6 Awesome Baby Shower gifts that are Sheer Genius

baby shusher sleep miracle worker

Baby showers are indeed great events to have fun but to also give practical baby shower gifts that any new parent will appreciate for a long time to come. Especially if you still don’t know the baby’s sex then you may need to consider some unisex gifts that will still feel personalized for the newborn due to their uniqueness. Here is a collection of some not only cute but Creative, Unique and Practical baby shower gifts . These gifts do not in any way keep you from taking care of your baby like those fancy baby bottle holders you have seen out there. They are just creative and fun too.

Believe me, baby shower stuff like Diaper Cakes (Learn how to make them step by step) and many DIY gifts will win a place in the heart of the parents.  This list here seeks to also do miracles without necessarily getting yourself into a DIY project.

The Baby Shusher – The Miracle Sleep worker

baby shusher sleep miracle workerThis is one revolutionary tool that is turning tables when it comes to baby soothing by playing some sweet rhythmic “shush” sounds  that will swith your baby back into the much needed sleep while in early childhood.

This product has been designed by parents who were struggling to soothe their fussy baby Anna before they eventually scrambled
with various non-successful solutions amidst weird tests that would probably term them as some “mad lost sleepy scientists”
They finally landed on a unique invention called the “Shusher” which has even caught the eyes of mainstream media like Times Mag.

Furthermore, the baby Shusher works miraculously and can be volume-adjusted to your chosen sound level.. Don’t forget it is doctor approved
Get it for $34.99

Double Stroller with a Storage
with two kids or some twins in your hands to care of, it can be quite some hard task to swing around with both of them effectively as you may wish. There are lot of double strollers out there but what I am about to cover here will no doubt going to be 100% satisfactory since every mom has got a different taste on these stroller brands.
Having inquired from parents like us @ Xpress we finally came up with the following 3 list toppers.

The Britax B-Agile double Stroller, BOB Revolution SE Duallie double stroller and the Scwinn Turismo Swivel double strollers. All of them are side by side strollers with warranties of 2yrs, 5years and unlimited warranty respectively.

The BOB Revolution SE seems to be gaining more traction over the other counterparts which is a clear sign of how much this product has gone  into delivering exactly what clients really need.

BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller
The Bob Revolution SE Duallie Stroller (Editors Pick) has been specially designed to meet your needs for any outdoor events. Imagine, the visit to the state park, zoo, going for a shopping spree or simply going out for a jog, this stroller will be a must Drive.

The seats are smartly reclined together with an extra padding for the baby’s headrest.

The accompanying storage options are also more than enough to take care of your worries like where do I store my keys? where do I store my wallet ?
This is the ultimate solution for parents who really want to go Travelling on a double stroller with lots of features without sacrificing the Quality, stain resistance, cleanliness and durability.

Don’t forget the built-in mp3 speaker to keep you entertained while on the move.

The Bibby Mat
This one piece Bibby mat promises to help keep the table and floors as clean as possible. It is a perfect one for use during meal times at home and at the restaurants as well. The absorbent material makes it even much better for the baby considering wet clothing is non-friendly for the little tot. Say good-bye to the regular mess cleaning for your baby after the meals.

bibby mat bibby mat 2

BABYBJORN Traveling Crib
BABYBJORN travel crib is a lightweight and portable ideal solution for keep your baby sleep safe while far away from home.
It has an array of features ranging from cozy mattress, Carrying case easy to grab along as an ordinary bag,
The sheet is a readily fitted cotton that is made of organic cotton and guaranteed free from hazardous substances.
The fabric on the side also works nicely for cocooning the baby while asleep.

BABYBJORN Traveling Crib

You can get it from the amazin store @ a cost of $251.47

UPPAbaby Piggyback Ride Along Board For Sibling

UPPAbaby piggyback Ride along board

sibling ride a long board

This easy to install, snaps on and off for quick use by your older son/daughter to piggyback on your stroller while on the move.
This is a smart way to convert your existing baby stroller into a double stroller that can accommodate the older kiddo.

Get it Today @ $88.71

Bushka Deluxe Diaper Bag Ever

functional deluxe diaper bag changing station bushka deluxe diaper bag

Deceptively looks like a real purse plus functionally folds out into a complete changing station.

A good alternative to this diaper bag would be the Skip hop duo deluxe baby bag

Enjoy!! What would you go for as a unique baby shower gift?

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