Fashionable diaper Bags under $150

Babymel Soho Messenger Bag Diaper Bag

Once a mom you are always a mom and I know how it really feels to fail in giving the best to your little tot just because of inadequate preparations.
In my quest to turn by back on close-to-birth panic for baby items, I have had a simple strategy that really works like gangbusters. You also don’t have to roam around the internet trying to identify what is the real baby item you need.

Top of my list for newborn essentials is always the dream baby diaper bag, clothing and then baby diapers and newborn essentials. I really give a lot of thought into the kind of clothing and baby bag that I purchase just to make sure that I look stylish in it and the little baby as well. Other, than being stylish it is also paramount to have a look into the cost especially if you are on a tight budget and time is running out.

The quick fix. Take a look at the Baby item listings and this is just one of the ever needed list on some stylish diaper bags that cost well under $150 without really screaming diapers and losing touch with your style.

1. Soho Messenger Bag Diaper Bag from Babymel ($114.99)

Babymel Soho Messenger Bag Diaper Bag
The Babymel soho messenger bag is established as one good kick it all just for one diaper bag for dads.
It is actually an updated version of the once popular babymel tool bag. It brings with it a stylish Soho in mind as a casual man bag with lots of unseen extras.

It is a gender neutral diaper bag with a texture of a black down jacket with a stylish outfit of the urban tote.
The shiny orange interior makes it the perfect roomy bag with an easy to spot compartnemt. Besides it is super lightweight and includes shoulder straps that don’t require you to remove shoulder straps to use them.

2. Skip hop Versa (Black) diaper Bag by Skip hop

skip hop versa diaper bag black

This is one of the baby bags I began ranting about last year and it still draws my heart to the true meaning of a stylish bag. Skip hop has been top in the game by producing some of the most lightweight and well organized diaper bags. This bag proudly showcases a couple insulated bottle pockets, more than enough zipper pockets at the front of the bag – These are real time savers for storing your “I need it real quick gadgets” like phone and keys.
You are guaranteed a ton of spacious capacity with this diaper bag going by what I have experienced in the past.

3. Timi and Leslie Dawn  – $142

cloud blue timi and leslie dawn diaper bag -(cloud blue timi and leslie dawn diaper bag, This is also available in Taupe, Raspberry and Cinnamon colors)

The closest thing to the Skip hop for me would be the Dawn & charlie diaper bag that I did review a while back. It is actually a 7 piece set with invaluable accessories that makes it even more super stylish. Personally, I loved it more for its added value besides the light coloring on the inside of the bag to help you find baby stuff faster. It is also well organized just like the skip hop bags and boasts a zippered sac for storing stuffy baby items. You are also best positioned to pick from one of the very many colors readily available. Don’t forget some of the top celebrities you would envy have been spoted in this diaper bag.

4. Skip hop duo (double) diaper bag – Signature (New)

skip hop duo signature bag

The skip hop duo has since been enhanced and has gotten better and better. It is also well designed with a double stroller in mind other than bringing with it a ton of pockets to use. Its a perfect total solution
if you are a mom who really doesn’t know what to chose from and especially if you arent ready to dig deeper into the sometimes frenzy world of diapering. It simply does it job and can live for a long long time thus worth considering.

5. Storksak Colorblock Diaper Tote – $132

 Storksak Count Color Block Orange

Just as the name goes Storksak does it again with this color blocking diaper bag. Tons of pockets , well organized, water resistant design material and a good definition to what a fashionable mom really is.
The company has won the hearts of quite a number of moms and has stood the test to-date.

6. SoHo- Brown Diaper bag with changing pad 6 pieces set by SoHo Designs – $24

SOHO Curious Monkey 5 in 1 Deluxe Diaper

SOHO Curious Monkey 5 in 1 Deluxe Diaper

7. Storksak® Tote in Yellow/Tan – $132

Storksak Count Color yellow Tan

This is a high end looking bag with a carry all power for your your essentials in style
Very much suitable for the multi-tasking parents – who are always on the move.
It is equally spacious with an interior pocket space, insulated bottle pockets and a padded changing mat.

I like how it somehow resembles the Mustard style design from Timi and Leslie

8. Oi Oi Dual Pocket Diaper Bag – $150

Oi Oi Dual Pocket Diaper Bag

9. Fleurville Mothership ($150) Large, pretty, and great organization!

Fleurville Mothership diaper bag

These are pretty cheap and good especially when you are on budget.

10. Petunia Pickle bottom ($150-$175) Large, too cute, not durable enough for an everyday bag though

pickle bottom sashay satchel

You can find more stylishly/fashionable diaper bags  here

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