Cloth diapers Vs Disposable diapers Pros and Cons

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Cloth diapers Vs Disposable diapers Pros and Cons


cloth diaper 1

As much as there are several disposable diaper brands out there, there are also several brands for cloth diapers. Although not as many to put them in the same scale as disposable diapers.


All in one Cloth diapers – The outer Waterproof AIO, dry inner layer and a soak.
All in Two cloth diapers – They are similar to the AIO although in  two pieces instead of just one. They are also a little more expensive.

Pre-fold Cloth diapers – They come with multiple layers thus making them good for absorption. Good thing about them is that they are easy to wash.
Durable and money saving as well. Daddy may have to spend a little more time to learn them though.
Pocket Cloth diapers –  Normally has a water proof outer layer and stay dry inner layer plus pocket opening to insert a soaker.  This enables absorbency control with ease.
Fitted cloth diapers – Diapers made of  fibers such as cotton or  bamboo. They also dry quickly with a snap in soaker, not as water proof though.
Flat diapers –  Call it the old style diapers. Just ask granny she will give you some insight on how they used them. Some moms are loving these ones today.


cloth diapers with pins

  • They have been proven easier to use and learn as well compared to their counterparts.
  • Research has also shown that they are best suited for potty training. The baby can take note of them as soon as they get wet which is a good thing to trigger the child’s stimuli and mature up faster.
  • These cloth diapers are no doubt a good one when it comes to reducing baby rash.The softness in the diapers is amazing to be precise. They come pre-folded in Terry cloth, Fannel or cotton cloth.
  • Another good thing about these cloth diapers is the price. Its a little cheaper compared to the disposable diapers thus saving you money.
  • Say bye bye to running out of stocked diapers. This is why its common amongst moms who like to saving 1 more dollar.


  • Some moms are not just ready to get into the hassle of cleaning baby diapers, they just want it easy and keep going with their life. This is a common phenomenon amongst the modern mom who likes it easy.
  • Be ready to clean them with quite some water and spend the time to iron them as well. This is one task that some new moms are not just ready to undertake, thus prefer the use of disposable diapers to the cloth diapers.
  • They are normally not so good especially when you are in a place that you don’t want to carry them along with a risk of getting smelly poop!
  • If you will be traveling, then it may be a pain to you as you will keep worrying whenever someone takes a look at you!! Condemning yourself for causing a new wave of polluted air to breathe.
  • You will need to change them more frequently compared to their counterparts.
  • Not very suitable for use during cold weather.

These can be easily categorized as either absorbent or super absorbent.


disposable diapers

  • The baby will always feel more comfortable on these ones.This is due to the softness and the absorbent design in them.
  • Other than the absorbent design. they are also sturdy and leakages are rare.
  • These are a breeze to change at the tap of your fingers thanks to the designers of the strips that comes ready for fastening and quick loosening making it ready for disposal.
  • A bonus with disposable diapers is that they are also easy to move around with. These are the kind of diapers you don’t want to get stressed with. Use it and damp it then get another FRESHone. Easy Right?
  • Good way to stick to your day to day chores for laundry handling


They are not Eco-friendly as environmental veterans (You and me) would want it to be. I have seen one company starting to produce Eco-friendly one’s.

  • After all. poop! isn’t that bad!! It part of the creation and can be always turned back into being useful. Its the material used to make diapers that can be hazardous.
  • Potty training is rather challenging as they are highly absorbent to an extent that the baby forgets about the wetness.


That’s it for now, you can see that both of them equally have the pros and cons. conversely, the reason most parents will chose disposable over  the former is the ability to save themselves from washing a diaper over and over, let alone touching poo-pooh!

Just remember. that works for another baby may not work out for you. Know your Baby! and pickup what works best for your baby. Something that will
keep her/him smiling always.

We are no scientist here at Xpress designer diaper bags, But we want all the best for your baby. You could start with disposable diapers and switch to cloth diapers later when ready to start potty training.

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