best diaper bags for two under two

skip hop duo double

Best diaper bags for 2 under 2

Having two kids under 2 has never been easier well said than done and as such you may want to consider a few tips and tricks on how to go outdoors with them even for that next short trip you are planning.

Besides finding the best diaper bags for two under two could even be some nightmare scouring forums on the web. Lets save you the hassle and help you do what we do best.

Things to Consider

  • You want a diaper bag that hooks onto the baby stroller with a breeze.
  • You need something that defines how fashionable you are and a perfect one for that matter.
  • Having enough compartments is a good enough thing to consider for snacks, bottles, sippy cups, toys and some zippered pocket for your phone and credit cards.
  • Every mom of two will tell you that being well organized is a centerpiece of style to be proud of.
  • Who else doesn’t like lightweight unless you prefer to carry mother-elephant baby bags for a long trip.
  • Don’t be fooled by a gazillion pockets and think it is all chic. Take some reading on the wall first.
  • Perhaps you will want to look into something that gives you a little more insight when you want to find things faster – light Colored on the inside.


The skip hop duo double.

The skip hop bag line has really  evolved over time and adapted to the needs of the modern mom. Even more exciting is the market shaker – Skip hop duo double bag- under $100 just perfect for two kids. Skip hop is keen enough to preserve the ever chic zippers ready to hold your baby stuff for carry it all moms

skip hop duo double

Skip Hop toddler backpack

It can be very satisfying when you see the little kid also swing around a small version of a backpack for themselves. Quite handy for their snacks and getting them to be a little responsible by stashing a couple wipes in there.

 Skip Hop Zoo Pack Little Kid Backpack2

Petunia Pickle Bottom Satchel

PPB Presents some of the epic signature totes/backpacks you will come across. Especially if you like patterned print designs. My fave is the PPB Sashay satchel that comes glazed together with other family friends available in a variety of colors that could  come in handy when you want to match your wardrobe. It gives you some breathing space when you want to free both your hands and get to hold your lovely ones. One on the left and another on the right.

 ppb sashay satchel

Marc by Marc Jacobs Pretty Nylon Eliz-a-baby Diaper Bag

Can server the purpose for 2 kids quite well but I didn’t seem to fall for it considering the structure that doesn’t seem attractive to me. Forgive me despite fact it has a chic, fabric, pockets, stylish but structure is a

Does good for a celeb baby bag though.

marc by marc jacobs pretty nylon eliz-a-baby bag

Kate Spade’s Stevie Baby Bag

Kate spade has a perfect track record as the real deal for pattern diaper bags. The outside pockets are pretty big enough and roomy from the inside. Think about anything you want to fit in there. The fabric is water proof thanks to their intuitive use of nylon material. Not forgetting, their are well designed to withstand full support to sit on their own even when over packed.

Kate spade stevie nylon new york classic

Kate spade stevie nylon

Skip hop Grand Central – For Carry it all moms

The next closest thing to Kate spade Stevie will be the Skip hop Grand Central (Available in black, brown, cinnamon) that did make it in our top list of 2014 bags. We are closely watching for 2015 as well. It shares a ton of benefits just like the Kate Spade Stevie but I see them more like bringing out the real modern outfit just when you need it styled up.

grand central bagPhoto Credit: Babyustyr

Skip hop could not go without featuring in this list considering the enormous work they have done in this baby fashion game that they know how to play best “Skip.. Hop..” and in no time they storm out with enhanced versions.

My kiddie doesn’t need all that much anymore, but you do know that before you go out looking for a diaper bag for two under two, at least you need to light up your brain a little bit more.

Parting Shot

Now, you can go for it perhaps you may want to start with the best seller from Kate Spade – KS Stevie Nylon. This is the home of diaper bag endorsements and we cant wait to see you rock in something as a result of our help here.

Don’t forget to checkout something on Ju Ju be as well, they can be great for messenger style lovers. Even if you hate diaper bags, this should do fine for a mother of two struggling hard to ask google to find the best diaper bags for 2under 2

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