3 Fave Diaper Bags for First Time moms

3 Fave Diaper Bags for New Moms

This list of fave diaper bags is of course conquered by the most stylish diaper bags you will ever come across.
These are fresh and most users have attested that they are indeed functional besides the chic-ness attached to them.

Without further ado. lets get rolling and see.

What’s So Good About Kate Spade New York Stevie Baby Bag?

Any mommy who has ever had to carry a Kate Spade New York together with a her tot, knows just how beautiful these diaper bags can become especially when worn with a match-matchy dress.
The good news is that Kate spade is continually producing some of the most amazing diaper bags like this one. You can NEVER lack what you really want if you are a trendy mom.

Skip Hop Versa Diaper Bag

You may have heard skip hop all over the place… But did you know 1 reason why they are incredibly hitting the news in most sitting rooms? They produce incredible diaper bags with a tight focus on what the mommies really need, easy to access, multiple pockets including exterior pockets, more than enough storage space. Super Stylish, I think much contributed by the fact they have collaborated with the ‘creme de la creme’ diaper bag designers in the industry. Such collaborations has led to amazing products like the Versa Diaper Bag

Congratulations if you find your perfect choice in this list.

If at all you are still not finding what you really need, Don’t forget I just compiled a more detailed list on some of the best diaper bags to own this year.

Diaper Dude for Real Dudes

Despite this diaper bags name sounding more like its for Daddies, moms are no exception to using this diaper bag. IT is pretty much a unisex baby bag.
It has rocked the market though as a nice way to engage daddy with some baby stuff. Who else doesn’t like being helped carry some load by hubby.
Diaper dude has worked greatly as a gift for most moms to their hubby’s. Check it out for yourself.

This dude friendly diaper bag is thus a WIN for both parents, even Grannies will appreciate it.

Despite these diaper bag trending our list on fave diaper bags, I must agree every mommy is different with a unique set of needs. Consider checking out these.
You will sure find some that will allow you to carry every junk that you want to have along.

Tips on Packing your diaper bag the first time.

The first thing you will always want to consider is having a diaper bag that can carry a couple extra bottles in some pockets.
You may need your breast pump especially when you are going to work or most likely to be away from the baby for several hours or days.

Get a little space for your personal effects like credit cards, mobile phones , normally there should be some inner pockets to help with this.

  • Never forget some extra clothes. You can never tell when you will need em’
  • You need it .. you need it..¬† wipes, diapers, snacks, pacifiers, bottle/milk. These are a basic necessity.
  • Don’t forget to entertain yourself and the baby with some toys or music for long distance travels

These are just some of them, you can find more tips on how to pack a diaper bag here

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