Guess who discovered this abandoned baby

say NO to Child Abandonment

Every day we have someone somewhere with a lose moral not bothering or caring to know how much a baby is really worth.
Worst case scenario is finding a baby abandoned in a pit latrine or even in a plastic bag as if it is some piece of garbage.

say NO to Child Abandonment

SAY NO to child abandonment

As I write this am almost shading tears going by what I just read a few minutes ago.

The story of a beautiful baby born who was found by a security guard abandoned close to the white river community center.

Having been hesitant at the first sight, this guard decided to checkout the site following the sounds of a crying little child.

The guard then proceeded and called another woman passer by to open the bag to checkout the bag. She was a little
shocked mixed with fear at the same time only to discover a crying baby.

Another shocker story is that one of a woman who was walking her dog just like any man/woman together with a best friend gone out for a short trip.

Little did she know that her best friend had picked a peculiar scent around and decided to follow where to smell was coming from only to find an abandoned baby – Chloe, abandoned for at least 4hrs, this baby looks like an angel I tell you and some people are just so inhuman to treat a living person with such disgust.

Chloe was later taken to a local hospital where she has been receiving some pretty good help. The doctors believe she was just a few hours old

Only, heaven knows what would have become of these little, beautiful angels considering a lot more in the tunes of hundreds world over are abandoned daily.

LET US ALL RISE and STAND AGAINST this inhuman act. This is one thing that can shorten the lives of future prospective leaders. Who knows your baby’s future hubby could be lying down in the drains somewhere just because a foolish acting mongoose mama has abandoned him/her.


Word of Caution:

Please please do not abandon or damp your child like a piece of trash. There are community organizations and social workers who are very willing to assist you. Come to think of it, there are a lot of people out there just crying to adopt a baby child. If you feel you can’t take care and have already given up, consider the organizations available for help. You will make a on of a difference.

Here are some of the Best Charity organizations For Babies / Kids

You're afraid. You don't want to keep this baby. 
You just want someone to take it, 
keep it safe, and make sure it gets a good home.
  1. – North American Council on Adoptable Children  has a major focus on finding and and adopting the once “unadoptable” children in a place they can finally call home. Majorly targets children with emotional, physical and physical difficulties.
  2. – Every year and every month people like you are shocked by a story about a baby abandoned in some damp pit.
  3. . Find them on Fb here
  4. – Best known for its child sponsorship programs around the world.
  5. – Operates in Africa
  6. – Known to over the comfort for the youngest victims of homelessness in the California.
  7. – Harlem Zone is pretty unique in how they offer college sponsorship to single parents, pre-birth parenting care, internships and thus have curve a niche for themselves in the young adults already in parenting.
  8. – This is an organization that is operating world over and it would be sad not to know about the Very elegant work that they have done.  They have a set a good pace on how to effectively operate child organizations. Their support cut across health, education, literacy, nutrition, basic hygiene, hunger relief and capacity building.
  9. – They have helped over 7,000 children and still counting in several nations across the globe. They are not limited to disabled, orphaned, displaced but cut across to assist the abandoned children as well.
  10. – CRN is is one Oregon agency that focuses on exclusively children ages 5 and under. They have done quite some good work. Parent-Shild psychotherapy, ready to work with both children and parents
  11. – Help a mother out is your place to go if you cannot afford the diapers. Established in the California, Washington, Arizona and other select locations, they have done something remarkable that is not done by food stamps. Check em out.
  12. – Florida here we come Children’s Home Society of Florida offers abuse prevention programs, foster care parent training, counseling, prenatal counseling, family workshops, neglect victims,sex abuse and the paining problem of child abandonment.
  13. Homeless Children’s Playtime Project is a home haven for homeless children in the Washington DC. They have coined their service to include child play therapy while reconstructing child emotions, physique and attitude towards life.
  14. – Now supporting over half a million children and take them to the next horizon of life by focusing on preparing the kids for the upcoming preparatory school life.
  15. – Blind Babies foundation have really touched me to see that they are helping families by focusing on blind support services for babies. Ever seen a blind baby abandoned? I bet you will shed tears. They are doing this to babies “angels” at absolutely no cost.







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