Do Inflatable baby incubators (Inflatable moms) exist?

inflatable mom

This is the prototype incubator doing rounds all over the web for prematurely born babies.  This is not just your regular incubator but one that comes with a taste of fun as an inflatable baby gadget.

inflatable mom

One thing that you will note is the rocket bottom prices that inflatables like this inflatable baby incubator has brought about in the market place.

Great ideas are born while taking a bath

Mr Roberts is the ‘super’ brain behind this awesome invention and begun working on the digital mom as school project in his final year.

The eureka idea hit is mind while taking a chill and closely watching a TV documentary. A perfect example to prove to us all that no matter what your dream will always be valid, not until you start believing otherwise.

Mr Roberts recalls here:

I was watching a Panorama programme on TV about Syrian refugees, and they had a segment about how there are loads of premature kids dying because of the stresses of war and specifically the lack of incubators out there and the infrastructure to support them

This is exactly how he crafted his way into curbing the ever increasing infant mortality rate.  Pretty smart principles designed to save the lives of babies. At least if they are not so premature.

TECH: Innovative premature baby incubatorSource;-

At the heart of it all, the machine is delivered to you in electronic components meant to form up one elegant baby making machine.

It is made of plastic sheets transparent in nature and wraps around  the inner core of the incubator thus keeping the baby warmer.  It is also computer controlled of course to help with humidification control with the immense power of curing a jaundice condition,  something that is  very prevalent in such cases.

There are a few questions coming up though.

Could this new tech gadget save the life of a baby in an ambulance setup?

As much as it can run without the mains electricity it would be nice to know the exact amount of  power it uses?

car batterineis can power them upHere is a sample model with a portable battery for backup

Are the bells are whistles intelligent enough to tell whether a babies condition is worsening or improving? If not are they really necessary.

I know there is a lot of questions out there just with any other brand new invented technology. This is no doubt a ground breaking discovery from Mr. Roberts. Truly worth the James Dyson Awards

Dr. Roberts concurs that we can indeed achieve a lot more by keeping a baby’s body in contact with that of the mother but there is also no doubt that there will always be situations were desperate measures may need to be undertaken.

Think about a mom giving birth to a premature baby and cannot afford the regular modern systems that cost £30,000 instead of the mom incubator that goes way cheaper at £250.

What do you think about this invention?




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