Fancy diaper bags that Celebrities Carry

Gwen Stefani

Diaper bags do allow us to express our unique styles and sensibility all while we keep the baby essentials under wraps.
With plenty of brands available in the market today, it has therefore become a little harder to select from the wide range of fancy diaper bags that are innovative, fancy, premium fabric material, vibrant and saturated in color.

Nevertheless, it can never get easier than this. Take a look at some bags these celebs are toting with perhaps you may learn a few tips on  the coolest diaper bag you need steal next.

Gwen Stefani

Gwen StefaniCourtesy of: StyleBistro

She is one beautiful mom who means business and loves to rock on a plaid peacock design over a printed diaper bag.

Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa

amber rose and wiz khalifaCourtesy of: Splash news

This is one couple with a swag to envy. Take a deep breath on the thematic Grecian look Khalifa’s leather basketball shorts will rock you there, some stocking(I had  some little lol’s on that ) and a Bebe friendly diaper bag.

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba

Courtesy: Posh24

Jessica Alba is one mom we are watching closely with her varied line of diaper bags that she swings along.
She seems to be a “carry-it-all” with here Fendi bag in this snapshot. We are guessing she simply loves just to treat herself as good as she does it to the kiddies.

Brad Pitt

Brad pittCourtesy: Jamah Bags

He looks cute there right? He is being real daddy there with the baby on his hip and a chocolate leather man diaper bag on his other shoulder. His hat is just a classic match to the button-down style he adopted.

The Kardashians

kourtney kardashianCourtesy: Posh24

Kourtney looks like she is practicing some juju balancing on a sexy heel there. Her big black Prada diaper bag seems to carry more than enough for her. Damn! She is Hoot! Like mother like daughter.

Christina Milian

Christina milian has her hands full while comfy on a platform sandalCourtesy: 2blogspot

She chose to go the Denim way, At least she reminds us Denim’s are still alive as they used to be.
Her steps are well calculated on a platform sandal while holding a diaper bag on one shoulder.

Kimora Lee Simmons

kimora lee simmons

Lots of love from Xpress, Kimora. The Louis Vuitton bag with a taste of class really does it for her baby diapering essentials.
Looking fantastic in her shades too. She seems to love carrying along a smaller purse for the credit cards and phone. Could it be the same Louis Vuitton that Anjali Joshi proudly totes as well?

Alicia Keys

alicia keys

Courtesy: Zimbio

She simply looks gorgeous and the way she rocks this bag baby. The diaper bag lining is just fab. Starting from her black colored pants, her moto moto jacket, her shades all the way to her baby’s hat. She really knows how to bust the cold while keeping a good look for bother her little tot and herself.

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