Getting Ready for the Perfect Baby Checklist

baby stroller double

Getting Ready for Baby Checklist

Mothers who have experienced this would say its not something difficult to prepare for a baby’s checklist. Well having the baby’s checklist all done with will make you more organized even when labor is on knowing that you’ve got all that you need for the baby. You don’t want to get confused on what or what not to buy for your baby’s arrival. Make your budget and figure out all  that you’ll need.

Here are some of the things that will get you organized for baby’s arrival at the hospital or at home:


baby stroller double

  • Padded Infant Car seat:  This is one of the most  important  baby gear. One should get an installable car seat for baby’s comfort on his or her drive back home especially if mommy is driving alone back home.
  • Stroller: Its obvious that you wont want to lock baby inside the house always, the stroller will help you get the baby out for some fresh air out in the garden,or when you are out shopping without having to carry him or her .
  • Baby sling or Carrier: This will make you physically attached to baby either in front or at your back. The ones from Ergo Baby or Babybjorn are quite durable and functional.


Load of bricks diapers

  • Diapers: There are disposable diapers and reusable diapers
  • Diaper cream/ointment: Used to protect baby from diaper or nappy rash.
  • Wipes: Are important the baby has messed so you use it to wipe off  baby’s bottom.
  • Diaper pail or wet bag: Its obvious that you wont want to run to the dust bin or wash the cloth diapers frequently, therefore these will help.
  • Snappies or safety pins: Normally used when cloth diapering to protect the diaper from falling.
  • Diaper cover: Also used when cloth diapering to prevent leakages. Thirsties simply get the job done.
  • Changing table or a changing mat: This are meant for putting the baby when you want to change them. Note that the baby is laid on a smooth padded and well spread surface to prevent cold from reaching the baby. If you can get a baby bag like skip hop that comes integrated with a changing mat then you are good.
  • Nappy liners: Are spread on diaper cloth to give easy time when baby has pooped so is easily washed off or disposed. Disposable liners are also available.


  • Crib: Get a crib that is well constructed and ensure that its properly fixed/assembled for baby’s safety. Dream on me, Stork craft are the real deal
  • Mattress:  Ensure you get a mattress that fits baby’s crib fully
  • Mattress covers: 3 or 4 of these is enough to change for baby, the covers should be plastic covered so as to protect the mattress from getting damp.
  • Crib sheets: Are also necessary to spread on baby’s mattress.
  • Baby monitor: Most moms install this in various rooms to monitor the baby from wherever they are. Read more on Baby Monitors
  • Lullaby CDs: Some moms use these to soothe the baby to sleep.
  • Baby blankets: For a newborn child, its advisable that you get a blanket that’s zippable or has tabs since babies like to pull things and might cause suffocation.


baby drinking academy

  • Baby bottles with nipples: Are used to feed baby drinks.
  • Bibs: Bibs are meant to protect baby’s dress or cloth from dirt or spill while eating or drinking.
  • Formula: This is mostly in powder form that is mixed for baby as a meal.
  • Bottle brush: You don’t want to have your baby get infections through his or her feeding bottle, So the brush is meant to was the interior of the bottle thoroughly.
  • Insulated bottle bag: This will keep baby’s bottle warm especially when you are out for shopping or a stroll.
  • Milk container: Where moms store breast milk.
  • A pot or deep pan: For sterilizing baby’s bottle


I Only Cry When Ugly People Hold Me on Infant Onesie

  • Onesies: Buy ones that are made of soft cotton,  Will cover baby well from the top body to the lower part without him or her throwing them up since most of them  have tabs. Hence keeps baby warm.
  • T-shirts: Are highly recommended. Long and short sleeved.
  • Socks: Get as many pairs as you want so that your baby doesn’t stay bare feeted. Baby’s feet are supposed to be kept warm no matter how the weather looks like.
  • Cotton Sweaters:  Cotton sweaters are the best compared to the woolen ones that some kids feel so irritating and itchy.
  • Soft booties or shoes: Are a plus to cover baby’s feet and keep them warmer.
  • Sun hats: Perfect when you are out with baby during sunny days to cover baby’s head. Bringing a Rayban sun glass for the baby doesn’t hurt either.
  • Knit cap: This is the coolest head gear for baby during  the cold season to cover his or her head.
  • Mittens: Are worn for baby’s on their fingers to protect them from scratching themselves.

Bath Time

baby bath

  • Bathing tab: For a newborn its advisable to have a bath tab that is specifically meant for them.
    Wash cloth or bath sponge; Ensure its soft for baby’s tender skin.
  • Bath towel: Also specifically for baby.
  • Soap or bath lotion: Get a mild soap for babies
  • Petroleum jelly:  That will leave your baby’s skin soft and moisturized. There are a ton of other bath time essentials you can scour for on the mamas n papas site.

Care for Baby

  • Cord spirit: Is used on newborns whose umbilical cords are not yet dried and fallen off.
  • Cotton buds: To clean baby’s ears.
  • Thermometer: For checking if baby’s temperature is OK.
  • Nail scissors: Used for cutting baby’s nails.
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