Fathers Day is Here, Don’t Bamboozle Hubby with a Tie Again

Its Fathers Day. Daddies dont be bamboozled with a tie again

Its Fathers Day. Daddies dont be bamboozled with a tie again

The Fathers day gifts in several stores more or less celebrate the stereotype daddy who drinks like a Fuel guzzling machine car, takes full control of the TV set once back in the house and sit most day and night while tinkering lazily with his gadgets.

Believe me despite this day being a mockery in itself, fathers haven’t gone into organizing a strike yet. If you did a similar thing with moms you would see just how the hell breaks loose in this world with a slow uprising of angry moms.

But why would such a marvelous day to celebrate fatherhood turn out to be a mockery? You are surprised as I am and this calls for a change in how you have always celebrated it.

Here at Xpress I am just about to show you some fantastic gifts that you can use to make his mind blown away ready to rekindle your love even much more.
Forget about the mockery gift cards that most stores would sell out to you, you may end up with a hot pan-like visit on your cheek that ruins it all for such a special day – Father’s Day.

DIY FOOD +  Good Wine = A Happpy Father
Still confused on what to get for fathers day? Well he really does not need another pair of sock if he has a ton. Make him even more foodie on this day with a perfect treat to some of his delicious meals. Only you can know his Favorite dishes.
DIY meals would do even much better as you can go raving about it just how much you took your time to prepare it.

Philips Norelco Do-It-Yourself Headgroomer

Is he going bald in style over and over? A Philips head groomer would do just GREAT for his perfect haircut. This machine has a perfect touch of ease-to-use and accuracy that any hubby will appreciate to have.
It has a 180 degree rotating head, comb hair clipper and a thus lets him trim or shave the hair without any necessary help in hard to reach areas.

You can be creative just enough and help do his hair on this day. Have some fun while doing it.
philips norelco do it yourself headgroomer QC5550

Barska Biometric Safe

Every Father always has got some valuables that they want to keep save from prying eyes, It could be jewelry, documents, handguns or ammo.
This gift will simply go into showing how much you really care about Daddy’s little but Very Vital assets. He will forever love you  for this finger print secured safe.
barska Biometric Safe

Manual Espresso Press

Everybody who loves coffee knows Great coffee is worth some wait.
With a Manual Espresso Press machine, Daddy will be happy enough not even to notice that wait time.
Plus, it’s gorgeous to have one of these in the Kitchen counter ready for him to Press and Drink.

manual espresso press

If you Really Have to Go Paperless…
If you really have to go on something paperless then consider something fancy and customizable like.
Let him know he is the No.1 Dad using a Customizable Amazon Fathers Day Gift card to let him shop for some item he needs (Not much just 1).
Amazon Gift Card – For #1 Dad – Make him feel like some super Dad though its a good as an add-on to some of the gifts above.

fathers day gift card

Now, Let that  gift card be into $100+

If at all you are disgusted by some of the cards as I am, then I think that this is a grand moment to think outside the box and get something unique or simply go all the way and do some DIY fathers day gifts.

To all the plenty of dedicated solo moms and the not-exactly solo moms I want you to get a pinch of the blessing this season and surprise your Daddy with a Jewellery box or simply get him to some never visited restaurant for a nice treat that will make him go begging for more.

Please.. Please. Don’t just go out there and get another boring tie or pair of socks for Fathers Day.


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