Some Crazy Diaper Wear That Look Trendy – In Honor of Prince George

Crazy Diapers To Try – In Honor of Prince George Birthday on Tuesday this Week.

Going by the market trends, it seems like every mom wants to try out something new and unique on their babies lately.
We just put together a collection on some of the craziest trendy diapers that will make you and your little toto look cuter.

Load of bricks diapers

Time to Try the Brick diapers

huggies-hipster-diapers-denim diapersTrending Denim diapers from Huggies – $38 from Amazon

Burberry plaid by couture - disposable diaper

Burberry Plaid diapers – Looks like a plaid basket right?

beautiful trendy diapers

Just Beautiful. I couldn’t resist it


the wow diapers

A little play with photoshop to wow daddies

sailor print diapers

Some Amazing printed diapers

This Post is in honor of Prince George.

Happy Happy Birthday Prince George

His royal Highness Prince George will be celebrating his very first birthday on the Tuesday this week and we couldn’t wait to be a Part of it.
Prince George and his parents – Price William and Catherine – the Duchess of Cambridge released this cute photo.

(I bet you have never seen this new photo released)

prince George happy birth day

Birthday Date: July 22, 2014 . Prince George Birthday Celebration and Plans are Underway

Happy Birthday from to the Future King

Thirsties Diaper Covers simply Rock

Thirsties Diaper Covers Review – Best Diaper Wraps For Moms

Its been quite a while without really enlightening you about the touchy touchy subject on diaper covers/diaper wraps.

Thirsties diaper covers have got some of the most innovative designs that offers both the comfort-ability and the much needed baby protection for the baby against any kind of leaks.

thirsties diaper covers are way better - ocean

I actually took a look into the fairly known ocean thirsty type ones – Large, Medium and the x-small one(6-12 lbs), here is what I got.

Thirsties diaper covers bring aboard some of the much needed support through its waterproof exterior for all types of cloth diapers, be it flat, contoured, fitted or pre-folded cloth diapers.

These diapers have been designed with a single layer of polyester laminate thus making them hassle easy to wash while offering optimal fresh air flow for the diapers to breath.

Just in case it gets soiled up, it is always quite easy to wipe and wash them clean before re-using them. Being a product designed by bright moms for the everyday moms, I do believe it a smart product so far so good with lots of moms raving about it already especially if you are a green mommy(eco friendly solution oriented) then this is a must have for your baby. Besides it is much usable all the way from the time they have “small chicken legs” to the time they become sturdy enough to potty train.

Actually I am yet to find wrap snaps that work like the Thirsty one, although Thirsties Duo Wrap Snap(Blackbird) and the Thirsties Duo Wrap (Honeydew) seem to do the magic as well.


Thirsties Duo Wrap Honeydew Thirsties Duo Wrap Snap baby on a Blackbird

Thirsties Pros

  • I actually like how the wrap gives room for the baby Bummis. Remember Comfort is Key for the baby.
  • The fabric material is very flexible, another add-on for baby comfort.
  • Gussets does the real hard work in preventing baby leaks through the legs – I would award it a 10/10 for this
  • Washable for re-use and still remain looking sturdy.
  • Its cheaper and can get easily get a load of them if you aren’t interested in re-using them.
  • Urine is no biggie with these. Was actually worried about this part. Questions Answered!!
  • I was blown away by how adjustable and easily fits on pre-folds.
  • A variety of colors to chose from
  • They dry super fast when washed.
  • Aren’t ridiculously bulky like some of the stuff I see out there. Can easily stuff additional ones into your diaper bag and tote lightly.
  • Say bye bye to red baby marks on the legs or tummy.


How About the Cons

  • Thirsties haven’t really gone into doing something for all the medium baby size range. The Small and XS still do the job real well.
  • Try and keep watch just in case the moisture touches the white trimming. It’s observed to cause leaks, It is a rare event though.


thirsties duo wrap snap ocean blue

If you are so much of a newbie mom, you may need to arm yourself well and have some stock ready to use (36 of them is a good number to start with).
The moment you see your baby learns how to undo the Velcro, then you need start doing some potty training real quick. We all grow older and it only makes perfect sense to start training them for the next stage.

Remember, there is a lot of hullabaloo out there about cloth diapering and the use of various detergents.

Here is my advise:  Tide original powders are doing it for me much better compared to fabric  softener. The fabric softener seems to leave some residues that prevent proper absorption and find it much better with Tide. For Baby diaper rashes, I brought into the game some little bit of organic coconut oil (Checkout these benefits) which is much much better than the traditional diaper rash creams.

All the Best to all the Mommies who do cloth diapering. Thirsties diaper covers are just Awesome.. Awesome.. Go go for them. Hopefully, this thirsties diaper covers review is helpful to you. Don’t forget to hit the share button like always.


Touchy Moments When Daddies Saw Their Babies For The First Time

military dad sees baby for first time1. Military Dad Returns Back home with a load of Kisses

Daddy calls every one around the world to see his lil tot2. Sarah Wise  – Could he be calling the local baby shop? “Get me a gazillion pack of diapers

daddy crying over his good job3. Sophias Delivery – “Finally!! I delivered. Enough of the sleep sofa set sleep”

Daddy sees baby for first time - bamboozled4. Sophias – “Whaat? I cant believe my eyes. Thanks to God”


daddy sees child for first time and investigates5. Art of Birth – “Come on, open your eyes I want to see myself in there.. LOL”


daddy shouts after seeing baby for first time6. You and Me – “Yeees!! From Today I am Super Daddy.. “


he had to cry when he saw his little one7. Photos By Ashley – “Oh! my God. This is such a Blessing…  ” – Hot Tears


I cant help but rejoice of this blessing from God 8. Emily Robinson –  “Now this is Freakin Amazin. I found a blood line heir to take over my Cap finally”

yada yada - lindsey scholz9. Lindsey Scholz Photography – “Yay! Welcome to the World Little one. Lets Rock”

From this list you can pretty see that all these Dads had different reactions. It would be interesting to know what kind of reaction closely matches you. See you in the comments.

How Did you React when you First Saw Your Newborn ?

Small Diaper Bag For Toddlers to Try

One year down the line and still using diaper bags as a purse even while at work. I would like to chime in today with something
that I tested out and realized works like a charm.

Having streamlined the baby caring necessities for my toddlers I did find something that simply eliminates the massive need for a big baby bag. You will agree that carrying such large diaper bags to work can be really tedious.

I also noted that I would have to swing around the big bag even when it really made sense to tote around with something a little much smaller. It even becomes a lot heavier when am going out a lone and want to maintain the use of my diaper bag as a purse.

Yippie! I think I found something for the toddler situation that still remains stylish, cute and it doesn’t look like a diaper bag either. What I love most about this selection is that carrying my work essentials also makes sense while using it.

Being the amazon freak I am, I launched my browser and this is what I discovered:

Urban Expressions Katella Woven Satchel

Urban Expressions Katella Woven Satchel

This satchel bag is totally on-trend as a structured handbag convertible to a diaper bag. Besides it has an attractive shape, plus the basket-weave texture makes it a unique outfit.

Despite this bag having less reviews online, the few that have used it so far are a happy lot. It is a smart way to tote your classy look even while you are a mom. It comes with lots of pockets for storage, can be worn cross-body or simply hands free, zippered pockets are available for carrying phone and keys, the zippered pocket also comes in handy when you want to store the small mom & baby essentials like lotions, tissues and tampons.

Below is a mint green version of the same satchel bag

Urban Expressions Katella Woven Satchel - mint green -Small Diaper Bag For Toddlers

Of course you will want to bring along some disposable diaper and wipes when you are going out with the toddler.

If am just going out to work and need to be super light with my lunch along –  BYO Rambler Pink Neoprene Lunch Bag(It’s made from neoprene to expand and accommodate most foods) does the “abra kadabra” thing for me.

BYO Rambler Pink Neoprene Lunch Bag
All in all, I think the urban expression is so far a minimalistic way to express yourself in the city while taking a walk with your toddler around.

It is pretty chilling when you know that you are stylish on the go and do not have to keep switching bags all the time.

This is sure a bag to love at the toddler stage. Every mom knows that things do change at some point and you have to catch up with the new stages of baby caring as fast as you can.

BTW, for longer journeys a larger diaper bag like this one makes the most sense. This lets you carry the most baby stuff as you need and feel much secured while traveling compared to the Small Diaper Bag For Toddlers.

That’s it, What kind of diaper bags are you toting at the toddler stage?

Best Backpack Diaper Bags to Try This Year

Diaper Bag Backpacks are Good Choices For Both Moms and Dads

If you have been alive n kicking in mother earth then you really know how much backpacks can be useful starting way back when you were going to baby school.

Even though there are a variety of options with the tote style and the messenger style, there are some backpack style addicts that cannot just let go.The idea of a diaper backpack bag is even more wowing to them. Are you one of them? If you are then you are about to discover something that will blow your mind.

Some of the advantages of these diaper backpacks is the potential to lower stress in your back, shoulders, neck and whole body by distributing the load weight evenly across your back.

Whilst this idea constitutes that the best backpack diaper bag is a relative one, it should be of piority that backpacks do a good job indeed by leaving you with lots of room to go about your baby tagging.

How to choose a backpack diaper bag

If you have already chosen a name for your little tot, then you can easily see through mind and see how much a diaper backpack is useful. Rangng from supplies, ease of wear, comfortability, sizability, egonomiccs, functionality all the way to the style these diaper bags are no doubt useful for the purpose they were designed to accomplish.

1. Durability

First and foremost, you want something that break the boundaries of baby age and keep toting it around even after the baby is old grown.
It is far much worth it investing on a diaper bag that can serve for a long long time rather than some crappy baby bag that needs to be replaced every 3-4 months.

Being a proud owner of these diaper bags gives you an advantage vis-a-vis the mom who would spend all her hard earned cash on a bunch of the cheap diaper bag versions.

2. Style

You need to checkout whether the diaper backpack you are going for will be used by mommy alone or by both mommy and daddy. Even if it mostly used by daddy himself then you may need to get something that is more unisex in look. As much as several baby bags look cute on moms they obviously quality

as feminine baby bags that dads would obviously feel uneasy when they carry around. The good news is that diaper backpacks are mostly unisex in design thus both parents find it easy to do away with the baby bag carrying dorkiness.

3. Comfort and Ergonomics

Any carry it all mom will tell you that carrying all the necessary stuff for your baby can become an organization feat however long or short the trip is.

For some time now you should know that I have always campaigned for a well organized diaper bag with multiple pockets and a human friendly design to tote around. There are some baby bags that sure meet the needs of multiple compartments, roomy pockets as in sizable but fail the simple test of ergonomics as they are usually very bulky even when fully packed.

Think about a diaper bag that is user friendly and easy to carry plus distributing the weight evenly over your body.

Okkatots Travel Baby Depot Backpack Bag

The best diaper bag for airplane travel – Very easy to Organize

Okkatots-Travel-Baby-Depot-Backpack-diaper-Bag- for dads

The okkatots travel baby depot is a well organized bag, best seller and probably the best backpack diaper bag in the market.

The diaper bag comes endowed with lots of pockets for storage, for baby bottles, wipes and all of them will always fit in without a need of unpacking any other stuff. Above all it even stores lots of stuff and closes with lots of easy even when fully stuffed.

I have always recommended this diaper bag even to parents who have got twins, triplets or even multiples as it has all of them in mind during design.

Plug-in some entertainment as well when travelling on an okkatots (Sweet for travels) diaper bag thanks to the additional pocket for a portable music player.


You just discovered your consummate companion for air travel trips.

DadGear Backpack Diaper bag

DadGear Backpack Diaper Bag (Orange) -2014-2015

Almost any daddy out there has heard about DadGear and their amazing story on how they are satisfying the Daddy ego. The Dadgear backpack diaper bag is another one from them with a whooping 13 easy to access compartments, padded shoulder straps, integrated stroller straps, a diaper hammock, changing pad inclusive and some light touch colors on the inside makes it easy to see everything on the inside of the diaper bag.

If you need something that closely compares to the Okkatots baby depot then a DadGear backpack would be your next choice in line.

Diaper Dude Convertible Messenger/Backpack Diaper Bag

diaper dude for celeb daddy - second in line best backpack diaper bagsYippie Yippie Dudes! (Daddy, Papa, Uncle, Sporty moms). Diaper dude is proudly one of the best designers when it comes to messenger style convertible to backpack diaper bags you will ever come across. The colors, styles, length of these bags is all amazing with lots of storage space. Their simplicity also does something great in making dads rave all the good news about them.

The breathable mesh padding brings the deserved comfort for your baby too.

The Big Bonus: Quickly and easily converts from a backpack to a messenger.

This top selling baby bag is equally as human friendly as the Ergobaby Organic Travel Backpack from ErgoBaby that went out of production.

Ju Ju Be BFF Diaper Bag – I like Calling it “Your Boy Friend Forever ” (BFF)

mom carrying a jujube bff diaper bag backpack- best diaper bag backpack

Even Jujube BFF is ingeniously well designed with an easy to access ideaology in mind. You will sure appreciate how fast it can become when you want to access some of your baby essentials.
It did qualify our durability test and all the pockets are just wow! with an inside coloring to make it easy to distinguish stuff loaded inside. Besides the shoulder straps are also padded for comfortability on your shoulders just like any backpack you would be proud to wear.

A True BFF can be a nice gift for bot home grown families and for a Boyfriend soon to be daddy as it is a unisex baby bag.

jujube bff a true trendy diaper bag backpack

Don’t forget it is machine washable.

Petunia Pickle Bottom Backpack Diaper Bags

Petunia-Pickle-Bottom-Almond-Raspberry-Boxy-BackpackWhere to buy the Chenille Boxy Backpack Almond Raspberry? click here

The guys at Petunia are some good ones in the manufacture of Designer Backpack Diaper Bags. Their petunia picle bottom boxy backpack has been doing rounds in social media lately. I can testify that several moms are really going for this one. It seems like the several features are tremendously tempting to most moms to own. The fashionable backpack comes with a mini changing station plus a soft diaper pad for yout toto’s comfort, zippered pocket, lots of pockets, stroller hanging hook.

I can’t go without highlighting the super glazed finishing on the bag that easily qualifies it as a chic diaper bag, very beautiful and easy to clean always especially when done with a damp clothing.

Learn more about the PPB Boxy backpacks here

Over to you. That is our list on some of the best backpack diaper bags. Would you Vote for these diaper bag backpacks?

One Little Momma on a Red Lily Jade Diaper Bag, Navy Stripe Sweater and a Chic Destroyed denim Short

I have been closely following One little momma who has been fortunate enough to see the outside door of the world despite the warm weather that blows along with the cool winds in the chilly morning.

Although it cant be totally assuring to be alone out there(without a baby), the love for it went wild with a destroyed denim short that was never owned before accessorized with a red diaper bag.  Seriously, would you believe this is a diaper bag on Kylee?

destroyed denim striped sweater red bag  Source – Kylee @ Onelittlemomma

The red diaper bag has got an inner bag that snaps in and out nicely. This diaper bag could easily be the nicest bags for moms who are looking for something that adopts the tote style while allowing you to carry it backpack style.  The bag has a ton of pockets and accompanied with a changing pad.

striped-sweater-lily jade-red-bag Source – Kylee @ Onelittlemomma

Besides, the inner bag is also super awesome to fit inside the main compartment of the bag making it pretty easy to switch to a purse anytime you need to.  Other than the pricey look I can bet it is hard to come across something like this one and seems to be more addictive too.

triped sweater red lily jade diaper bag

Source – Kylee @ Onelittlemomma

I finally realized just how much stripes, jeans and a popping red will always do something good.  Go give it a try and tell me what comes out.

Where to get the accessories

Sweater: From Forever 21
Jeans: Thrifted (GAP)
Sandals: Old Navy
The Red Diaper Bag: From Lily Jade

Fashionable Summer Totes to Use as Your Diaper Bag

Having spent a bunch of my time taking care of the new little angel, I must say that I have had to tote around with snacks, purses and a whole lot of baby items.
When summer hits I believe it makes pretty much sense to convert a summer tote bag into your ultimate diaper bag.

Don’t mistake me but I absolutely love getting organized even if it means switching to a summer tote that simply allows me to throw things inside and get going.
In a bid to come up with the best summertime diaper bag alternative, here is the sweet spot.

Ahoy Sailor tote bag

Ahoy Sailor tote bag
I simply love this ahoy!! I haven’t got this one yet, But I had to say something about it here.

Denim Tote Bag of One Sea

denim tote bag - of one sea
The denim tote bag is printed in some cute Hawaiian cotton material that makes it one of my fave diaper bags with a great concern for the environment. It holds on very when and  easy on the shoulders as well.

looks nice when you really want to hit the beach with your little baby.

A Bag For A Good Cause on Feed

summer tote for a good cause
This tote does not only look great but one that will display you as a great contributor in the society. The manufacturer produces these bags in a bid to feed approximately 28 people
(children and families) in US using the purchase of one tote costing $35

This Feed mission bag comes with an external pocket that can come in handy for storing the phone and mom accessories in there.

Vegan Leather Tote.

vegan leather tote
The vegan signature tote comes made of white leather that will always keep glittering out in the sun. The Myla Tote has a signature label that makes it even more peculiar and easy to tote around.
The front zip closure at the base can be handy as well if you are looking for somewhere to safely keep your diapering essentials.
All in all, Kelsi Dagger has done a good job in producing this budget tote bag.
It is commonly associated with the Fratellis song “Chelsea dagger”

Beach Tote Turned Diaper Bag

Beach Tote Turned Diaper Bag
When I first saw this tote i was like Wow! I didn’t take long to realize just how stylish it can become for the beach and some short trip to the pool. What fascinated me the most was the durable rubber material that makes it even easier to wipe out thus keeping clean and glittering all through the day. The handles were just lovely…
The price ain’t bad at around $19

Momma-ista Croc Embossed bag

momma ista michael kors diaper bag
This croc embosssed designer bag from Michale Kors is one of my favorite bags as it doesn’t really look like a diaper bag. I love the croc embossed leather material in green canvas. This is one of those diaper bags  that would do great just like Anjali Joshi discovered “Being a Mommy does not mean you lose touch with Fashion”. It currently retails at around $113

Rope Handle tote on a Budget

Rope handle tote On A Budget
These are the kind of bags you want to tote around the beach in a match-matchy bikini.
The red prints will set every eye on you knowing very well the power of color red in a beach setting.
The handles are also made out of rope thus making it a durable tote that can work so well as a diaper bag.
It is around $11

The Nylon Easy Tote

The Nylon Easy Tote
If you are a mommy who cannot do without a zipper during summer , then this nylon easy tote can be fully packed with all your necessities. besides it can hold up on its own and good for settling for a small nap along the beach.
Having a zipper at the top works great in controlling the baby items overflow.
It is indeed worth the $55

Skip hop Signature

Last but not least Skip hop is doing a good thing with diaper bags that are summer weather friendly.
The skip hop signature tote is one of them – Both the chevron and onyx prints can do good.
The good thing about this tote is its advantage in heavy duty usage, totally a trend diaper bag, and best of all, gender-neutral. Plus lots of pockets to get you organized. The sister Tactical Tote from Skip hop (with Diaper Changing Kit) is also a good alternative at $179.00

These totes can not only work as beach bags but can also serve as diaper bags, everyday bag, book or magazine tote or even as shopping totes.