Foldable Changing Table Checked

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Foldable Changing Table

A foldable changing table is a table that will let you change the baby anywhere with the ease of putting it away once you are done. Generally they are space savers in baby’s nursery. Foldable changing tables are perfect to use on baby during the early months since the baby doesn’t wiggle much. Obviously you will need to have a changing pad for any changing table.

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Factors to consider when purchasing a foldable changing table


Sturdiness of the table

Make sure that the construction of the table is proper, no sharp edges or exposed nails on the table.


Some foldable changing tables have casters, always ensure that the casters of the table are lockable so its not movable while on change.


Check if there are safety belts/straps that will hold the baby when he or she is laid to secure them from falling off. Ensure that there are protections in place to keep the table from folding up while your baby is on it.

A comfortable height

Get a changing table that favors your height,will without doubt save your back from strains or from bending over.

And of course the changing pad is a must have.

Benefits of a foldable changing table


This is the key benefit of a foldable changing table, It can be used anywhere and anytime home and away.

Space savers

No matter how small your house or baby’s room is, You wont figure out how much space is needed, so it can be used anywhere.


Its not expensive, goes for less than 100 dollars.

Easy to clean

Having baby items that are easy to clean lowers moms work on baby, the changing pad is obviously washable or wipes clean and the other parts of the table can just be cleaned with a damp cloth and it is done.

Drawbacks of a foldable changing table

Most of foldable changing tables are light in weight so its necessary that you keep an eye on the baby lest he or she falls.

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Always keep your changing supplies nearby so you don’t turn away from baby.

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