Recommended: Portable Changing Table Review

Portable Changing Table

You have your nursery all set up except for a changing table that’s also cool to have for your baby essentials at hand. A changing table will make you look more organized when you want to change the baby. It has compartments that mommy can put  baby’s stuff for diapering and clothing. There are variety of changing tables  made from different materials, wood, plastic and metal for you to choose from.

There are portable changing tables that are designed in a way that the storage areas are removable.

badger basket and hamperCheck out (Badger  Basket Modern Changing Table with 3 Baskets  and Hamper)

Having the baby take a bath and get him/her all dressed up in one spot is one great feature that some portable changing tables have (Primo Euro Spa Baby Bath and Changing Table)

71PYUWjdZFL._SY355_Primo Euro Spa Baby Bath and Changing Table)find it here

Factors to consider when purchasing a portable changing table

  • Choose a well built portable changing table that is not tickery so your baby is stable and safe.
  • One with no nails or screws exposed that might  prick the baby
  • Ensure that there are safety rails surrounding the changing area
  • Get a changing table that ‘s convenient with your height so that you don’t strain your back.
  • The feet are stable enough.
  • Make sure the portable changing table has a safety belt and is padded if not buy and insert.

Make sure that there is enough space to  keep all the necessary gear at hand so you don’t have to leave baby on his or her own on the changing table


  • Some of the portable changing tables are multipurpose,can be used as dressers and drawers too.
  • Most of them are easy to assemble.
  • Are very durable and can be used by other kids.
  • Others can be used as towel rack or home organizers after baby outgrows diapering.


  • Some don’t come with the changing pad that you have to buy.

Here are some tips on how to set up your Portable Changing Table

Placing: Always keep the changing table against the wall and is away from windows, door or heaters.
Size of the room: Have enough room or spacing to place the changing table
Stability: Place it on a flat ground where it doesn’t teeter.
Arrangement:  Keep everything you need to change the baby within the changing table.

Make diapering duty simple by get a portable changing table that suits your needs and style.

Note: Babies approaching the age of one are known to be so wriggly and don’t like being laid on their backs so you can give them some distractors like toys  so they stay put or better still opt for a changing mat.

Getting Ready for the Perfect Baby Checklist

Getting Ready for Baby Checklist

Mothers who have experienced this would say its not something difficult to prepare for a baby’s checklist. Well having the baby’s checklist all done with will make you more organized even when labor is on knowing that you’ve got all that you need for the baby. You don’t want to get confused on what or what not to buy for your baby’s arrival. Make your budget and figure out all  that you’ll need.

Here are some of the things that will get you organized for baby’s arrival at the hospital or at home:


baby stroller double

  • Padded Infant Car seat:  This is one of the most  important  baby gear. One should get an installable car seat for baby’s comfort on his or her drive back home especially if mommy is driving alone back home.
  • Stroller: Its obvious that you wont want to lock baby inside the house always, the stroller will help you get the baby out for some fresh air out in the garden,or when you are out shopping without having to carry him or her .
  • Baby sling or Carrier: This will make you physically attached to baby either in front or at your back. The ones from Ergo Baby or Babybjorn are quite durable and functional.


Load of bricks diapers

  • Diapers: There are disposable diapers and reusable diapers
  • Diaper cream/ointment: Used to protect baby from diaper or nappy rash.
  • Wipes: Are important the baby has messed so you use it to wipe off  baby’s bottom.
  • Diaper pail or wet bag: Its obvious that you wont want to run to the dust bin or wash the cloth diapers frequently, therefore these will help.
  • Snappies or safety pins: Normally used when cloth diapering to protect the diaper from falling.
  • Diaper cover: Also used when cloth diapering to prevent leakages. Thirsties simply get the job done.
  • Changing table or a changing mat: This are meant for putting the baby when you want to change them. Note that the baby is laid on a smooth padded and well spread surface to prevent cold from reaching the baby. If you can get a baby bag like skip hop that comes integrated with a changing mat then you are good.
  • Nappy liners: Are spread on diaper cloth to give easy time when baby has pooped so is easily washed off or disposed. Disposable liners are also available.


  • Crib: Get a crib that is well constructed and ensure that its properly fixed/assembled for baby’s safety. Dream on me, Stork craft are the real deal
  • Mattress:  Ensure you get a mattress that fits baby’s crib fully
  • Mattress covers: 3 or 4 of these is enough to change for baby, the covers should be plastic covered so as to protect the mattress from getting damp.
  • Crib sheets: Are also necessary to spread on baby’s mattress.
  • Baby monitor: Most moms install this in various rooms to monitor the baby from wherever they are. Read more on Baby Monitors
  • Lullaby CDs: Some moms use these to soothe the baby to sleep.
  • Baby blankets: For a newborn child, its advisable that you get a blanket that’s zippable or has tabs since babies like to pull things and might cause suffocation.


baby drinking academy

  • Baby bottles with nipples: Are used to feed baby drinks.
  • Bibs: Bibs are meant to protect baby’s dress or cloth from dirt or spill while eating or drinking.
  • Formula: This is mostly in powder form that is mixed for baby as a meal.
  • Bottle brush: You don’t want to have your baby get infections through his or her feeding bottle, So the brush is meant to was the interior of the bottle thoroughly.
  • Insulated bottle bag: This will keep baby’s bottle warm especially when you are out for shopping or a stroll.
  • Milk container: Where moms store breast milk.
  • A pot or deep pan: For sterilizing baby’s bottle


I Only Cry When Ugly People Hold Me on Infant Onesie

  • Onesies: Buy ones that are made of soft cotton,  Will cover baby well from the top body to the lower part without him or her throwing them up since most of them  have tabs. Hence keeps baby warm.
  • T-shirts: Are highly recommended. Long and short sleeved.
  • Socks: Get as many pairs as you want so that your baby doesn’t stay bare feeted. Baby’s feet are supposed to be kept warm no matter how the weather looks like.
  • Cotton Sweaters:  Cotton sweaters are the best compared to the woolen ones that some kids feel so irritating and itchy.
  • Soft booties or shoes: Are a plus to cover baby’s feet and keep them warmer.
  • Sun hats: Perfect when you are out with baby during sunny days to cover baby’s head. Bringing a Rayban sun glass for the baby doesn’t hurt either.
  • Knit cap: This is the coolest head gear for baby during  the cold season to cover his or her head.
  • Mittens: Are worn for baby’s on their fingers to protect them from scratching themselves.

Bath Time

baby bath

  • Bathing tab: For a newborn its advisable to have a bath tab that is specifically meant for them.
    Wash cloth or bath sponge; Ensure its soft for baby’s tender skin.
  • Bath towel: Also specifically for baby.
  • Soap or bath lotion: Get a mild soap for babies
  • Petroleum jelly:  That will leave your baby’s skin soft and moisturized. There are a ton of other bath time essentials you can scour for on the mamas n papas site.

Care for Baby

  • Cord spirit: Is used on newborns whose umbilical cords are not yet dried and fallen off.
  • Cotton buds: To clean baby’s ears.
  • Thermometer: For checking if baby’s temperature is OK.
  • Nail scissors: Used for cutting baby’s nails.

How to diaper a baby step by step

How to diaper a baby step by step

Coming  into motherhood experience can sometimes be a challenge to most moms since they are first timer mothers, its never easy but  taking good care of a child is one most important fact to keep. Diapering a baby is one thing you will never know if you haven?t  experienced it  before,but its a sure skill that you?ll learn fast and get used to in just a few days.

hallo baby

Before diapering your baby, ensure you wash your hands clean and have the essentials of diapering at hand.

Diapering with Disposable diapers

These are some of the things you will require to diaper your baby using a disposable diaper:

Baby with disposable diaper

  • The right size clean diaper: Ensure that you have the correct size of diaper that will nicely fit your baby.
  • Petroleum  jelly or a relieving diaper cream: This is necessary to keep baby off  diaper rash.
  • Baby wipes, Cotton balls damped in water or  wet cloth:  These are used to help dry or wipe baby before putting  on  a clean diaper, and note that if baby has sensitive skin use lukewarm water to wipe him or her.
  • An extra cloth for boys :  It can always get messy at times with the boys, you can be sprayed on with pee if  he’s not covered.
  • A diaper pail or a biodegradable bag: Its necessary that you have one of these to drop the used diaper for later dumping.

Note to remember: Never leave your baby unattended to on the changing table or wherever,babies are known to roll over and so they might wiggle and fall off.

Steps to follow when using disposable diaper:

  • Place the baby in a warm clean soft surface if baby has a mess on his or her diaper
  • Lift up the legs gently and place the clean diaper below or have a towel under the baby and ensure its well placed.
  • Then, slowly unfasten the adhesive tabs of the dirty diaper on both sides and then fold the tabs back.
  • You can then use the front part to wipe off some of the poop
  • Fold the diaper making sure that the clean side faces up, this will prevent baby’s unclean bottom from the clean diaper.
  • Grab the wet cloth or wipes or the dump cotton balls and wipe the baby’s bottom gently from front to back,this applies mostly for baby girls to prevent bacterial infection. Make sure this is done perfectly. Note that if its a boy put a cloth to cover the penis to avoid pee sprays on you.
  • Make sure baby’s bottom is clean and dry then to avoid diaper rash, its appropriate to apply diaper cream or petroleum jelly.
  • Its now time to remove the dirty diaper.
  • Now bring the front part of the clean diaper and cover baby’s front, and for infants, its advisable not to cover the umbilical cord if its not yet dry or fallen off therefore you will have to fold the front top of the diaper.
  • Fasten the diaper from the back strips onto the front strips, and ensure that baby’s thighs are not too tight or too fastened or else this may result to bruises or numbness on baby’s thighs and this will make them uncomfortable.
  • Remember to keep baby on a more secure place then dispose off the dirty diaper.
  • After all this exercise, don’t forget to wash your hands.
  • Get you baby’s clean clothes and put them on for him or her.

 How About Cloth Diapers?


You may want to cut down on costs of buying disposable diapers and opt for cloth diapers.

These are some of the things you will require to cloth diaper your baby.

  • Diapers: Generally one should have 15 to 24 cloth diapers.
  • Diaper pail or wet bag: This is necessary to drop the used diapers, the pail should have a lid to help contain the smell inside, the best wet bag is one that is non leak-able and has a zipper to also contain smell and any leakages in. The wet bag is cool for travels.
  • Wipes; use wash clothes dumped in warm water or wipes,these can be disposable or cloth wipes or dry wipes if you are not going to air baby’s bottom.
  • Liners: These should be disposable or cloth  liners. The cloth liner protects the cloth diaper from being smeared with poop. Disposable liners make it easier since they are just thrown.
  • Diaper cover: Is used to cover baby’s diaper and an extra is necessary to change.
  • Safety pins or snappies: These will hold the diaper and the diaper cover well from falling off baby’s bottom.
  • Clothesline: This will help dry you diapers real fast and bleach out stains that may still be remaining. Note that too much heat spoils the puv covers of diaper covers therefore can be aired on aline thats not so much directed to heat.
  • Inserts: These are mostly necessary for baby’s who are heavy wetters and are favourably used overnight to keep baby’s beddings dry.
  • Laundry detergent: There are a number of cloth detergents to use that will keep your diapers fresh and sparkling.
  • Rash cream: Get a cream that washes off easily from the cloth
    Cloth diapering steps are more of the same except that cloth is washable and can be reused and the other is disposable.


Steps to follow when cloth diapering a baby

  • Make sure the baby is laid in warm room on a clean soft surface
  • Remove the used cloth diaper by unfastening the diaper cover, then onto the snappies or pins.
  • If baby has poop,gently lift baby’s leg and using the front part of the liner to remove the load then fold.
  • Grab the wipes and wipe the baby,if its a girl ensure you wipe from front to back and ensure its dry wiped.
  • Apply the rash cream if baby has a sensitive skin to protect him or her from rashes.
  • Remove the dirty diaper.
  • Get the cloth diaper and fold it to the required length and width of the diaper cover.
  • Place the diaper under baby up to the waist.
  • Spread baby’s leg to avoid huddling and discomfort.
  • Bring the front part forward and not forgetting if you have a newborn be careful with the umbilical cord.
    using the fastener or pins,fasten the diaper attaching the back part too.
  • You can now cover the the diaper with the diaper cover and snap it up with  its tabs or using the snappers if the cover has no tabs.
  • The baby is now all changed and ready to go.
  • Wash your hands or use sanitizers to restore back your clean hands to handle the baby.

Diapering is such fun especially if you’ve gotten used to it. Always rem to change your baby more frequently to avoid diaper rash on your baby. Don’t hesitate to know more on this subject right from the mouth of diapering moms

what to put in a diaper bag for delivery

What to pack in a diaper bag during delivery – No more hard guesses

It’s a know thing that someday you want to have that little someone for companion and to brighten up your days and probably you are on that path i.e expecting one. Perhaps you are a first timer mom and really have no idea on what to bring along on that D-day.The unexpected can happen for any reason and you should be well set when the day comes.

in myinside my hospital bag after delivery

These are some of the things that are a must bring along in your diaper bag to avoid D-day embarrassments or confusion when out to have that long awaited baby;

Before delivery

what to put in my diaper bag before deliveryAdmission paperwork

Its necessary that you have your ID,drivers license, insurance card if there’s any,and most of all your clinic card or book that indicates your previous visits to the clinic and the history of that pregnancy.


Make sure you have wipes,soap,toothbrush,toothpaste,lotion,deodorant if necessary,shower caps,facial cleanser,Hair brush and hair clip, Your hair can get irritating at times and feel like you want to cut them off but having these two will help you hold them nicely and feel somehow relieved from something.

Labour motivation articles

These can be read for you by a professional, friends or hubby if he’s around to help you unwind the thought of  too much labour pain.

A change of comfortable clothes

You don’t want to look chubby and all sweaty during this time might lower down your self esteem

Cell phone charger and extra battery

You wouldn’t want to miss communication, or rather encouragement or motivational messages from your loved ones just because your phone batteries are low or went off. Believe me it sucks when you miss that single moment you have been waiting to share the latest bundle of joy.

Ear phone or external speaker:

Ear phone or external speaker to listen to some cool music that will help soothe you before delivery.
PJ’s or loose night gowns to sleep on; don’t have something too tight on for the night or else will feel so uncomfortable in the night.

A photo or picture of a loved one

This will keep you happy and be like “am going to keep strong for you“.


You are likely to feel hungry during this time and eating a heavy meal might not be so easy and snacks would do, grab some nuts, crisps etc and a drink would do. Do remember to get enough for the birthing partner as well.

A watch with second hand.. Tick.. Tock

This you can use to time the number of contractions you are having and be on the know.

A pair of slippers;

These will make you move around easily and comfortably without feeling so heavy at you feet.

After Birth

in myinside my  hospital bag after delivery

Even after you give birth, knowing what to put in a diaper bag for delivery -post delivery is another thing altogether. Think about what you will need for those short or long trips, you can bet that Baby Diapers, change of clothes and a bottle of milk is a no.1 necessityl

Two or three receiving blankets

Visitors are expected to come see you after delivery and one might want to have that beautiful feeling of holding your little delicate baby for a while so you can easily change if one gets dirty.

A number of onesies

You never know for how long you are going to stay at the hospital, having a good number of onesies is necessary so the baby wont feel stuffed up with one for long. These should be of different sizes since the baby might turn out to be so weighty or not.

Nursing bras and breast pads

During the first few days after birth ,mommy’s breast will appear so enlarged since the milk is now coming and the breast pads are necessary for support and to protect milk leakage when baby is not breastfeeding.
A book on how to handle newborns or a reference book; These may be provided at the hospital but you might consider carrying one of your own to guide you on how to take care of him/her.

A going home outfit

Have yourself comfortable, loose outfit and flat shoes when going back home.For the baby, ensure that you bring along warm outfit which also includes socks, hats, a warm receiving blanket or a snow suit in case its a cold season.

Diaper case

Some hospitals will provide diapers but you may want to carry your own for extras and make sure that when you put diapers on for baby whose umbilical cord is not cut be sure to fold the diaper.


Don’t just have any wipes,ensure the wipes are designed for newborns to use on baby.


These will cover baby’s fingers  for warmth and more so are necessary since some babies are born with long nails and might scratch their faces.

Sanitary pads

Mostly provided by the hospital,but you might be having a different brand in mind that you think will suit you for that heavy flow.

Nightgown and a robe

Make sure that the front is open to allow you breastfeed easily.

There are a ton of other newborn baby essentials to pack in a diaper bag, some of which will be defined with your personal style. Every mom is unique ranging from minimalists, over packers, celeb moms and the funky personalities. As such what to put in a diaper bag for delivery varies from mom to mom. This list should be helpful enough to keep you abreast of the baby essentials.

celebrity diaper bags 2014 – 2015 roundup

What celebrity diaper bags were doing rounds in 2014

Any celeb mom will tell you that finding a celebrity diaper bag has never been easier than taking a look at what the celebrities are toting around. It is exactly what am here to present to you.

what celebs were toting around in 2014 and what to expect in 2015

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner was spotted in a casual outfit outdoors with her little one tightly cuddled on her chest.
She really does well with denim and an over-sized quilted shoulder bag.
From what I can see, you can sure tell that the diaper bag has more than enough accommodation for both her baby Violet items and mommy as well.

From my comparisons, she seems to have done quite well on Quilted bag compared to the Loom Go tote we spotted in LA way back when she was with baby Violet and Seraphina. Violet was still small back then.

I actually like her chic simplicity..



jennifer Garner - a good sense of balanceShe must be having a good sense of balancing – You don’t need to be a gymnastic macho man to balance four cups, a baby and a diaper bag all at one go. She is indeed good in multitasking.

Kim Kardashian

Kim is one chic who will never fret from spending a gazillion on what she believes is best suited for her while taking care of North west whom she is often seen with.

If you thought $30+ for a Hermes bag is a dream come true, think again. Kim just did it and who knows what kind of bags she is about to  swing.


One thing that Kim does really well is her stylish power in pulling off a fashion statement out of diapering, bumps and all the hard chores that come along with the transition into being a mom. She brings out the real fact that being a mother does not mean you now stop being stylish.


Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is indeed the Queen of celebrity diaper bags. If you are looking for the next trending thing checkout Jessica, you may just be surprised by what you are going to discover.


She has toted a range of bags and does quite well in picking fave diaper bags that preach ‘image is everything’ especially for a celeb.
She did something this time with a snake skin bag while spending the day out with here daughter Honor Marie. The bag has convertible straps that comes in handy when you need to switch to a cross-body bag.

A real QUEEN knows how and when to play with grey for tops, jean and Jessica was on spot on this one.

You can get to know more about her, as she was in a previous post we did here at Xpress Baby.

Brooke Burke

Brooke Burke decided to dance with the stars again. Except this time she did it in a big blue colored diaper bag she flaunts on blue jean for a statement.
She did quite well enough to qualify for a contest amongst the celebrity star list. We are watching you Brooke.. considering this is the first time we are featuring her here at Xpress.


Angelina Jolie and her Storksak favorites

Angelina Jolie is the classic and sassy celeb who will do anything to get what fits right with her status.
She has often been seen toting in an Emily diaper bag from Storksak. She has also been spotted in a lovely  Storksak Gigi

I do love storksak for the solid reason that they are just spacious enough and durable.

The emily diaper bag isn’t as expensive as some of the diaper bags you will come across here. It is fairly affordable for any celeb mom well under $200

If you are going to have this on a stroller, then I recommend the stroller clips


Well, we haven’t even scratched the surface yet as there are a ton of other celebs out there who did rock in a chic celebrity bag over 2014. We already have our microscopic goggles on and watching out for everything celebs tote around in 2015 right from the moment the bump sprouts.


monogrammed diaper bags for baby girls

Monogrammed diaper bags for girls

Every mom and daddy needs something to tote around. Monogrammed diaper bags for girls is one smart way to bring in variety in the baby wardrobe with something that is a little more personalized with your baby name on it plus some variety of colored threads.

It is super chilling to see your baby’s name on it and that’s enough to make your neighbours go crazy while making a personal statement on style.  At xpress baby we pride ourselves in wrapping up and presenting you some of the monogrammed diaper bags to die for.

monogrammable quilted diaper bag owl pinkThe Monogrammed diaper bag list

Girls Backpack Personalized Butterfly Stephen Joseph Quilted Preschool ToddlerGirls Backpack Personalized Butterfly Stephen Joseph Quilted Preschool Toddler

Check it out here

Personalized Lunch Bag Polka Dots Insulated Monogrammed Bag  – By silver thread embroiderrysilver thread emroidery

girls monogrammed

best diaper bags for two under two

Best diaper bags for 2 under 2

Having two kids under 2 has never been easier well said than done and as such you may want to consider a few tips and tricks on how to go outdoors with them even for that next short trip you are planning.

Besides finding the best diaper bags for two under two could even be some nightmare scouring forums on the web. Lets save you the hassle and help you do what we do best.

Things to Consider

  • You want a diaper bag that hooks onto the baby stroller with a breeze.
  • You need something that defines how fashionable you are and a perfect one for that matter.
  • Having enough compartments is a good enough thing to consider for snacks, bottles, sippy cups, toys and some zippered pocket for your phone and credit cards.
  • Every mom of two will tell you that being well organized is a centerpiece of style to be proud of.
  • Who else doesn’t like lightweight unless you prefer to carry mother-elephant baby bags for a long trip.
  • Don’t be fooled by a gazillion pockets and think it is all chic. Take some reading on the wall first.
  • Perhaps you will want to look into something that gives you a little more insight when you want to find things faster – light Colored on the inside.


The skip hop duo double.

The skip hop bag line has really  evolved over time and adapted to the needs of the modern mom. Even more exciting is the market shaker – Skip hop duo double bag- under $100 just perfect for two kids. Skip hop is keen enough to preserve the ever chic zippers ready to hold your baby stuff for carry it all moms

skip hop duo double

Skip Hop toddler backpack

It can be very satisfying when you see the little kid also swing around a small version of a backpack for themselves. Quite handy for their snacks and getting them to be a little responsible by stashing a couple wipes in there.

 Skip Hop Zoo Pack Little Kid Backpack2

Petunia Pickle Bottom Satchel

PPB Presents some of the epic signature totes/backpacks you will come across. Especially if you like patterned print designs. My fave is the PPB Sashay satchel that comes glazed together with other family friends available in a variety of colors that could  come in handy when you want to match your wardrobe. It gives you some breathing space when you want to free both your hands and get to hold your lovely ones. One on the left and another on the right.

 ppb sashay satchel

Marc by Marc Jacobs Pretty Nylon Eliz-a-baby Diaper Bag

Can server the purpose for 2 kids quite well but I didn’t seem to fall for it considering the structure that doesn’t seem attractive to me. Forgive me despite fact it has a chic, fabric, pockets, stylish but structure is a

Does good for a celeb baby bag though.

marc by marc jacobs pretty nylon eliz-a-baby bag

Kate Spade’s Stevie Baby Bag

Kate spade has a perfect track record as the real deal for pattern diaper bags. The outside pockets are pretty big enough and roomy from the inside. Think about anything you want to fit in there. The fabric is water proof thanks to their intuitive use of nylon material. Not forgetting, their are well designed to withstand full support to sit on their own even when over packed.

Kate spade stevie nylon new york classic

Kate spade stevie nylon

Skip hop Grand Central – For Carry it all moms

The next closest thing to Kate spade Stevie will be the Skip hop Grand Central (Available in black, brown, cinnamon) that did make it in our top list of 2014 bags. We are closely watching for 2015 as well. It shares a ton of benefits just like the Kate Spade Stevie but I see them more like bringing out the real modern outfit just when you need it styled up.

grand central bagPhoto Credit: Babyustyr

Skip hop could not go without featuring in this list considering the enormous work they have done in this baby fashion game that they know how to play best “Skip.. Hop..” and in no time they storm out with enhanced versions.

My kiddie doesn’t need all that much anymore, but you do know that before you go out looking for a diaper bag for two under two, at least you need to light up your brain a little bit more.

Parting Shot

Now, you can go for it perhaps you may want to start with the best seller from Kate Spade – KS Stevie Nylon. This is the home of diaper bag endorsements and we cant wait to see you rock in something as a result of our help here.

Don’t forget to checkout something on Ju Ju be as well, they can be great for messenger style lovers. Even if you hate diaper bags, this should do fine for a mother of two struggling hard to ask google to find the best diaper bags for 2under 2

Top 5 Eco friendly diaper bags for moms and dads

Top 5 eco friendly diaper bags for Parents keen to save mother Earth

1. ERGObaby Organic Backpack Review

ERGO baby organic backpackSee detailed features here

I do know there are a ton of other ERGO product fans as much as I am. For one reason most moms love the backpack is the advantage that comes on how to tote them around by simply having them on your back and a baby carrier on your front.

Things to Consider

If you are going to tote in this style(Front carrier like the ERGO Carriers and back pack) I don’t really recommend it for babies that cannot sit up on their own at least.

how to carry the ERGO organic baby carrier and the baby backpackPhoto Credit: Reviews from moms who have seen the ERGO baby carrier in action

You therefore,  want your baby to be grown a little bit before toting this way for baby health reasons.

There are various ways you will want to hold this bag, diagonally across the body, shoulder straps or the chic backpack style.
Strapping a baby on your back will always leave you with little or no option to go for in carrying the extra weight from the diaper bag backpack. Any weight is some weight and it all adds up into defining how easily you can move around the city.

The ERGObaby organic backpack is a little unique though as it comes along with a sleek option in weight balancing through an attach-to-carrier straps. This can be super chic for throwing all the weight on to your back.

Who is it recommended for?

This backpack easily qualifies as a diaper bag that doesn’t look like a diaper bag and I know dads will love it for what it is besides the image one would portray as an environmentalists.

Green moms are also welcome on this one as it’s more of a unisex type, not your regular girly diaper bag though but am personally loving it for what it is.

To get the backpack, just be sure to get it from a genuine source. You can never go wrong with Amazon.

Is it worth it as an eco-friendly diaper bag?

Yes it is. You can see the special price here and the Brand ERGO is a tested and proven company when it comes to green products.


2. Diaper Dude Green Dude diaper Bag

The Green diaper dude version is one epic product at a shocker $92 just for saving the world.
Believe it or dream it the Eco-friendly diaper is manufactured from pieces of recycled water bottle – Recycled pet material.

Diaper Dude - Green Dude Messenger II - Eco Friendly

Source: enfantstyle

Diaper Dude – Green Dude Messenger II – Eco Friendly

The elastic nature of the bag is a good feel coupled with a ton of pockets to use and an accompanying changing pad.
It is also a perfect option for dads who are seeking something new in wearing a diaper bag.

Get it Direct from Diaper dude

3. Skip hop studio diaper tote

Skip Hop’s Studio diaper tote is proud to join the list of eco friendly diaper bags with a sweet touch of PVC free materials thus making it an environment friendly diaper bag

Skip Hop Studio Diaper Tote Bag

Learn some insider tips on the Skip hop studio tote


4. Fleurville Re-Run Messenger/Diaper Bag

Fleurville Re-Run Messenger Bag – This is what you want when you need something more practical, socially responsible and environmentally sound.

Fleurville Re-Run Messenger

I would wear it messenger style but it can be worn in other different styles as well while doing a short trip when you only need a baby bottle, sippy cup, phone and your personal items like cards.

I wouldn’t mind having a match-matchy Sherpani’s Nuvie diaper bag ($74) diaper bag to carry it along especially when doing a longer trip and want to do short walks at the destination.

Get it from Fleurville


5. Cotton Batik Diaper Bag

Cotton is stylish yes and doestn’t take a degree in natural fabrics to pull this off. This unique diaper bag will catch the envious eyes and hat is sure to catch the eyes of other moms.
The mamas at Ghana are doing a great job with this Cotton Batik bag Eco-friendly diaper bag and this is your chance to join the fight to saving mother earth.

cotton batik baby bagPhoto source: Love it so so much


These are some of the best Eco-friendly diaper bags you will come across, if you are looking for something a little more closer to designer but not really that much of a green saver, then you may want to consider the designer diaper bags.

20 Tips for flying with a Baby

20 Tips for flying with a Baby or a toddler

I just returned from a trip in the capital and must say its so amazing how you get to travel with your kids and learn something new each an every time.

20 tiops for flying with a baby

I am just about to explode you on how to travel in a memorable manner that even your kid/baby will be glad enough to enjoy the trip once again.

Having a baby does not mean you have to stay at home all the year round and a weekend getaway together with the family is a good thing to rejuvenate the  sweet memories you are longing to re-ignite.

As much as you are going to travel with your baby, it doesn’t come free from challenges though. Some of these require a proper planning even if you are that type who prefers to prepare for the last minute getaway then this list may just come in handy.

1. Grab a Cot Seat for your infant baby

Planes are not your regular autos and you will need to think about that super speed.
Make an inquiry with your airline in advance to know whether such a seat is available for your little angel.

2. Never forget the goody bag.

Every baby has a favorite, including a favorite animal figure. like “sophie the girrafe” (amazon baby best seller), Some babies prefer to have the noisy set of toys.

You may want to give a little consideration to accepting goody bags from other airplane passengers just in case you forgot to carry yours.

3. Allocate more than enough time.

It is so easy to realize that you have finally run out of time when traveling with your baby. Especially, when navigating the airport you may need to take some breast feeding/milking breaks occasionally or simply rush to buy that snack you really must have.

4. Get more than enough food and diapering accessories.

As much as you are traveling, you must know the core necessities of your baby right from the amount of food, drinks, clothing and diapering accessories to carry.

Don’t forget to have a ready wet clothe just in case some poop comes along the way.

5. Make a list of baby essentials and pack them

Pack them ready in a smart air travel baby bag like the Okkatots baby depot (Best seller bag for traveling moms) .
There are a ton of other designer baby bags as well but keep with something that is more versatile for travel together with a smaller version like a purse.

okkatots baby depot diaper bag navyCheck the special price from amazon – So far the best airplane travel bag I have come across

Think about baby creams, baby clothing, nursing cover up, flash cards for old toddlers, sippy cups, nose aspirator for infants, pocket DVD player, books for you,changing pad a baby bag that is pad inclusive will do), medications (some ibuprofen included), diapers, washable bibs, ,some oil, wipes, pacifiers and other necessary baby essentials as stated here.

Go through this list a second and third time just before leaving in order to be sure you are set.

organize your diaper bag

6. Never leave the baby documents behind.

It is always good to exercise some caution even though you have paid a seat for your baby.
These can come handy during the least expected moments.

7. Travel while the baby is chilling

Once good thing I have learn t is that it helps a ton to have the baby sleeping while you are traveling. You will therefore have to time the regular baby sleep time and ensure that you have the travel time scheduled to occur at the same time. You will be amazed by just how quick you reached the destination.

8. Carry earplugs for your passengers if you have wild kids aboard.

Have parrot kids? Carry some earplugs for your neighboring passenger. It is a smart way to show them that you really care and fun to be around.

9. Schedule for immunizations well in advance.

You don’t want to travel to an ebola prone zone without the effective immunization for your baby.
In some cases you may need to immunize to guard against more than one sickness.

10. Don’t fret to breastfeed

Just because you are abroad doesn’t mean that you cannot live your life. It is your right to do give your baby the best natural milk they desire to make their bones stronger.

11. Get the “forbidden list” form your airline.

As much as you want to carry everything including your babies favorite puppy, make sure to check with your airline first and drop them a call to verify that noting you carried is in their forbidden list. Example, some airlines do not allow traveling with ready to drink formula.

12. Confirm the flight capacity (Is it full?)

This is more like getting a hint on exactly how things will be for you when you finally land at the airport.
You need to confirm things like planning to carry the baby on your lap or what other options are available.

13. Read the airline policies on how they handle babies.

Some airlines will charge you wile most will fly babies under 2 years of age for free.
Get to read the policies for carrying extra luggage as well – It is important to know this especially when you prefer to
travel with your strollers and car seats as well. Extra luggage have an influence on the cost of the flight.


14. Don’t forget to bring your carry-on diaper bag with you.

Most airlines will not charge you for this and you can use it to store some of the key
essentials you can never do without. It would be a disaster having it in the luggage bag that may not be as close to you when needed.

15. Carry some drinking water that you really trust yourself.

I wouldn’t trust my baby’s health with the purified water from the bathroom.

16. Rent an apartment/Condo

Once you reach the destination, you may need to consider renting an apartment, condo or a cabin. This is very essential for space and get to really experience the real fun as you travel.

17. Have some music ready to soothe the baby.

Music is a good thing to the human mind and it works for babies as well. You may also want to check the baby susher gadget that soothes babies into sleep.

18. Care for yourself too.

As much as you are getting extra clothing for the baby you will also need to carry an extra clothing for yourself.
What would you do if some of the soiled clothing soiled you too just before you stashed them in a wet bag. Planetwise and Thirsties are good for this job.

19. Get a Fly safe car seat and fly safe stroller.

The stroller should be smart enough to be convertible into a luggage carrier as well while keeping you hands free to enjoy your trip. Here is one stroller that is fly safe.

20. The best part of flying with your baby is that you will keep getting better and better.

With a ton of more tips to share with us here. Document your travel plans and have an itinerary plan ALWAYS.

That was really a lot of stuff. Over to you now, what are some tips you have applied while flying with your baby and little kids?

Ju Ju Be Super Be Zippered Tote Review

Ju ju be super be zippered tote, the duchess, flower power and other designs

Kate Middleton the dutchess of cambridgeGet to see how to go the dutchess way in a duffel

Are you looking for a car bag, weekender bag gym bag or just your purse bag all blended into one and the same thing?

ju ju be super be zippered tote diaper bag dutchess

Other than the duchess, you could also decide to run with the 9pocket diaper bag for first ladies. a version of the ju ju be super be.

ju ju be super be zippered

Ju Ju Be Super Be Zippered tote is proving to seal the real deal today. The zippered tote has an inner lining that is protected with a natural antimicrobial treatment that  prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew.

The size is great and is a Perfect bag for twins plus can also carry your family stuff when going out.

Ju Ju Be Super Be Zippered Tote


  • The bag can be used as a day to day tote bag for two kids.
  • It’s lightweight so it’s comfy to carry.
  • antimicrobial treatment prevents Odor causing bacteria
  • Machine washable. Yes, forget the niggling worry when you can’t just wash it.
  • Tote in all metal hardware while your counterparts in plastic gaze at you.
  • Perfect stroller clipping system attached
  • Shoulder padded in memory foam
  • Several designs to chose from –Flower power, Charcoal roses, pixie dust, Syrah syrah, silver petal, Scarlet ice, Mystic Miani, Magic merlot, Animalini and more.
  • Most of the designs are perfect for a fashionable fun wear.

Ju-Ju-Be-Super-Be-Diaper-Bag-Flower-Power-is hereHere is the Flower Power in action


  • Its a frail bag but smooth handling will keep it durable


Generally, Ju Ju Be Super Be Zippered tote diaper bag is an up to date bag readily available at a modest pricing (less than $100). You will love its functionality,very modish for new moms who need some swag to get the news out of their presence in town.

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