trendy diaper bags

trendy diaper bags

Paul Frank Diaper Bags Reviewed

What you didn’t know about Paul Frank Diaper Bags

Paul Frank Bags are popularly known for their beautiful and simple look that features the cheeky Julius design detail on.

There are a variety of paul frank bags that will suit your use for it. Cute designs and very bright and cheerful colors that will surely keep you feeling bright throughout the day.

Check out these fantastic, trendy and stylish bags from the well liked brand of Paul Frank.

Paul Frank Shoulder/Messenger/School Boys Girls Bag (Black/Pink Girls Headphones)

Paul Frank Shoulder/Messenger/School Boys Girls Bag (Black/Pink Girls Headphones)

If you’re a fan of Paul Frank then you’ll  love this one for schooling. Paul Frank messenger diaper bag is highly recommended for teenagers. Its durability and the nice sizable feature makes it possible for you to carry all of your child’s school stuff plus it can fit his or her lunchbox.

The front zipper works well for snacks and drink bottle. Amazingly, it’s lengthy and wide enough to fit an A4 size book or folder. The neutral design is good, it’s not too girly!!  The bottom of the bag is studded to keep it off the ground and prevent it from wearing out.

Paul Frank Duffle Bag Diaper Shoulder Travel Gym Bag -Neon Pink Green Polka Dot

Paul Frank Diaper Bags

As the name suggests this lovely and so colorful bag totes as a travel and a gym plus its also a perfect tote to the beach with the girls. It’s made of pure leather that obviously is easily wiped. The main zippered compartment has multiple zippered pockets to make organizing easy. So roomy to hold all your essentials. Don’t leave the house without this preety looking bag when taking your baby girl out for a long trip because trust it holds much than you will expect.

Wildkin Paul Frank Core Dot Lunch Box

Wildkin Paul Frank Core Dot Lunch Box

What a nice way to pack lunch for your child or yourself in this quality qualified lunch box. Its so amazing to have a stylish way to get your meal all packed up. You want to grab your drink too? Well there are inner straps that will hold your can or bottle of soda or water for you.

It is not necessarily a child lunch box but can also be carried to work. This is the time you dropped that unattractive looking bag for a lunch box and got in touch with a Wildkin Paul Frank Core Dot Lunch Box. How well can this get? Outside pocket  is zippered, super for storing utensils, napkins, or hair clips when she takes them out!

Cool for the weekend day trips and school. Features insulated walls and a very sturdy long lasting design.

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Mud Pie Diaper Bag Review – Bigger

Mud Pie Diaper Bag Review

Mud Pie is a market stormer from the Awesome designers at Baby Pie. This bag has a cotton canvas with spacious interior and exterior features that are stain and water resistant hence can be easily cleaned. It also has detachable shoulder straps that makes  it easy to carry.

mud pie backpack navy

Mud Pie Diaper Bag also has got a matching changing pad that makes it look more classy, just how mums love it.

 mud pie big bundle diaper bag


  • Its durability is very high.
  • Mud Pie Diaper Bag is big enough to contain all the items your sweet baby will need throughout the day and even longer trips.

mud pie diaper bag review image


The bag might be too large for one baby especially when going out
for a short stroll.


Mud Pie Diaper Bag looks lovely and is highly recommended for any mom out there.  Especially Pink loving moms and Kate Spade lovers will fall for them easily.

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