Baby Sleeping Tips

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Tips on how to ensure baby sleeps and gets enough of it.

baby sleep1

It is one thing to get a baby to sleep and another to get a baby to have enough sleep. You might be struggling to do this two and its obvious that most moms are not aware on how to put their babies to sleep without so much struggle. It is very easy. Here are some tips that will help you out through the day so you don’t become a slave to your little one.

  • When your baby wakes up in the morning it is advised that you feed the baby well, not to get him or her to sleep but to keep the freshness.
  • Give him a bath and ensure proper diapering.
  • If your child has trouble self sleeping, Try popping your child in a baby swing or maybe a stroller and have some smooth music or lullaby to get them to sleep.
  • Ensure that the room they are sleeping in is warm enough and not too warm
  • Never get used to carrying the baby while he or she is awake always put them down so they get used to picking a nap on their own.
  • Don’t let the baby cry so much when you know it’s their time to have sleep, they might get sick and it all rolls back to you.
  • Never wake up a sleeping baby unless he or she has slept for long.
  • Be watchful on your child behavioral changes especially when she has been awake for long. Be sure to know the time when your baby should get to sleep.
  • It is advisable to lay a child on her back so she sleeps more and comfortably though there are some babies who would sleep well on their tummy, so as a mother, you are to monitor which method to use i.e that will suit your little one.
  • Never allow your baby to sleep in the baby swing. Take them to the crib or where appropriate for longer naps.
  • Knowing how much sleep your baby needs at every stage is more important and it will also help you as a mother to get time to relax. Hope that these tips are of helpbaby sleeep2


Here are some signs that will make you know your child is tired and needs to take a nap

  1. Yawning frequently
  2. Rubbing the eyes
  3. Sucking on fingers. This mostly applies for newborns.
  4. Crying
  5. Grizzling
  6. Pulling ears
  7. Boredom with toys
  8. Arching backwards
  9. Fluttering eyelids

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How much sleep a baby needs in a day

Ages 0-3 months 16-18 hours: 4 to 5 naps a day

Ages3-6 months 15 hours per day: 3 naps a day

Ages 7-12 months 14 hours per day: 2 naps a day

Ages 12 and above 12 to 13 hours per day: 1 nap a day

Hopefully these tips are of help and for sure every child is different but these guidelines will help strategize your daily routine as a mother and for better results, it’s all about practice and you will love and enjoy every single day with your little one.




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