Pink Diaper Bag and Having a Baby Boy?

Ecosusi Polka Dot Deluxe Designer Diaper Tote Bag
Ecosusi Polka Dot Deluxe Designer Diaper Tote Bag

Ecosusi Polka Dot Deluxe Designer Diaper Tote Bag

Did you just buy a cute pink diaper bag only to learn that the newborn creation is a boy instead of a girl?
If you are in such a situation then you can sure bet that such situations a hard nut to crack especially for new  moms
who go asking for several questions like:

Should I get a boy friendly color?
Or should I just use it even if I am getting a baby boy?

As much as you may want to go get a blue bag  for you lil baby boy, I believe that the bag color is more of a personal statement on the mom and should not deter you from using the pink diaper bag for a baby boy. Especially if it looks cute.
You can be creative with this in several other ways by sticking with blue dressing for your baby boy and having some contrast in pink.

Bring some balancing in how you dress yourself too.  This should bring in some color balancing somewhere in between, after all if its a cute bag that you cant let go, then you will always look Great in it. Confidence and comfort is key.

As a mom it is therefore essential that you get dressed in a way that is to accessorize with the bag.
It doesn’t take much of an effort to do this especially when love is involved.

There is no doubt there are some moms who have a special attachment for pink and would want to go pink all the way. This is exactly where pink lining comes in with their diverse range of pink and brown diaper bags. These two colors are well blended together that makes it even easier to accessorize the bag with what you wear. Brown is a deal breaker here as well, to avoid making it look so girly.

It is also common scenario for moms to be worried about what friends may think of the baby being a girl as a result of the pink colored bag. This gives you another reason to probably go with blue or brown clothing for the baby while sticking to the diaper bag. Believe me, you can still look good in one of these diaper bag collections.

As much as you may love the baby and want to make the Bag his own, Don’t forget this:

It’s your bag, not baby’s. Use the pink if that’s what makes your heart jump

It is also worth noting that as much as you may dress your baby  in the most boyish outfit imaginable, there will be a few people still asking you whether its a girl or a boy. This problem is normally compounded especially when the bag is pink and you have a baby boy compared to when you have a blue bag for a baby girl.

Most people don’t tend to ask questions for baby girls wearing blue bags. It’s quite a paradox right?

It goes without a doubt therefore that pink looks more girlish and needs a nice angle to shoot it straight.

I personally had a bit thinking on what are some of the closest pink diaper bags for boys and I thought these are worth taking a look at.

Some of the bags in this list can be very good pink diaper bags for both genders (boys and girls)

    Carter’s Diaper Bag Set-Grey-Pink

  Coach Ashley Dotted Op Art Satchel Bag

coach asshley dotted diaper bag

coach asshley dotted diaper bag

 Pink Lining Yummy Mummy Review on Video


Pink Lining Yummy Mummy Diaper Bag2

Pink Zebra 6 pieces Diaper Bag set


What do you think?

That’s it, now you have got the reassurance! Go and use the bag if you truly love it and if you think pink is doing it for you on baby boys, don’t forget to take a look at pink lining (Pink Lining diaper bags)


Parting Shot

Here is a nice one for pink lovers and looks more boyish

Quote : Real men wear pink


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