Some Crazy Diaper Wear That Look Trendy – In Honor of Prince George

Load of bricks diapers

Crazy Diapers To Try – In Honor of Prince George Birthday on Tuesday this Week.

Going by the market trends, it seems like every mom wants to try out something new and unique on their babies lately.
We just put together a collection on some of the craziest trendy diapers that will make you and your little toto look cuter.

Load of bricks diapers

Time to Try the Brick diapers

huggies-hipster-diapers-denim diapersTrending Denim diapers from Huggies – $38 from Amazon

Burberry plaid by couture - disposable diaper

Burberry Plaid diapers – Looks like a plaid basket right?

beautiful trendy diapers

Just Beautiful. I couldn’t resist it


the wow diapers

A little play with photoshop to wow daddies

sailor print diapers

Some Amazing printed diapers

This Post is in honor of Prince George.

Happy Happy Birthday Prince George

His royal Highness Prince George will be celebrating his very first birthday on the Tuesday this week and we couldn’t wait to be a Part of it.
Prince George and his parents – Price William and Catherine – the Duchess of Cambridge released this cute photo.

(I bet you have never seen this new photo released)

prince George happy birth day

Birthday Date: July 22, 2014 . Prince George Birthday Celebration and Plans are Underway

Happy Birthday from to the Future King

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