All About Baby Gates

funny baby gate

Choosing the right baby gate

Baby gates are gates used to block off a child from potentially dangerous areas around the house. Parenting practices need a total peace of mind and it’s always better to take precautions before facing some of the worst experiences at home concerning baby’s safety,it is therefore very important to create a safe environment for your little one to explore as he or she begins to become mobile and wants to explore and discover every area around the house.

funny baby gate

It is not only essential to have safety gates where there are stairs,but  also places considered unsafe for your toddler to visit,like one can have a baby gate at the kitchen area to prevent a child from going in. Generally most children start crawling as early as seven or eight months and as a parent you need to be on the guard when your little one starts crawling.

baby gate out the stairs

Baby gates are normally designed in wood or metal material,so its you to choose one that suites your home decor. Here are some of the things you need to take before getting the right baby gate gate.

  • First you need to measure the door way before purchasing one as you may buy a gate that is either wide or narrow to fit.
  • Avoid the diamond shaped spacing kind of gate.
  • Ensure that the gate got very narrow gaps in between not more than 1 1\2 inches across ,as baby’s head might get trapped in a larger gap.
  • Test the baby gate first if it opens and closes easily even with one hand as sometimes you may be holding the baby with the other hand.
  • Make sure you purchase a gate that has no horizontal slats that will or might make it easy for a child to climb up.
  • Look out for sharp points or edges.
  • Watch out for detachable parts that might cause chocking.

All about baby gate at the stairs

There are risks of not having a stair gate at home.

  • When mounting a stair gate,ensure the gate opens towards you.
  • It is advisable to use hardware mounted gates that are screwed to the wall  majorly at the top.
  • Put away anything the baby can use to climb over the gate,you don’t want to send your child sprawling down the unfriendly stairs.
  • How sure are you that your baby does not need a safety gate anymore? Keep the gates up until you are sure the baby can walk up and down the stairs safely.
  • Never choose a gate just because you think it matches your interior house design,go for quality.
  • Have a very tall gate higher than the baby at the top of the stairs to prevent the baby from attempting to climb.

Types of  Baby Gates

Pressure mounted gates

pressure mouted baby gate

This is also known as expandable gates. This kind of gate don’t require the use of hardware to assemble or install,instead it requires just a flat surface against the wall to press. The good thing about this gate is that it is portable and you can use it where you feel necessary provided you install it right. Pressure mounted baby gates should never be used on top of the stairs since sometimes baby’s weight might be too much  on it when pushed or leaned on which could cause serious falls.

Hardware mounted gates

hardware mounted gate

Generally this type of gate is the safest to use especially at the top of the stairs because it is normally screwed into the wall or into a door frame that makes it very sturdy. You can have this installed both at the top and at the bottom of the stairs since its very much stable compared to the expandable.

Barrier Gates

barrier gste

These are more like pressure gates,since they are also portable,the only difference is that they don’t have a door. They are normally used to block off an area or room completely that is not frequently used. They too are very easy to assemble and move around.


As much as you may a few stairs or even a single step in your house,it is advisable to child proof them for your little one’s sake.
Never rely on a baby gate to think that you child is safe up or down there,always be on the look for direct supervision to keep your child safe,and as soon as your child has an idea of how to go up and down the stairs and be able to open the gate,remove them. Always take the right precautions.

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