Extremely Funny Baby Fashion Lessons From 2014

cute baby christmas

1. Baby fashion for Christmas – Let me hammer it for you!!

cute baby christmasSource: http://antikiwiki.com/consider-the-appearance-of-cute-baby-outfits/cute-baby-outfits-for-girls/


2. This is how to tell a fashionista baby girl

baby on mom shoes

3.  This is what millionaire babies were doing in 2014

millionaire Babies do it like this

4. Some babies were busy wagging their tails. Lol

some babies have been wagging their tails

5. Time to throw a shade with a ray banz sunglasses. Start Now

baby banz sunglassesShade available on amazon: Baby Banz Adventure Sunglasses

6. Mischievous Monkey Baby Costume

Mischievous Monkey baby costume

7. Fashion Trend in Dubai (Holiday)

child fashion in the dubai

8. Have you tried any of these costumes

baby food costume

Source: http://thefw.com/babies-food-costumes-tumblr/

9. Matchy.. Matchy… Did you Try this?

bored panda match portraitsSource : Bored Panda

10. Like and Share is doing rounds. This is how it looks.

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