basketball shorts will rock you there, some stocking(I had  some little lol’s on that ) and a Bebe friendly diaper bag.

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba

Courtesy: Posh24

Jessica Alba is one mom we are watching closely with her varied line of diaper bags that she swings along.
She seems to be a “carry-it-all” with here Fendi bag in this snapshot. We are guessing she simply loves just to treat herself as good as she does it to the kiddies.

Brad Pitt

Brad pittCourtesy: Jamah Bags

He looks cute there right? He is being real daddy there with the baby on his hip and a chocolate leather man diaper bag on his other shoulder. His hat is just a classic match to the button-down style he adopted.

The Kardashians

kourtney kardashianCourtesy: Posh24

Kourtney looks like she is practicing some juju balancing on a sexy heel there. Her big black Prada diaper bag seems to carry more than enough for her. Damn! She is Hoot! Like mother like daughter.

Christina Milian

Christina milian has her hands full while comfy on a platform sandalCourtesy: 2blogspot

She chose to go the Denim way, At least she reminds us Denim’s are still alive as they used to be.
Her steps are well calculated on a platform sandal while holding a diaper bag on one shoulder.

Kimora Lee Simmons

kimora lee simmons

Lots of love from Xpress, Kimora. The Louis Vuitton bag with a taste of class really does it for her baby diapering essentials.
Looking fantastic in her shades too. She seems to love carrying along a smaller purse for the credit cards and phone. Could it be the same Louis Vuitton that Anjali Joshi proudly totes as well?

Alicia Keys

alicia keys

Courtesy: Zimbio

She simply looks gorgeous and the way she rocks this bag baby. The diaper bag lining is just fab. Starting from her black colored pants, her moto moto jacket, her shades all the way to her baby’s hat. She really knows how to bust the cold while keeping a good look for bother her little tot and herself.

6 Awesome Baby Shower gifts that are Sheer Genius

Baby showers are indeed great events to have fun but to also give practical baby shower gifts that any new parent will appreciate for a long time to come. Especially if you still don’t know the baby’s sex then you may need to consider some unisex gifts that will still feel personalized for the newborn due to their uniqueness. Here is a collection of some not only cute but Creative, Unique and Practical baby shower gifts . These gifts do not in any way keep you from taking care of your baby like those fancy baby bottle holders you have seen out there. They are just creative and fun too.

Believe me, baby shower stuff like Diaper Cakes (Learn how to make them step by step) and many DIY gifts will win a place in the heart of the parents.  This list here seeks to also do miracles without necessarily getting yourself into a DIY project.

The Baby Shusher – The Miracle Sleep worker

baby shusher sleep miracle workerThis is one revolutionary tool that is turning tables when it comes to baby soothing by playing some sweet rhythmic “shush” sounds  that will swith your baby back into the much needed sleep while in early childhood.

This product has been designed by parents who were struggling to soothe their fussy baby Anna before they eventually scrambled
with various non-successful solutions amidst weird tests that would probably term them as some “mad lost sleepy scientists”
They finally landed on a unique invention called the “Shusher” which has even caught the eyes of mainstream media like Times Mag.

Furthermore, the baby Shusher works miraculously and can be volume-adjusted to your chosen sound level.. Don’t forget it is doctor approved
Get it for $34.99

Double Stroller with a Storage
with two kids or some twins in your hands to care of, it can be quite some hard task to swing around with both of them effectively as you may wish. There are lot of double strollers out there but what I am about to cover here will no doubt going to be 100% satisfactory since every mom has got a different taste on these stroller brands.
Having inquired from parents like us @ Xpress we finally came up with the following 3 list toppers.

The Britax B-Agile double Stroller, BOB Revolution SE Duallie double stroller and the Scwinn Turismo Swivel double strollers. All of them are side by side strollers with warranties of 2yrs, 5years and unlimited warranty respectively.

The BOB Revolution SE seems to be gaining more traction over the other counterparts which is a clear sign of how much this product has gone  into delivering exactly what clients really need.

BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller
The Bob Revolution SE Duallie Stroller (Editors Pick) has been specially designed to meet your needs for any outdoor events. Imagine, the visit to the state park, zoo, going for a shopping spree or simply going out for a jog, this stroller will be a must Drive.

The seats are smartly reclined together with an extra padding for the baby’s headrest.

The accompanying storage options are also more than enough to take care of your worries like where do I store my keys? where do I store my wallet ?
This is the ultimate solution for parents who really want to go Travelling on a double stroller with lots of features without sacrificing the Quality, stain resistance, cleanliness and durability.

Don’t forget the built-in mp3 speaker to keep you entertained while on the move.

The Bibby Mat
This one piece Bibby mat promises to help keep the table and floors as clean as possible. It is a perfect one for use during meal times at home and at the restaurants as well. The absorbent material makes it even much better for the baby considering wet clothing is non-friendly for the little tot. Say good-bye to the regular mess cleaning for your baby after the meals.

bibby mat bibby mat 2

BABYBJORN Traveling Crib
BABYBJORN travel crib is a lightweight and portable ideal solution for keep your baby sleep safe while far away from home.
It has an array of features ranging from cozy mattress, Carrying case easy to grab along as an ordinary bag,
The sheet is a readily fitted cotton that is made of organic cotton and guaranteed free from hazardous substances.
The fabric on the side also works nicely for cocooning the baby while asleep.

BABYBJORN Traveling Crib

You can get it from the amazin store @ a cost of $251.47

UPPAbaby Piggyback Ride Along Board For Sibling

UPPAbaby piggyback Ride along board

sibling ride a long board

This easy to install, snaps on and off for quick use by your older son/daughter to piggyback on your stroller while on the move.
This is a smart way to convert your existing baby stroller into a double stroller that can accommodate the older kiddo.

Get it Today @ $88.71

Bushka Deluxe Diaper Bag Ever

functional deluxe diaper bag changing station bushka deluxe diaper bag

Deceptively looks like a real purse plus functionally folds out into a complete changing station.

A good alternative to this diaper bag would be the Skip hop duo deluxe baby bag

Enjoy!! What would you go for as a unique baby shower gift?

Top 7 Designer Diaper Bags For Celebrities

Designer Diaper Bags celebrity Stars Favorite

When on the go with your baby, a diaper bag with the most essential accessories will always keep your baby happy, smiley and dry enough to enjoy the outdoor tips.

If you asked me, the dads and moms of the modern society have got an array of options to choose from the most chic diaper bags for their children.
Some moms have gone modern as far as admiring the celebrity life by acquiring some chic celebrity diaper bags.

celebs and their favorite diaper bags

These baby bags are not just relatively expensive but also come with a touch of class that you will be happy to swag around.

Below is a list on some of the top 7 picks on baby bags preferred by Celebrity moms and fashionistas.

1. From the Bottom – Up  JP Lizzy Diaper Bags

This is one Brand that has for long been featured in the Rich media as a modern signature bag that stands out from the crowd of glamorous, roomy and complimentary diaper bag.
The JP Lizzy signature satchel made of neutral nylon satchel, has a design that is well built with changing pads, magnetic snaps and more than enough compartments to store your baby supplies.

This brand has played a key role in the Celebrity world as a glamorous signature bag that can also convert into your daily use handbag plus serving your baby diapering needs.

2. Timi and Leslie
The JP Lizzy comes quite close to the ever Trending Charlie Timi and Leslie diaper bag favored by the handbag Queen Loving Victoria Beckham. This bag has got an elegant, gorgeous classy touch that makes it quite clear who the designers had in mind while working on it. Personally, I also like the Faux leather material that  used in designing it together with the shoulder straps making it easy to swing around the shoulders.

You can search anywhere including amazon for “celebrity diaper bags” and you will be amazed by just how much this brand has gone into thinking deeply about their target audience “The celebrity mom”

3. Storksak Diaper bag

It would be a celeb disaster not to mention the modern Storksak Elizabeth diaper bag that has a diversity of tastes on various moms.  The Elizabeth storksak plays a vital role in the celebrity world as a unique diaper tote with countless pockets, roomy enough to contain even a laptop thus kicking off the necessity of a laptop backpack. Another thing is that celebrity moms simply love this bag.
You can simply choose to follow the love and will never be disappointed especially if its something that most people can attest to its quality.

Some Celebrities Spotted with their Fave Diaper Bags

Jessica Alba – This American television and film actress and model has actually been spotted with a number of bags.
She seems to be addicted more to the Timi & Leslie Charlie diaper bags(The Tan & Black ones).


Jessica Alba Has Quite a thingy For the Timi and Leslie Must Have

Storksak is in her list of nappy bags ( The Storksak Dori Crinkie Patent Diaper Bag) that she likes toting around with almost frequently.

Jessica has been unique in the baby bag scene going by the fact that she even succeeded in converting her Fendi Brown Zucca bag into a diaper bag.

angelina-jolie-spotted-on-storksak-gigi-chocolate-diaper bag

Angelina Jolie and her kids are scene leaving there Paris apartment on chilly afternoon carrying a Storksak Gigi

Angelina Jolie and Tori Spelling have also been spotted on a Storksak considering they now have a way of way around with the most fashion oriented diaper bags that still get the job done.
The good part about the storksak’s is the multi-organizational design that makes it a breeze for mama to find accessories.

Cam Gigandet and Dominique Geisendorff also seem to favorite the Storksak Emily when out and about.

4. Mia Bossi “Emma”

Mia bossi has popped up the market as a Celebrity diaper bag to watch. Especially the Emma Mia Bossi Diaper bag that comes in a mixed wave of waxed canvas plus the Italian leather trimming that gives it a feeling of chic-ness to admire.
Some celebrities spotted with this diaper bag include Kristin Cavallari Cutler – A renown American television personality, fashion designer, and actress.

She has recently unveiled her new baby carriage for baby Jaxon. Grab a sneak preview here:

Baby Jaxon, was covered away from the public eye in his stroller. The best we could do is to get you this pic.

kristine Cavallari unveils her new baby carrier

5. Diaper Dude – Father friendly Diaper Bags

Diaper Dude’s are becoming a hit with some of the most high end singer celebs like Drew lachey. Lachey has been spotted on a stroll with his daughter Isabella on a Diaper Dude Camo (There is also a Seude Style) sleekly slung around her stroller.
The diaper bag comes in a luring design full of compartments, changing pad and a padded back.

Tori Spelling and Mira Sorvino are some other addicts here whilst female celebs like Christina Applegate have fallen for this bag as female fans.
It goes into showing just how much Diaper dude has gone into crafting a stylish diaper tote with Dads in mind while loved by camo-inspired moms at the same time.

I think it would also work out quite well for any mom who loves a sporty outfit.

6. Ju Ju Be – Has Found a Place in the Heart of Hollywood Celebs

Matt Damon is one Culprit here, he has been spotted in the black silver design of the Jujube daddy bag (Available in Orange, Silver Black). The diaper bag is a a gear to rave for especially when it comes to the messenger style outlook presented while on a short stroll with your  little tot.

Matt is not the only culprit here, he has a ton of celebs that also fans this design – Jason Sehorn, Larry Birkhead whilst Celeb Moms like Ali Landry and Rebecca Romijin fully agree that the JJB Packabee does it all.

Hollywood Celebs seem to be going the Ju Ju Be way especially with the latest spark of trendy diaper bags that they has seen them launch an array of colored ones for the celebrity scene.

7. Skip Hop – City Celeb Moms All the Way

Rebecca Romijin seems to be toting her twin girls Dolly and Charlie with a Skip Hop Studio tote. We have no idea how she has managed to pack it all up for her twins but She has at least shown us just how much skip hop is making a difference.

Denise Richards also totes the Skip Hop Duo Deluxe. Its a very well organized diaper bag that includes 16pockets+, thanks to the roomy style that makes it a perfect diaper bag for Celebrity moms with Twins.

Finally, Violet Affleck and James Wilkie Broderick have gone the Fleurville way for their messenger and lunch bags.
Sarah Jessica Parker and Gwyneth Paltrow seem to also like this compact sling tote that can easily be worn in more than just one way with its shoulder, messenger style and the stroller attachment style. Some Celeb city moms seem to have a thing or two for the Fleurville despite Skip hop Grabbing a good share of the same.

This additional video highlights something about discovering the Best Diaper Bags to Match Your Lifestyle and Look and helps you know the best diaper bag for you

Now, Over to you. What are some of those diaper bags you carry along?

Fathers Day is Here, Don’t Bamboozle Hubby with a Tie Again

Its Fathers Day. Daddies dont be bamboozled with a tie again

The Fathers day gifts in several stores more or less celebrate the stereotype daddy who drinks like a Fuel guzzling machine car, takes full control of the TV set once back in the house and sit most day and night while tinkering lazily with his gadgets.

Believe me despite this day being a mockery in itself, fathers haven’t gone into organizing a strike yet. If you did a similar thing with moms you would see just how the hell breaks loose in this world with a slow uprising of angry moms.

But why would such a marvelous day to celebrate fatherhood turn out to be a mockery? You are surprised as I am and this calls for a change in how you have always celebrated it.

Here at Xpress I am just about to show you some fantastic gifts that you can use to make his mind blown away ready to rekindle your love even much more.
Forget about the mockery gift cards that most stores would sell out to you, you may end up with a hot pan-like visit on your cheek that ruins it all for such a special day – Father’s Day.

DIY FOOD +  Good Wine = A Happpy Father
Still confused on what to get for fathers day? Well he really does not need another pair of sock if he has a ton. Make him even more foodie on this day with a perfect treat to some of his delicious meals. Only you can know his Favorite dishes.
DIY meals would do even much better as you can go raving about it just how much you took your time to prepare it.

Philips Norelco Do-It-Yourself Headgroomer

Is he going bald in style over and over? A Philips head groomer would do just GREAT for his perfect haircut. This machine has a perfect touch of ease-to-use and accuracy that any hubby will appreciate to have.
It has a 180 degree rotating head, comb hair clipper and a thus lets him trim or shave the hair without any necessary help in hard to reach areas.

You can be creative just enough and help do his hair on this day. Have some fun while doing it.
philips norelco do it yourself headgroomer QC5550

Barska Biometric Safe

Every Father always has got some valuables that they want to keep save from prying eyes, It could be jewelry, documents, handguns or ammo.
This gift will simply go into showing how much you really care about Daddy’s little but Very Vital assets. He will forever love you  for this finger print secured safe.
barska Biometric Safe

Manual Espresso Press

Everybody who loves coffee knows Great coffee is worth some wait.
With a Manual Espresso Press machine, Daddy will be happy enough not even to notice that wait time.
Plus, it’s gorgeous to have one of these in the Kitchen counter ready for him to Press and Drink.

manual espresso press

If you Really Have to Go Paperless…
If you really have to go on something paperless then consider something fancy and customizable like.
Let him know he is the No.1 Dad using a Customizable Amazon Fathers Day Gift card to let him shop for some item he needs (Not much just 1).
Amazon Gift Card – For #1 Dad – Make him feel like some super Dad though its a good as an add-on to some of the gifts above.

fathers day gift card

Now, Let that  gift card be into $100+

If at all you are disgusted by some of the cards as I am, then I think that this is a grand moment to think outside the box and get something unique or simply go all the way and do some DIY fathers day gifts.

To all the plenty of dedicated solo moms and the not-exactly solo moms I want you to get a pinch of the blessing this season and surprise your Daddy with a Jewellery box or simply get him to some never visited restaurant for a nice treat that will make him go begging for more.

Please.. Please. Don’t just go out there and get another boring tie or pair of socks for Fathers Day.


My Louis Vuitton is my Diaper Bag Says Anjali Joshi

As some may already know her Angela Joshi is a frugal mom who likes to save as much as she could, she is no doubt one kind of a mom who would want to see the best of the best for her family besides being able to keep her credit card balance in check always.

Her favorite shopping spots for some great discounts are the TJ MAxx and the Marshalls. No matter where she buys her shopping she is always busy thinking about what the till is going to say about her wallet and would want to hit the sale point of sale soonest.

Grab a seat next to her and you will be surprised to see her pull out a baby wipe out her Louis Vuitton bag. It is her way of life and don’t be quick enough to fill your mind with prejudice.

Anjali Joshi

Being a Housewife herself You could go as quick as possible to think the traditional way with thoughts like:

1. She could be broke and carrying a fake diaper bag.
2. She is from some rich family out there.
3. She is just not sound enough to manage her finances carefully like the Wise Rebecca. Or maybe carrying a ton of credit cards ready to be swiped at any impulse.

As long as you keep your eyes set on her Louis Vuitton bag to get a glimpse of what she flashes out next, you will be surprised at just how much she knows her stuff, starting from doing her taxes down to the way she packs her bag the super-mommy style.

Louis Vuitton can be a shocker to some especially when you are graded as the non-modern kind of mom. Some only get them as a luxurious gift from a boyfie who cares to see you happy.
While she could be graded as a Generation Y’er she closely guards her finances – the regular teacher salary just to purchase her first designer diaper bag. I know you are wondering but how?
Anjali Joshi had to decide between trading in her Louis for a polyester, air-tight and “stinky” proof diaper bag.

Here is Why she Made the Surprising Decision

Take a closer look at her, What do you see?

She says “When I look at me, I see a Woman” whose current version is an all inclusive of the woman she was earlier

The kind of woman who had a career without any baby stuff like diapers, wipes and always spending her sweet time in the salon before leaving to go get the best accessorized hand bag to swing along.
While the old Anjali seizes to exist “kind of” she is determined to give the best of the best to her bundle of joy and wants to keep alive to see what the world has in store for her family.

Being blessed with a baby boy and having made a decision to swing along the paradigm shift, she is indeed a blessed mom with a “big heart”, who never cares about adding the position of mom to her daily to do list.
For the past 3 decades Her greatest desire is the drive to always want to feel great wherever she is and wherever she goes. She actually discovered the “ahaa moment” in her life would be brought about by her dream designer diaper bag and today proudly owns a Louis Vuitton.

The eyebrow raises are perfectly fine for her and would go well with a nice branded shirt for her maybe “Raise your Brows Again!! Louis Vuitton All the Way”

She has perfectly proved to us that being a mom is not all about promoting the rigid society gospel of rigid mommies who only seem to exist for their children but way much more than that.
She feels good for herself as well and ready to face the worth of life experiences that keep shaping her into the real kind of “mom” who is ready to break boundaries.

Thanks to her diaper bag that is helping in her jail break of “rigid moms” life movie.

Congratulations Anjali Joshi. We love you back here at Xpress!!