How to diaper a baby step by step

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How to diaper a baby step by step

Coming  into motherhood experience can sometimes be a challenge to most moms since they are first timer mothers, its never easy but  taking good care of a child is one most important fact to keep. Diapering a baby is one thing you will never know if you haven?t  experienced it  before,but its a sure skill that you?ll learn fast and get used to in just a few days.

hallo baby

Before diapering your baby, ensure you wash your hands clean and have the essentials of diapering at hand.

Diapering with Disposable diapers

These are some of the things you will require to diaper your baby using a disposable diaper:

Baby with disposable diaper

  • The right size clean diaper: Ensure that you have the correct size of diaper that will nicely fit your baby.
  • Petroleum  jelly or a relieving diaper cream: This is necessary to keep baby off  diaper rash.
  • Baby wipes, Cotton balls damped in water or  wet cloth:  These are used to help dry or wipe baby before putting  on  a clean diaper, and note that if baby has sensitive skin use lukewarm water to wipe him or her.
  • An extra cloth for boys :  It can always get messy at times with the boys, you can be sprayed on with pee if  he’s not covered.
  • A diaper pail or a biodegradable bag: Its necessary that you have one of these to drop the used diaper for later dumping.

Note to remember: Never leave your baby unattended to on the changing table or wherever,babies are known to roll over and so they might wiggle and fall off.

Steps to follow when using disposable diaper:

  • Place the baby in a warm clean soft surface if baby has a mess on his or her diaper
  • Lift up the legs gently and place the clean diaper below or have a towel under the baby and ensure its well placed.
  • Then, slowly unfasten the adhesive tabs of the dirty diaper on both sides and then fold the tabs back.
  • You can then use the front part to wipe off some of the poop
  • Fold the diaper making sure that the clean side faces up, this will prevent baby’s unclean bottom from the clean diaper.
  • Grab the wet cloth or wipes or the dump cotton balls and wipe the baby’s bottom gently from front to back,this applies mostly for baby girls to prevent bacterial infection. Make sure this is done perfectly. Note that if its a boy put a cloth to cover the penis to avoid pee sprays on you.
  • Make sure baby’s bottom is clean and dry then to avoid diaper rash, its appropriate to apply diaper cream or petroleum jelly.
  • Its now time to remove the dirty diaper.
  • Now bring the front part of the clean diaper and cover baby’s front, and for infants, its advisable not to cover the umbilical cord if its not yet dry or fallen off therefore you will have to fold the front top of the diaper.
  • Fasten the diaper from the back strips onto the front strips, and ensure that baby’s thighs are not too tight or too fastened or else this may result to bruises or numbness on baby’s thighs and this will make them uncomfortable.
  • Remember to keep baby on a more secure place then dispose off the dirty diaper.
  • After all this exercise, don’t forget to wash your hands.
  • Get you baby’s clean clothes and put them on for him or her.

 How About Cloth Diapers?


You may want to cut down on costs of buying disposable diapers and opt for cloth diapers.

These are some of the things you will require to cloth diaper your baby.

  • Diapers: Generally one should have 15 to 24 cloth diapers.
  • Diaper pail or wet bag: This is necessary to drop the used diapers, the pail should have a lid to help contain the smell inside, the best wet bag is one that is non leak-able and has a zipper to also contain smell and any leakages in. The wet bag is cool for travels.
  • Wipes; use wash clothes dumped in warm water or wipes,these can be disposable or cloth wipes or dry wipes if you are not going to air baby’s bottom.
  • Liners: These should be disposable or cloth  liners. The cloth liner protects the cloth diaper from being smeared with poop. Disposable liners make it easier since they are just thrown.
  • Diaper cover: Is used to cover baby’s diaper and an extra is necessary to change.
  • Safety pins or snappies: These will hold the diaper and the diaper cover well from falling off baby’s bottom.
  • Clothesline: This will help dry you diapers real fast and bleach out stains that may still be remaining. Note that too much heat spoils the puv covers of diaper covers therefore can be aired on aline thats not so much directed to heat.
  • Inserts: These are mostly necessary for baby’s who are heavy wetters and are favourably used overnight to keep baby’s beddings dry.
  • Laundry detergent: There are a number of cloth detergents to use that will keep your diapers fresh and sparkling.
  • Rash cream: Get a cream that washes off easily from the cloth
    Cloth diapering steps are more of the same except that cloth is washable and can be reused and the other is disposable.


Steps to follow when cloth diapering a baby

  • Make sure the baby is laid in warm room on a clean soft surface
  • Remove the used cloth diaper by unfastening the diaper cover, then onto the snappies or pins.
  • If baby has poop,gently lift baby’s leg and using the front part of the liner to remove the load then fold.
  • Grab the wipes and wipe the baby,if its a girl ensure you wipe from front to back and ensure its dry wiped.
  • Apply the rash cream if baby has a sensitive skin to protect him or her from rashes.
  • Remove the dirty diaper.
  • Get the cloth diaper and fold it to the required length and width of the diaper cover.
  • Place the diaper under baby up to the waist.
  • Spread baby’s leg to avoid huddling and discomfort.
  • Bring the front part forward and not forgetting if you have a newborn be careful with the umbilical cord.
    using the fastener or pins,fasten the diaper attaching the back part too.
  • You can now cover the the diaper with the diaper cover and snap it up with  its tabs or using the snappers if the cover has no tabs.
  • The baby is now all changed and ready to go.
  • Wash your hands or use sanitizers to restore back your clean hands to handle the baby.

Diapering is such fun especially if you’ve gotten used to it. Always rem to change your baby more frequently to avoid diaper rash on your baby. Don’t hesitate to know more on this subject right from the mouth of diapering moms

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