Fashionable Summer Totes to Use as Your Diaper Bag

Ahoy Sailor tote bag

Having spent a bunch of my time taking care of the new little angel, I must say that I have had to tote around with snacks, purses and a whole lot of baby items.
When summer hits I believe it makes pretty much sense to convert a summer tote bag into your ultimate diaper bag.

Don’t mistake me but I absolutely love getting organized even if it means switching to a summer tote that simply allows me to throw things inside and get going.
In a bid to come up with the best summertime diaper bag alternative, here is the sweet spot.

Ahoy Sailor tote bag

Ahoy Sailor tote bag
I simply love this ahoy!! I haven’t got this one yet, But I had to say something about it here.

Denim Tote Bag of One Sea

denim tote bag - of one sea
The denim tote bag is printed in some cute Hawaiian cotton material that makes it one of my fave diaper bags with a great concern for the environment. It holds on very when and  easy on the shoulders as well.

looks nice when you really want to hit the beach with your little baby.

A Bag For A Good Cause on Feed

summer tote for a good cause
This tote does not only look great but one that will display you as a great contributor in the society. The manufacturer produces these bags in a bid to feed approximately 28 people
(children and families) in US using the purchase of one tote costing $35

This Feed mission bag comes with an external pocket that can come in handy for storing the phone and mom accessories in there.

Vegan Leather Tote.

vegan leather tote
The vegan signature tote comes made of white leather that will always keep glittering out in the sun. The Myla Tote has a signature label that makes it even more peculiar and easy to tote around.
The front zip closure at the base can be handy as well if you are looking for somewhere to safely keep your diapering essentials.
All in all, Kelsi Dagger has done a good job in producing this budget tote bag.
It is commonly associated with the Fratellis song “Chelsea dagger”

Beach Tote Turned Diaper Bag

Beach Tote Turned Diaper Bag
When I first saw this tote i was like Wow! I didn’t take long to realize just how stylish it can become for the beach and some short trip to the pool. What fascinated me the most was the durable rubber material that makes it even easier to wipe out thus keeping clean and glittering all through the day. The handles were just lovely…
The price ain’t bad at around $19

Momma-ista Croc Embossed bag

momma ista michael kors diaper bag
This croc embosssed designer bag from Michale Kors is one of my favorite bags as it doesn’t really look like a diaper bag. I love the croc embossed leather material in green canvas. This is one of those diaper bags  that would do great just like Anjali Joshi discovered “Being a Mommy does not mean you lose touch with Fashion”. It currently retails at around $113

Rope Handle tote on a Budget

Rope handle tote On A Budget
These are the kind of bags you want to tote around the beach in a match-matchy bikini.
The red prints will set every eye on you knowing very well the power of color red in a beach setting.
The handles are also made out of rope thus making it a durable tote that can work so well as a diaper bag.
It is around $11

The Nylon Easy Tote

The Nylon Easy Tote
If you are a mommy who cannot do without a zipper during summer , then this nylon easy tote can be fully packed with all your necessities. besides it can hold up on its own and good for settling for a small nap along the beach.
Having a zipper at the top works great in controlling the baby items overflow.
It is indeed worth the $55

Skip hop Signature

Last but not least Skip hop is doing a good thing with diaper bags that are summer weather friendly.
The skip hop signature tote is one of them – Both the chevron and onyx prints can do good.
The good thing about this tote is its advantage in heavy duty usage, totally a trend diaper bag, and best of all, gender-neutral. Plus lots of pockets to get you organized. The sister Tactical Tote from Skip hop (with Diaper Changing Kit) is also a good alternative at $179.00

These totes can not only work as beach bags but can also serve as diaper bags, everyday bag, book or magazine tote or even as shopping totes.

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