Best Backpacks and Bags for Preschoolers and little kids you missed in 2014

Dabbawalla Monkey Lunch Bag

I must say that am pumped up today as I write this. yay!! While we may have been busy over the past few months talking about diaper bags, today I will blow your mind a little bit with some of the kid backpacks that I think can be very interesting when your little baby grows up enough to start preschool. This is not one… not two…. not three but some of the coolest backpacks for kids that I think you will ever come across.

It would be nice to know which one would be your favorite down in the comments. How sweet is it to really pick your child’s very first backpack while still feeling a little more self fulfilled in accomplishing the needs of your child.

I am just about to drop the bomb shell to amaze you with some of the backpacks I believe are worth every penny..

Now, lets put pen to paper and start listing some of the best backpacks for preschool:

Monkey preschool backpack

These are quite impressive and well held up for kids to love Dabbawalla Bag styles are really adorable plus the monkey just makes it easy enough to have some lunch box in there together with a sweater to fight to fight the cold. The day can be sweaty at times right?

If you haven’t fallen in love with this monkey yet , then you need to checkout its counterpart.
Just don’t start calling your little one some little monkey names lest you see him jump around not ready to let go of this bag.

Dabbawalla Monkey Lunch BagDabbawalla Bags Insulated Lunch Bag

Dabbawalla Lunch Bag, Monkey See, Monkey


Penguin Preschool backpack

penguin backpack for preschoolers

Beatrix NY makes life with bags and lunch much fun. This stylish bags have become a rubber stamp in kiddies and worth taking a break to gaze at. They are irresistible for both boys and girls considering the average blue color.

Personalized library tote bag – girl and Boy


Oh how we love everything from Sarah + Abraham, including these brand-new personal library totes. Because reading is cool! Not that your kids don’t already know that.

Stuf backpacks for preschoolers (Wry Baby)

Stuf Friends - Kid Backpack - Circus elephant Get it Here

stuf friends kid backpack robotGet it here

Who else doesn’t like Wry baby’s Stuf backpacks for stuffing preschool items. The cool backpack makes the switchover for little kids way easier.
The designs include retro fun elephant and a cool robotic way for toddlers to swing around.

Hello Kitty rainbow backpack

Hello Kitty rainbow backpackI have talked about hello kitty before but not this rainbow backpack that I could not overlook. I am starting to think that hello kitty is like some kitty kitten that is dancing in the rainbow symbolic of their focus in remaining relevant and keeping customers to always keep asking for more and more.

I love the color blending. If your daughter loves rainbow colors and hello kitty then you can’t get it wrong with Hello Kitty Rainbow

Dinosaur backpack

Dinosaur backpack

Dinosaur boots for preschoolers

To all the Dinosaur loving kids, this is a smart way to dino wear for preschool and perhaps decorate their rooms with Dino’s everywhere!

Robot tote for preschoolers

yes i can blue-robot-tote

Another one from that features the real combo of physical prowess and tech proficiency. This is a nice one to Propel the Obama motto right? . No politics for kiddies but a nice way to pull out the power within kids in recipe for success.

Skip Hop Zoo Pack Little Kid Backpack

Last but not least, don’t forget to checkout this special one from skip hop. I already raved about skip hop back packs before

Skip Hop Zoo Pack Little Kid Backpack

Skip Hop Zoo Pack Little Kid Backpack

Watch the space. I will be wrapping this list with a lot more as I keep finding what is worth a sense of style, sense , taste and touch specifically for kiddos.

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