Fashionable diaper Bags under $150

Once a mom you are always a mom and I know how it really feels to fail in giving the best to your little tot just because of inadequate preparations.
In my quest to turn by back on close-to-birth panic for baby items, I have had a simple strategy that really works like gangbusters. You also don’t have to roam around the internet trying to identify what is the real baby item you need.

Top of my list for newborn essentials is always the dream baby diaper bag, clothing and then baby diapers and newborn essentials. I really give a lot of thought into the kind of clothing and baby bag that I purchase just to make sure that I look stylish in it and the little baby as well. Other, than being stylish it is also paramount to have a look into the cost especially if you are on a tight budget and time is running out.

The quick fix. Take a look at the Baby item listings and this is just one of the ever needed list on some stylish diaper bags that cost well under $150 without really screaming diapers and losing touch with your style.

1. Soho Messenger Bag Diaper Bag from Babymel ($114.99)

Babymel Soho Messenger Bag Diaper Bag
The Babymel soho messenger bag is established as one good kick it all just for one diaper bag for dads.
It is actually an updated version of the once popular babymel tool bag. It brings with it a stylish Soho in mind as a casual man bag with lots of unseen extras.

It is a gender neutral diaper bag with a texture of a black down jacket with a stylish outfit of the urban tote.
The shiny orange interior makes it the perfect roomy bag with an easy to spot compartnemt. Besides it is super lightweight and includes shoulder straps that don’t require you to remove shoulder straps to use them.

2. Skip hop Versa (Black) diaper Bag by Skip hop

skip hop versa diaper bag black

This is one of the baby bags I began ranting about last year and it still draws my heart to the true meaning of a stylish bag. Skip hop has been top in the game by producing some of the most lightweight and well organized diaper bags. This bag proudly showcases a couple insulated bottle pockets, more than enough zipper pockets at the front of the bag – These are real time savers for storing your “I need it real quick gadgets” like phone and keys.
You are guaranteed a ton of spacious capacity with this diaper bag going by what I have experienced in the past.

3. Timi and Leslie Dawn  – $142

cloud blue timi and leslie dawn diaper bag -(cloud blue timi and leslie dawn diaper bag, This is also available in Taupe, Raspberry and Cinnamon colors)

The closest thing to the Skip hop for me would be the Dawn & charlie diaper bag that I did review a while back. It is actually a 7 piece set with invaluable accessories that makes it even more super stylish. Personally, I loved it more for its added value besides the light coloring on the inside of the bag to help you find baby stuff faster. It is also well organized just like the skip hop bags and boasts a zippered sac for storing stuffy baby items. You are also best positioned to pick from one of the very many colors readily available. Don’t forget some of the top celebrities you would envy have been spoted in this diaper bag.

4. Skip hop duo (double) diaper bag – Signature (New)

skip hop duo signature bag

The skip hop duo has since been enhanced and has gotten better and better. It is also well designed with a double stroller in mind other than bringing with it a ton of pockets to use. Its a perfect total solution
if you are a mom who really doesn’t know what to chose from and especially if you arent ready to dig deeper into the sometimes frenzy world of diapering. It simply does it job and can live for a long long time thus worth considering.

5. Storksak Colorblock Diaper Tote – $132

 Storksak Count Color Block Orange

Just as the name goes Storksak does it again with this color blocking diaper bag. Tons of pockets , well organized, water resistant design material and a good definition to what a fashionable mom really is.
The company has won the hearts of quite a number of moms and has stood the test to-date.

6. SoHo- Brown Diaper bag with changing pad 6 pieces set by SoHo Designs – $24

SOHO Curious Monkey 5 in 1 Deluxe Diaper

SOHO Curious Monkey 5 in 1 Deluxe Diaper

7. Storksak® Tote in Yellow/Tan – $132

Storksak Count Color yellow Tan

This is a high end looking bag with a carry all power for your your essentials in style
Very much suitable for the multi-tasking parents – who are always on the move.
It is equally spacious with an interior pocket space, insulated bottle pockets and a padded changing mat.

I like how it somehow resembles the Mustard style design from Timi and Leslie

8. Oi Oi Dual Pocket Diaper Bag – $150

Oi Oi Dual Pocket Diaper Bag

9. Fleurville Mothership ($150) Large, pretty, and great organization!

Fleurville Mothership diaper bag

These are pretty cheap and good especially when you are on budget.

10. Petunia Pickle bottom ($150-$175) Large, too cute, not durable enough for an everyday bag though

pickle bottom sashay satchel

You can find more stylishly/fashionable diaper bags  here

Inspiration for wearing leopard prints like a celeb

3-piece Travel Set - PINK from Victoria's Secret

3-piece Travel Set – PINK from Victoria’s Secret


Bamboo Nadya  Leopard Strappy Buckle Flat Sandal

Bamboo Nadya Leopard Strappy Buckle Flat Sandal


Casual Leopard Print Paillette Women's Handbag

Casual Leopard Print Paillette Women’s Handbag

Celine Leopard Print Pony Hair Mini Luggage

Celine Leopard Print Pony Hair Mini Luggage

Leopard Bucket Bag

Leopard Bucket Bag






Leopard Print Meow Crop Top -Forever 21

Leopard Print Meow Crop Top -Forever 21



Leopard Print Onesuit with Ears

Leopard Print Onesuit with Ears







New Leopard Shell Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner Eyeliner Pen Makeup Cosmetic Black

New Leopard Shell Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner Eyeliner Pen Makeup Cosmetic Black


original Redmon Original Bongo Bag - Cheetah

original Redmon Original Bongo Bag – Cheetah



Tabitha Simmons 'sutton' Pumps

Tabitha Simmons ‘sutton’ Pumps


Allegra K Woman Leopard Print Sheerness Long Sleeve Buttoned BlouseAllegra K Woman Leopard Print Sheerness Long Sleeve Buttoned Blouse

Tiger's Eye leopard-print calf hair slingback pumps

Tiger’s Eye leopard-print calf hair slingback pumps

Unisex D Shape Oversized Sunglasses Color White Leopard

Unisex D Shape Oversized Sunglasses Color White Leopard

Vans Leopard Gramercy Backpack (Black)

Vans Leopard Gramercy Backpack (Black)

PPB Hideaway Hobo Review – Fresh from PPB like you have never seen before

Having been a close fanatic of PPB’s myself  and a somehow silent one for that matter you can bet that I am all smiles right now about the the latest release from Petunia pickle bottom with some of their trendsetting collections that you may have never seen before.


Modern mom carrying PPB Hobo

Petunia just launched some new front bags with a brand new style known as the hideaway hobo. Takes good care of heavy packers too.

I think this new line of diaper bags is making it very clear that Petunia is a brand to watch having established themselves as the creators of original, fashionable and stylish outfitted bags for the modern motherhood.
Season after season, Petunia pickle have busted us with surprises and this one is not just another one but a force to reckon with for the upcoming seasons I guess.


Would you guess this a diaper bag yourself? The hobo is great for moms who like going compact with a fashion sense.

The hideaway hobo has got a large main compartment at the center which is more than big enough to stuck a two blankets comfortably.

Four interior pockets and a couple side bottle pockets with a hidden front zip pocket that comes handy when you are keeping your critical essentials close at hand, think of it as a safe haven for you cell phone and credit cards.
Don’t forget the magnetic snapping closure that also makes it safe without letting items slip unknowingly out of the bag.

PPB Hideaway hobo reviewSource: SixSistersStuff

The prints are just numerous and colorful enough that I doubt you will miss your favorite one from this list. The list includes the renown Glazed cotton (long live Glazed PPB) and an Embossed fabric for solid moms.
The range also includes a PPB monogrammed wipes case with a well co-ordinates changing pad.
The bottom of the PPB hobo bag is stiffened so it will stand easily without slouching over. This is a must have for the modern century mom.

Don’t forget to steal some comparison with the bags they already released before. You never know! what Petunia is up to until you find out for yourself.

Hideaway Hobo Review – Features you will like (Recap)

  • Spacious main compartment
  • Custom hardware
  • PVC free
  • Magnetic closures
  • Vegan leather and polished metal chain
  • Hidden front exterior
  • A monogrammed plastic wipes case
  • Wipe clean exterior


  • 15”W x 14” H x 6”D
  • Strap drop: 9.5”

What are cons of the Hideaway hobo so far?

As always, anything good will always have some little nagging con. and what is it for the hideaway hobos?
You  may find it a little tasking to pull out items when using the shoulder straps and thus you may have to sit down the bag before you open it.

No stiff reinforcement within the bag to keep it standing up (You will have to pack it at least to avoid the fall over). However, this cannot keep me from losing such a stylish gem.

As I speak there are already 10 hideaway hobo prints in line.
Here is my top 3 list, from the most catchy one I would never wait to swipe my card to get to the one I would sleep over thinking about before doing a damage to my bank a/c

Hideaway Hobo in Evening in Islington


Stay stylish with the Hideaway Hobo Diaper Bag that features a contemporary pattern in black and white plus some embroidery to detail.
Think about the good things you saw in Petunia Pickle Bottom Sashay Satchel (Evening in Islington). You will find them here. Come on and stop sacrificing style in exchange for cheapo outfits.

Hideaway Hobo in Venturing in Vienna

petunia-pickle-bottom-hideaway-hobo - in vienna

Petunia Pickle Bottom Hideaway Hobo Venturing in Vienna

The Hideaway Hobo Vienna fits nicely under the arm and is super comfortable to tote around.

Hideaway Hobo in Weekend in Windsor


Hobo in Windsor weekend is outfitted with a beautiful shoulder-carry handles together with a fun playful print out easy to clean Glazed cotton canvas. More like the Glazed PPB.


Hideaway Hobo in Paris Noir

This striking outfit is a shoulder carry bag that comes in a brandy jacquard textile from the PPB collection.
The signature collection weaves the iconic PPB Patterns into a sleek softly structured lustre into a forever classic design.

Much softer than what you would encounter with the glazed or the embossed prints of the hobo range.
You can easily say its a sister to the Sashay Satchel in Central Park North Stop or to the boxy backpack in Paris Noir. I think the Boxy backpack in Paris noir is a much better brother.

And here comes the Good News


PPB hobo in westminster

Petunia Pickle Bottom does offer “replacement parts” to purchase and if you give them a call and some real sweet reason, you may just be lucky enough to replace your bag.

Some more from PPB

the london mist
the london mist

Thanks to DeNai Jones’ and the team. Lots of love to PPB!!

Best Backpacks and Bags for Preschoolers and little kids you missed in 2014

I must say that am pumped up today as I write this. yay!! While we may have been busy over the past few months talking about diaper bags, today I will blow your mind a little bit with some of the kid backpacks that I think can be very interesting when your little baby grows up enough to start preschool. This is not one… not two…. not three but some of the coolest backpacks for kids that I think you will ever come across.

It would be nice to know which one would be your favorite down in the comments. How sweet is it to really pick your child’s very first backpack while still feeling a little more self fulfilled in accomplishing the needs of your child.

I am just about to drop the bomb shell to amaze you with some of the backpacks I believe are worth every penny..

Now, lets put pen to paper and start listing some of the best backpacks for preschool:

Monkey preschool backpack

These are quite impressive and well held up for kids to love Dabbawalla Bag styles are really adorable plus the monkey just makes it easy enough to have some lunch box in there together with a sweater to fight to fight the cold. The day can be sweaty at times right?

If you haven’t fallen in love with this monkey yet , then you need to checkout its counterpart.
Just don’t start calling your little one some little monkey names lest you see him jump around not ready to let go of this bag.

Dabbawalla Monkey Lunch BagDabbawalla Bags Insulated Lunch Bag

Dabbawalla Lunch Bag, Monkey See, Monkey


Penguin Preschool backpack

penguin backpack for preschoolers

Beatrix NY makes life with bags and lunch much fun. This stylish bags have become a rubber stamp in kiddies and worth taking a break to gaze at. They are irresistible for both boys and girls considering the average blue color.

Personalized library tote bag – girl and Boy


Oh how we love everything from Sarah + Abraham, including these brand-new personal library totes. Because reading is cool! Not that your kids don’t already know that.

Stuf backpacks for preschoolers (Wry Baby)

Stuf Friends - Kid Backpack - Circus elephant Get it Here

stuf friends kid backpack robotGet it here

Who else doesn’t like Wry baby’s Stuf backpacks for stuffing preschool items. The cool backpack makes the switchover for little kids way easier.
The designs include retro fun elephant and a cool robotic way for toddlers to swing around.

Hello Kitty rainbow backpack

Hello Kitty rainbow backpackI have talked about hello kitty before but not this rainbow backpack that I could not overlook. I am starting to think that hello kitty is like some kitty kitten that is dancing in the rainbow symbolic of their focus in remaining relevant and keeping customers to always keep asking for more and more.

I love the color blending. If your daughter loves rainbow colors and hello kitty then you can’t get it wrong with Hello Kitty Rainbow

Dinosaur backpack

Dinosaur backpack

Dinosaur boots for preschoolers

To all the Dinosaur loving kids, this is a smart way to dino wear for preschool and perhaps decorate their rooms with Dino’s everywhere!

Robot tote for preschoolers

yes i can blue-robot-tote

Another one from that features the real combo of physical prowess and tech proficiency. This is a nice one to Propel the Obama motto right? . No politics for kiddies but a nice way to pull out the power within kids in recipe for success.

Skip Hop Zoo Pack Little Kid Backpack

Last but not least, don’t forget to checkout this special one from skip hop. I already raved about skip hop back packs before

Skip Hop Zoo Pack Little Kid Backpack

Skip Hop Zoo Pack Little Kid Backpack

Watch the space. I will be wrapping this list with a lot more as I keep finding what is worth a sense of style, sense , taste and touch specifically for kiddos.

Pink Diaper Bag and Having a Baby Boy?

Ecosusi Polka Dot Deluxe Designer Diaper Tote Bag

Ecosusi Polka Dot Deluxe Designer Diaper Tote Bag

Did you just buy a cute pink diaper bag only to learn that the newborn creation is a boy instead of a girl?
If you are in such a situation then you can sure bet that such situations a hard nut to crack especially for new  moms
who go asking for several questions like:

Should I get a boy friendly color?
Or should I just use it even if I am getting a baby boy?

As much as you may want to go get a blue bag  for you lil baby boy, I believe that the bag color is more of a personal statement on the mom and should not deter you from using the pink diaper bag for a baby boy. Especially if it looks cute.
You can be creative with this in several other ways by sticking with blue dressing for your baby boy and having some contrast in pink.

Bring some balancing in how you dress yourself too.  This should bring in some color balancing somewhere in between, after all if its a cute bag that you cant let go, then you will always look Great in it. Confidence and comfort is key.

As a mom it is therefore essential that you get dressed in a way that is to accessorize with the bag.
It doesn’t take much of an effort to do this especially when love is involved.

There is no doubt there are some moms who have a special attachment for pink and would want to go pink all the way. This is exactly where pink lining comes in with their diverse range of pink and brown diaper bags. These two colors are well blended together that makes it even easier to accessorize the bag with what you wear. Brown is a deal breaker here as well, to avoid making it look so girly.

It is also common scenario for moms to be worried about what friends may think of the baby being a girl as a result of the pink colored bag. This gives you another reason to probably go with blue or brown clothing for the baby while sticking to the diaper bag. Believe me, you can still look good in one of these diaper bag collections.

As much as you may love the baby and want to make the Bag his own, Don’t forget this:

It’s your bag, not baby’s. Use the pink if that’s what makes your heart jump

It is also worth noting that as much as you may dress your baby  in the most boyish outfit imaginable, there will be a few people still asking you whether its a girl or a boy. This problem is normally compounded especially when the bag is pink and you have a baby boy compared to when you have a blue bag for a baby girl.

Most people don’t tend to ask questions for baby girls wearing blue bags. It’s quite a paradox right?

It goes without a doubt therefore that pink looks more girlish and needs a nice angle to shoot it straight.

I personally had a bit thinking on what are some of the closest pink diaper bags for boys and I thought these are worth taking a look at.

Some of the bags in this list can be very good pink diaper bags for both genders (boys and girls)

    Carter’s Diaper Bag Set-Grey-Pink

  Coach Ashley Dotted Op Art Satchel Bag

coach asshley dotted diaper bag

coach asshley dotted diaper bag

 Pink Lining Yummy Mummy Review on Video


Pink Lining Yummy Mummy Diaper Bag2

Pink Zebra 6 pieces Diaper Bag set


What do you think?

That’s it, now you have got the reassurance! Go and use the bag if you truly love it and if you think pink is doing it for you on baby boys, don’t forget to take a look at pink lining (Pink Lining diaper bags)


Parting Shot

Here is a nice one for pink lovers and looks more boyish

Quote : Real men wear pink