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Baby Sleeping Tips

Tips on how to ensure baby sleeps and gets enough of it.

baby sleep1

It is one thing to get a baby to sleep and another to get a baby to have enough sleep. You might be struggling to do this two and its obvious that most moms are not aware on how to put their babies to sleep without so much struggle. It is very easy. Here are some tips that will help you out through the day so you don’t become a slave to your little one.

  • When your baby wakes up in the morning it is advised that you feed the baby well, not to get him or her to sleep but to keep the freshness.
  • Give him a bath and ensure proper diapering.
  • If your child has trouble self sleeping, Try popping your child in a baby swing or maybe a stroller and have some smooth music or lullaby to get them to sleep.
  • Ensure that the room they are sleeping in is warm enough and not too warm
  • Never get used to carrying the baby while he or she is awake always put them down so they get used to picking a nap on their own.
  • Don’t let the baby cry so much when you know it’s their time to have sleep, they might get sick and it all rolls back to you.
  • Never wake up a sleeping baby unless he or she has slept for long.
  • Be watchful on your child behavioral changes especially when she has been awake for long. Be sure to know the time when your baby should get to sleep.
  • It is advisable to lay a child on her back so she sleeps more and comfortably though there are some babies who would sleep well on their tummy, so as a mother, you are to monitor which method to use i.e that will suit your little one.
  • Never allow your baby to sleep in the baby swing. Take them to the crib or where appropriate for longer naps.
  • Knowing how much sleep your baby needs at every stage is more important and it will also help you as a mother to get time to relax. Hope that these tips are of helpbaby sleeep2


Here are some signs that will make you know your child is tired and needs to take a nap

  1. Yawning frequently
  2. Rubbing the eyes
  3. Sucking on fingers. This mostly applies for newborns.
  4. Crying
  5. Grizzling
  6. Pulling ears
  7. Boredom with toys
  8. Arching backwards
  9. Fluttering eyelids

tired baby


How much sleep a baby needs in a day

Ages 0-3 months 16-18 hours: 4 to 5 naps a day

Ages3-6 months 15 hours per day: 3 naps a day

Ages 7-12 months 14 hours per day: 2 naps a day

Ages 12 and above 12 to 13 hours per day: 1 nap a day

Hopefully these tips are of help and for sure every child is different but these guidelines will help strategize your daily routine as a mother and for better results, it’s all about practice and you will love and enjoy every single day with your little one.




New GRACO Extend2FIT convertible Review – 2016

New GRACO Extend2FIT convertible Review – 2016

Graco! Graco! They did it again. Graco raises the bar once again and this time everyone who was at the ABC Kids expo in Vegas will tell you just how the GRACO Extend2FIT convertible seat rocked the day.

Important Points to Remember:

Here are some points to note:

The Academy of pediatrics does recommend that you keep your baby facing the rear until age 2 years when it is deemed OKAY. I mean Like indicated in the picture above.

Letting your child’s legs bend while facing the rear may not be such a comfortable idea, but Graco has addressed
this major concern with a smarty designed extend-to-fit the legs car seat.

Placing your child in the rear-facing position, calls for giving your child some additional leg room which wasnt the norm with most of the rear facing car seats.

This is one of the NEWEST inventions in car seats and it is become official.
The rear facing height limit is somewhat 45″ and approx. 49″ while forward facing.

This Car seat was one of the most anticipated car seats in the last years expo. And girl.. it ROCKED!!

Going by the design, one can overthink over the extend2fit’s ability to consume less amount of seating area. The car seat actually came through on the test and we can confirm that the roundest Tom, Dick or Harry will sit comfortably in the front seat.
This is a standard convertible seat without a boost mode.

How it Works

Gracoextend2fit car seatVisualizing how the extension will create additional legroom when installed
may be a little confusing.

– First look at the picture above.
– Extend the base a bit further back when the tray is extended and you are good to start using it.


Features and Pros

graco convertible car seat extend2fit-label


  • Approx 5″ of extra legroom. Dope!!
  • 6 Super swift recline positions
  • Multiple headrest positions, approximately 10 of them.
  • It can easily be cleaned up(Machine washable cover) just like other car seats except the harness
    where you need to do some hand-washing with a piece of clothing.
  • Premium Push-on LATCH connectors.
  • The seat was crash tested and shouldn’t be much of a worry on both front and rear impacts.
  • 10 years lifespan before expiry.
  • Steel reinforced frame for better safety to the child in case of a crash.


  • Graco did have a major fix late last year such that they had to do a recall. That was somewhere around November 2015 and January 2016. Actually, it was the labels that failed in indicating recline positions clearly in a readable language english/spanish. This drawback on the car seat brand has since been fixed.


Conclusion and Things to Note

Check the manufacture date, model number and make sure that the recline labels languages are correct and matching on both sides (All Spanish on one side and all English on the other side).

To check, Look at the white label on the bottom of the car seat to. .

I know you may be a little hesitant to get something that just came out this year.
Nevertheless, this is one of the best car seats to hit the stores EVER!!!

Even these regular baby sittings moms will tell you that the car seat technicians super amazed by the car seat.

If you got a Newborn, a 2 year old or a 3 year old. Kudos!! This is the car seat to Install this year.

It is Never well played until you get it from the manufacturers mouth. We went all the way to request a
detailed Manual for you. so you can hear it from the horses mouth on its top notch quality.
Remember!! The Blue color seems to be doing it for most parents out there, you may want to go with a different
color though , Black and Grey colors are also available.

The car seat is indeed outmatches the Safety 1st 50-lb Advance EX 65 Air+

Don’t Forget to Read This! Why Rear-facing early isn’t such a BAD idea after all

And oh! Get it from the trusted online places like amazon, target and BB.


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All About Baby Gates

Choosing the right baby gate

Baby gates are gates used to block off a child from potentially dangerous areas around the house. Parenting practices need a total peace of mind and it’s always better to take precautions before facing some of the worst experiences at home concerning baby’s safety,it is therefore very important to create a safe environment for your little one to explore as he or she begins to become mobile and wants to explore and discover every area around the house.

funny baby gate

It is not only essential to have safety gates where there are stairs,but  also places considered unsafe for your toddler to visit,like one can have a baby gate at the kitchen area to prevent a child from going in. Generally most children start crawling as early as seven or eight months and as a parent you need to be on the guard when your little one starts crawling.

baby gate out the stairs

Baby gates are normally designed in wood or metal material,so its you to choose one that suites your home decor. Here are some of the things you need to take before getting the right baby gate gate.

  • First you need to measure the door way before purchasing one as you may buy a gate that is either wide or narrow to fit.
  • Avoid the diamond shaped spacing kind of gate.
  • Ensure that the gate got very narrow gaps in between not more than 1 1\2 inches across ,as baby’s head might get trapped in a larger gap.
  • Test the baby gate first if it opens and closes easily even with one hand as sometimes you may be holding the baby with the other hand.
  • Make sure you purchase a gate that has no horizontal slats that will or might make it easy for a child to climb up.
  • Look out for sharp points or edges.
  • Watch out for detachable parts that might cause chocking.

All about baby gate at the stairs

There are risks of not having a stair gate at home.

  • When mounting a stair gate,ensure the gate opens towards you.
  • It is advisable to use hardware mounted gates that are screwed to the wall  majorly at the top.
  • Put away anything the baby can use to climb over the gate,you don’t want to send your child sprawling down the unfriendly stairs.
  • How sure are you that your baby does not need a safety gate anymore? Keep the gates up until you are sure the baby can walk up and down the stairs safely.
  • Never choose a gate just because you think it matches your interior house design,go for quality.
  • Have a very tall gate higher than the baby at the top of the stairs to prevent the baby from attempting to climb.

Types of  Baby Gates

Pressure mounted gates

pressure mouted baby gate

This is also known as expandable gates. This kind of gate don’t require the use of hardware to assemble or install,instead it requires just a flat surface against the wall to press. The good thing about this gate is that it is portable and you can use it where you feel necessary provided you install it right. Pressure mounted baby gates should never be used on top of the stairs since sometimes baby’s weight might be too much  on it when pushed or leaned on which could cause serious falls.

Hardware mounted gates

hardware mounted gate

Generally this type of gate is the safest to use especially at the top of the stairs because it is normally screwed into the wall or into a door frame that makes it very sturdy. You can have this installed both at the top and at the bottom of the stairs since its very much stable compared to the expandable.

Barrier Gates

barrier gste

These are more like pressure gates,since they are also portable,the only difference is that they don’t have a door. They are normally used to block off an area or room completely that is not frequently used. They too are very easy to assemble and move around.


As much as you may a few stairs or even a single step in your house,it is advisable to child proof them for your little one’s sake.
Never rely on a baby gate to think that you child is safe up or down there,always be on the look for direct supervision to keep your child safe,and as soon as your child has an idea of how to go up and down the stairs and be able to open the gate,remove them. Always take the right precautions.

keeping Safety at Home for the Baby

keeping safety at home for the baby

Babies are one of the most precious gifts to have in life and one thing for sure is that nobody ever wants his or her child to get hurt in any way or the other,and as they grow they too want to explore,know how things are done and mostly try to do exactly what everyone does,therefore they need so much care and protection from a lot of things around the home and also maintaining safety in the rooms around the house.

baby safety 4

How to keep the kitchen safe

The kitchen is one of the most unsafest places in the house that you wouldn’t like your child visiting. Here are some of the precautions needed to ensure your baby’s safety around this place.

kitchen proofing baby

  • You can opt for a gated kitchen so that baby does not disturb you while cooking.
  • Never leave the sharp utensils at baby’s disposal,you don’t want your baby getting playful with them which might cause serious cuts.
  • Keep the kitchen cabinets locked always. Children love to hang onto them which might also break down and make them fall hence serious injuries.
  • Make sure you have a lockable trash can/dustbin or keep them locked inside a drawer away from babies reach. The toddlers are known of picking the little left overs from the trash or grab things from the bin and change to a toy.
  • Be sure to keep away the washing detergents and any chemicals out of baby’s reach.
  • Always make a raise on your cookers to avoid baby trying to switch them on and try to get cooking” like mommy cooks”.
  • Never leave the electrical items like blenders,toasters and gas appliances plugged on to power.
  • Be watchful on where you put or leave hot stuff in the kitchen.
  • Cautiousness is required on how you place those plastic bags you use for shopping because they can easily suffocate a child. Dispose them off the surrounding.

NB:When you need to cook and you are all alone with the baby in the house,learn to keep him or her busy with toys or something so that he or she doesn’t bother you in there.

How to keep the bedroom safe

Here are what to look out for in your baby’s  room and obviously in your room too since he or she wont stop the rounds to your room.

  • The baby’s crib should be well made in that there are no sharp objects pointing out that might harm or cause injury to the child.
  • Changing table or dresser tables must be well fixed to avoid tippling and falling off on/with the baby.
    Never place baby’s toys on high shelves which he or she might try to reach on to and fall.
  • The windows of the room should always be well secured meaning the knobs should be tightly fixed that the baby cant
  • be able to open or rather have grills,window stopper or window guard that cant allow baby fall off the window, and of course allowing some fresh air in the room.
  • Lock all the drawers and cabinets that are used for storage in the room.
  • Investing in a baby monitor is also a safe way to be on the watch so as to know what your baby is up to when you are away from him or her.
  • Maintain cleanliness inside the baby’s room i.e clear off any small objects that are likely to choke.
  • Remember never too\ leave hanging electric wires unguarded/covered using the wire guards.
  • Remove any strings or cords that are hanging which might coil around baby’s neck.

keeping bathroom and bath time safe

baby safety 3

First and foremost the bath room should be a no go zone for your child i.e without an adult. Most moms considers baby’s bath time to be more fun but what they don’t know is that this area is also one of the most dangerous places for a child to be.

  • The bathroom knob or handle should be placed higher than the child’s height so he or she can not reach to.
  • Ensure that the door can be be locked and unlocked from inside and outside.
  • In case there are any appliances like electric shavers and curling iron in your bathroom,always unplug them and ensure that they are well covered and placed out of baby reach to avoid electrocution.
  • Make sure that the soaps,shampoos,moisturizers,conditioners toothpaste,mouthwash, and all other chemicals up in the cabinets and locked.
  • Remember to always empty the bath tab if its not in use,most babies love playing in water but this is very risky since the child can drown.
  • It will take just a few seconds for your baby to get burnt out of that hot water temperature you have set.,therefore the best solution to this is to set the water heater up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit which is 49 degrees Celsius.
  • The sharp objects like razors,scissors and any other sharp object must be kept out of baby’s reach.
  • The bathroom door mat should be non-slippery. A rubber mat is cool for this area.

after bath doo mat2

  • Make sure that the waterlogged door mats and towels are cleaned and aired.
  • The trash can in your bathroom contains all sorts of dirt and you don’t want your child trying to figure out what’s in there on her own,so it is advisable to use a lockable trash can.
  • Find a way to allow air circulation into the bathroom to let out moist and avoid suffocation.
  • Lastly always keep the bathroom clean and disinfected.

General childproofing tips at home.

  • Never leave your baby unattended to no matter what!be it on a changing table or  on any raised surface,a door bell ring,always take your baby with you.
  • All medicines should be kept out of baby’s reach.
  • Buy toys that suits your child’s age,to avoid unnecessary chocking and injuries too small and sharp edged toys are very risky.
  • Always keep the house neat and disinfected to prevent bacterial infections to your child.
  • Make sure you have a first aid box with you in the house in case the child gets into any accident.
  • Use safety gates for the staircase in case the baby wakes up and  goes out of the room to look for someones attention,its better to find the gate closed than “roll down”the stairs.

baby gate

Well, its better to take preventive measures than curative,therefore don’t be left out on what to do to childproof your home off the dangers.

Newborn Baby Bath Time

How to give a bath to a newborn baby


Generally it gets so frightening for most moms especially first time moms to bath their young ones for the first time. Well,bathing a baby is a no difficult task,some moms think that bathing the baby frequently will keep their skin dry,no it also depends on the type of soap or lotion one uses to bath the baby. Also if you bath the baby and leave the soap to dry up on the skin before rinsing then the skin is likely to dry up.

Don’t get twisted that just because you baby is very delicate at this time,its not necessary to give him or her a bath,sponge bathing is ok especially for the first two or three days before baby gets used to the new temperature and environment .

For the first few weeks,the baby’s umblicol cord is the most sensitive part on the body and you ought to be careful when bathing the baby.

Here are the requirements needed to bath the baby

  • A bath tab
  • warm water(not hot)
  • Cotton wool and a clean soft wash cloth
  • A mild soap
  • A warm towel and blanket to keep baby warm after the bath
  • Baby oil/lotion
  • Change of clothes and a clean diaper
    NB; Remember never to leave the baby unattended to,if you have to grab or get something go with the baby.

Steps to follow when giving baby a bath

  • First and foremost ensure that the temperature of the room is ok i.e not cool
  • Prepare the water,warm water and that you can test using your elbow or wrist and ensure that there are no hot patches.
  • You can now undress the baby keeping his or her diaper on because he or she might want to poop or so.
  • Using the towel, wrap him or her leaving the head uncovered.

baby 1st 1st bath

  • Take a piece of cotton wool dumped in warm water,clean his or her face carefully including the ears not pricking or scratching baby’s eyes or or face.
  • Support your baby’s head and neck using one arm then begin to wash the head gently with soap and water then pat the head dry using the towel.
  • You can now fully undress the baby then while still supporting the head and the bottom,lay the baby in the warm bath and then begin to wash your baby.
  • Using baby’s wash cloth,cautiously clean baby’s body especially the armpits,under the chin,behind the knees,around the neck,behind the ears,fingers and groin. These parts of the body holds a lot of hidden creases not forgetting the genital area and his or her bottom that is cleaned using water only.

baby 1st bath

  • Baby is now fresh and ready to go. Rinse him or her well then support the head and neck including the bottom and lift the baby up from the bath tab and lay him or her on that soft spread towel then wrap your baby and pat dry the body.
  •  Remember not to expose the baby after the bath. After drying the body,take off the towel because it is now wet and have a warm blanket to keep the baby warm first before dressing.
  • This is now the perfect time to give your baby a massage and this will keep the baby more relaxed and sleep well.

bby massage

  • Check on your baby’s skin keenly then apply the correct lotion that suits his or her skin.
  • You can now dress the baby putting on his warm tops first so he or she is not exposed to cold a lot. Then the diapering session can follow.
  • Check the baby’s umblicol cord and treat it as directed.
  • Place the baby in a safe place in the cot maybe so you are not worried of him falling while you go empty the bath tab.

baby cute dressed

NOTE; Remember young baby’s are always very delicate and should be handled with a lot of care and kept warm at all cost.

How easy can this exercise get. Your baby’s first bath can be so terrifying for him or her and can really scream her heart out,but that is very normal he or she will soon get used to it and fall in love with the bath water.

Generally its recommended to give the baby a bath before meals so he or she does not get shaken,this can cause vomit. Also a bath is important at bed time. Therefore its all on you mom to decide when you want to bath your child and keep them fresh all day long.

Foldable Changing Table Checked

Foldable Changing Table

A foldable changing table is a table that will let you change the baby anywhere with the ease of putting it away once you are done. Generally they are space savers in baby’s nursery. Foldable changing tables are perfect to use on baby during the early months since the baby doesn’t wiggle much. Obviously you will need to have a changing pad for any changing table.

foldable 3

Factors to consider when purchasing a foldable changing table


Sturdiness of the table

Make sure that the construction of the table is proper, no sharp edges or exposed nails on the table.


Some foldable changing tables have casters, always ensure that the casters of the table are lockable so its not movable while on change.


Check if there are safety belts/straps that will hold the baby when he or she is laid to secure them from falling off. Ensure that there are protections in place to keep the table from folding up while your baby is on it.

A comfortable height

Get a changing table that favors your height,will without doubt save your back from strains or from bending over.

And of course the changing pad is a must have.

Benefits of a foldable changing table


This is the key benefit of a foldable changing table, It can be used anywhere and anytime home and away.

Space savers

No matter how small your house or baby’s room is, You wont figure out how much space is needed, so it can be used anywhere.


Its not expensive, goes for less than 100 dollars.

Easy to clean

Having baby items that are easy to clean lowers moms work on baby, the changing pad is obviously washable or wipes clean and the other parts of the table can just be cleaned with a damp cloth and it is done.

Drawbacks of a foldable changing table

Most of foldable changing tables are light in weight so its necessary that you keep an eye on the baby lest he or she falls.

foldable 2Try this one

Always keep your changing supplies nearby so you don’t turn away from baby.

Corner Changing Table Guide

Corner Changing Table

What a nice way to capitalize on that relatively small corner space that you never imagined could be of use in your baby’s room. If you thought that changing a baby from the side is the only way to do it, then here comes a change and a much easier way to change your baby. The corner changing table allows you to change the baby while the feet are pointing towards you. It also adds an exceptional style to your infant’s nursery.

Badger Basket Diaper Corner Baby changing tablefind it here

Factors to consider when purchasing a corner changing table

  • Find a changing table that fit your specific design and needs. A very important factor to consider.
  • Ensure that the changing table has a safety strap that secure your baby when he or she is lying on the changing table.
  • Be sure that the hardware are tightly fixed and are not loose . The changing table should be very sturdy.
  • Look out for any exposed screws that might scratch or harm the baby or you.

baby cornerdiapering made easy

Advantages of Corner Changing Table

  • Saves space and preserve function in your baby’s nursery,especially for smaller rooms.
  • It Can be used as storage,bookshelf or TV media center when your child outgrows the changing table.
  • The shelves replaces the need to have many items for storage in the nursery.
  • It lets you change the baby while the feet are facing you.
  • Most of the corner changing table features abundant storage areas on the sides and below.
  • Practically doubles as a dresser too.

Disadvantages of Corner Changing Table

  • Other changing tables don’t come with or may not have the best changing pad/mat but are affordable and available.

What a perfect fit for changing those endless diapers!
Note: Balancing the sides of the storage areas  of a corner changing table is important so the table does not teeter.

Cute Personalized Diaper bags for girls

Personalized Diaper bags for girls

Make someones day cheerfully colorful with quality personalized diaper bags . If there is something that moms love when diapering is a diaper bag that stands out amongst others. Personalized diaper bags are one perfect item for baby and trust that these bags will brighten your little princess’s days out. Its not just about printing names of your loved one but you can also have a photo or picture of something that when you look at will make you smile all the way.

These bags are a perfect gift for baby shower that your cute girl will love and treasure forever.
The greatest feature of personalized diaper bags is that they make great on the go diaper bags and can be totted on any occasion.
Take a look at some of the prettiest and functional personalized diaper bags for girls.

Personalized girl diaper bag….Pink and brown with ladybugs

olivia bag you can get it here

This is a super chic diaper bag with lovely prints accessorized with a ribbon with a total of six pockets for mom and baby essentials. Its so capacious and is constructed to stand alone to shape. Very gorgeous and cheap!

Beach Bag/Navy Anchor Beach Bag/Baby Girl Diaper Bag/Pink Beach Bag/Diaper/Cruise Bag/Personalized Diaper Bag/Tote Bag/Go Navy

beach pink bag

Just wondering how happy and confident can one get without a choice of this lovely fashionable diaper bag. Perfect bag for traveling and a beach bag as stated. Is a cool size to carry to the pool,in air plane or cruise ship. A perfect choice and buy for the mother in your life.

Ecosusi Cream Polka Dots Art Girl Diaper Bag

beach pink bag

You want to take baby out as a smart and fashion forward mommy? Well this is how to go, A cute bag with many compartments and pockets to keep every baby essentials handy and organized. The background is peach in color blended with the colorful polka dots design that blends stains in and is not easily noticeable. Simply the best !

Hello Kitty Travel Bag Weekend Duffel Bag Diaper Tote Bag, Black (Pink)

hello kity

Includes a Small Purse Wash Bath Containing Bag Drawstring Storage Bag (Pink), this should easily be your favorite purse. Doesn’t really look like a diaper bag . A stylish bag for your baby girl’s toiletries,a change of clothes and summer pajamas for a sleepover.

Little Red Riding Hood Personalized Girl’s Tote Bag

little redYou can get it here

Very cute handmade cotton bag that can be totted casually as a school bag, Shopping bag, Book bag, Craft bag, hand bag and most of all a diaper bag. It’s hand washable and machine washable.

When that time comes to take baby out, a clutch bag won’t do the magic for you, A diaper bag is a must to carry for you and your baby’s essentials when going out for short  or long trips.

Paul Frank Diaper Bags Reviewed

What you didn’t know about Paul Frank Diaper Bags

Paul Frank Bags are popularly known for their beautiful and simple look that features the cheeky Julius design detail on.

There are a variety of paul frank bags that will suit your use for it. Cute designs and very bright and cheerful colors that will surely keep you feeling bright throughout the day.

Check out these fantastic, trendy and stylish bags from the well liked brand of Paul Frank.

Paul Frank Shoulder/Messenger/School Boys Girls Bag (Black/Pink Girls Headphones)

Paul Frank Shoulder/Messenger/School Boys Girls Bag (Black/Pink Girls Headphones)

If you’re a fan of Paul Frank then you’ll  love this one for schooling. Paul Frank messenger diaper bag is highly recommended for teenagers. Its durability and the nice sizable feature makes it possible for you to carry all of your child’s school stuff plus it can fit his or her lunchbox.

The front zipper works well for snacks and drink bottle. Amazingly, it’s lengthy and wide enough to fit an A4 size book or folder. The neutral design is good, it’s not too girly!!  The bottom of the bag is studded to keep it off the ground and prevent it from wearing out.

Paul Frank Duffle Bag Diaper Shoulder Travel Gym Bag -Neon Pink Green Polka Dot

Paul Frank Diaper Bags

As the name suggests this lovely and so colorful bag totes as a travel and a gym plus its also a perfect tote to the beach with the girls. It’s made of pure leather that obviously is easily wiped. The main zippered compartment has multiple zippered pockets to make organizing easy. So roomy to hold all your essentials. Don’t leave the house without this preety looking bag when taking your baby girl out for a long trip because trust it holds much than you will expect.

Wildkin Paul Frank Core Dot Lunch Box

Wildkin Paul Frank Core Dot Lunch Box

What a nice way to pack lunch for your child or yourself in this quality qualified lunch box. Its so amazing to have a stylish way to get your meal all packed up. You want to grab your drink too? Well there are inner straps that will hold your can or bottle of soda or water for you.

It is not necessarily a child lunch box but can also be carried to work. This is the time you dropped that unattractive looking bag for a lunch box and got in touch with a Wildkin Paul Frank Core Dot Lunch Box. How well can this get? Outside pocket  is zippered, super for storing utensils, napkins, or hair clips when she takes them out!

Cool for the weekend day trips and school. Features insulated walls and a very sturdy long lasting design.

What to Have in a Diaper Bag

A diaper bag is the most essential baby gear for any parent to have. The choice of a diaper bag also matters in terms of  the baby’s size and age and the kind of outings one has. For a diaper bag, Its always good to purchase something that’s modish in style and design that will tote all the baby’s essentials. Something that is capacious enough can be easily organized and don’t forget to look out on the features and make that will make you feel comfortable while carrying.


Things to Pack In Diaper Bag For Long Trips


best diapering image


1. Diapers: Bring enough diapers for the day and extras in case you decide to change your mind and spend longer.
2. Diaper rash lotion: This  will help the baby from rashes.
3. Wipes: A packet of wipes that will use in wiping the baby’s bottom clean when changing him or her.
4. Plastic bags/wet bag: Have enough of these for disposing used diapers,soiled clothes ,bibs and blankets.
5. Diaper covers: Diaper covers will make you more assured of no leaks throughout the journey.
6. Changing pad: Most diaper bags comes with their own changing pads to help when you want to change the baby. There are disposable pads and reusable pads to choose from baby

Feedingbest feeding


If your baby has started on solids, bring enough food supply for the baby. Snacks are also appropriate to keep the baby going.
If you baby is not breastfeeding, make bottles of formula and drinks may be juice or something or you may just want to bring along the container of the formula and a thermos of warm water to do the mixing later when needed
Remember to have lightweight feeding set with utensils, sippy cups included.
Have enough and wide bibs that will cover most of the baby’s outfit while he or she is feeding.


baby cloth long trip

Blankets: This will offer baby a cool surface for baby to roll,crawl, also for shading the baby and for covering him or her if necessary.
A change of clothes: Two to three outfits in a day is a sure lead.
Socks: Babies feet are a MUST  keep warm no matter what the season is and booties are an add on to the warmth.

Safety and Health


Firs aid kit with pain killers included in case the child gets injured or has a mild fever.
NOTE: Seek medical attention if symptoms or pain persists
Sun hat to cover the baby from the sun.
Why Sunscreen? Baby’s skin are always tender and delicate so must be handled with a lot of care and instructions, Smear small  amounts on baby. And if its a spray sunscreen, be careful not to spray it in baby’s face.
Contact names  and numbers of your healthcare providers to call on in case of any emergency.
A sheet on your baby’s health info for reference.


Pack the child’s most loved  toys to keep him or her busy. This will also help soothe him or her to sleep.


Things To Pack In a Diaper Bag For Short Trips



diaper baby

Diapers: Never leave the house without diapers. Have extras because you never know how many changes you are going to make throughout the short outing.
Wet bag/Plastic bag: Have a zippable bag that you put used diapers and another that you use to keep wet clothes and bibs.
Don’t forget to bring along the diaper rash cream to protect the baby from rashes during diapering.
Wipes: You will use these to wipe baby when changing him or her and can come in handy when wiping spills plus its a quick clean up for hands.
Light changing pad: That fits well in the bag without taking much space.


bestfeeding baby

If the baby is not breastfeeding, carry enough mixed formula and make sure they are well insulated to keep them warm.
Also if he or she has started on solids,bring enough food and snacks for the baby.


baby clothing

  1. Blanket: To cover the baby or spread for baby to relax on
  2. Have an extra change of cloth for baby and an extra sweatshirt.
  3. Sweater: You never know when the weather will change so a sweater is a must.
  4. Hat: Have a warm hat for cold and a sun hat.
  5. Bibs: To cover baby’s outfit while  feeding.

Health essentials

Use the side pockets to keep baby’s medications and emergency phone numbers in case baby gets unwell on your day out.
Remember to keep your baby warm and always entertained with toys.

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