what to put in a diaper bag for delivery

in myinside my hospital bag after delivery

What to pack in a diaper bag during delivery – No more hard guesses

It’s a know thing that someday you want to have that little someone for companion and to brighten up your days and probably you are on that path i.e expecting one. Perhaps you are a first timer mom and really have no idea on what to bring along on that D-day.The unexpected can happen for any reason and you should be well set when the day comes.

in myinside my hospital bag after delivery

These are some of the things that are a must bring along in your diaper bag to avoid D-day embarrassments or confusion when out to have that long awaited baby;

Before delivery

what to put in my diaper bag before deliveryAdmission paperwork

Its necessary that you have your ID,drivers license, insurance card if there’s any,and most of all your clinic card or book that indicates your previous visits to the clinic and the history of that pregnancy.


Make sure you have wipes,soap,toothbrush,toothpaste,lotion,deodorant if necessary,shower caps,facial cleanser,Hair brush and hair clip, Your hair can get irritating at times and feel like you want to cut them off but having these two will help you hold them nicely and feel somehow relieved from something.

Labour motivation articles

These can be read for you by a professional, friends or hubby if he’s around to help you unwind the thought of  too much labour pain.

A change of comfortable clothes

You don’t want to look chubby and all sweaty during this time might lower down your self esteem

Cell phone charger and extra battery

You wouldn’t want to miss communication, or rather encouragement or motivational messages from your loved ones just because your phone batteries are low or went off. Believe me it sucks when you miss that single moment you have been waiting to share the latest bundle of joy.

Ear phone or external speaker:

Ear phone or external speaker to listen to some cool music that will help soothe you before delivery.
PJ’s or loose night gowns to sleep on; don’t have something too tight on for the night or else will feel so uncomfortable in the night.

A photo or picture of a loved one

This will keep you happy and be like “am going to keep strong for you“.


You are likely to feel hungry during this time and eating a heavy meal might not be so easy and snacks would do, grab some nuts, crisps etc and a drink would do. Do remember to get enough for the birthing partner as well.

A watch with second hand.. Tick.. Tock

This you can use to time the number of contractions you are having and be on the know.

A pair of slippers;

These will make you move around easily and comfortably without feeling so heavy at you feet.

After Birth

in myinside my  hospital bag after delivery

Even after you give birth, knowing what to put in a diaper bag for delivery -post delivery is another thing altogether. Think about what you will need for those short or long trips, you can bet that Baby Diapers, change of clothes and a bottle of milk is a no.1 necessityl

Two or three receiving blankets

Visitors are expected to come see you after delivery and one might want to have that beautiful feeling of holding your little delicate baby for a while so you can easily change if one gets dirty.

A number of onesies

You never know for how long you are going to stay at the hospital, having a good number of onesies is necessary so the baby wont feel stuffed up with one for long. These should be of different sizes since the baby might turn out to be so weighty or not.

Nursing bras and breast pads

During the first few days after birth ,mommy’s breast will appear so enlarged since the milk is now coming and the breast pads are necessary for support and to protect milk leakage when baby is not breastfeeding.
A book on how to handle newborns or a reference book; These may be provided at the hospital but you might consider carrying one of your own to guide you on how to take care of him/her.

A going home outfit

Have yourself comfortable, loose outfit and flat shoes when going back home.For the baby, ensure that you bring along warm outfit which also includes socks, hats, a warm receiving blanket or a snow suit in case its a cold season.

Diaper case

Some hospitals will provide diapers but you may want to carry your own for extras and make sure that when you put diapers on for baby whose umbilical cord is not cut be sure to fold the diaper.


Don’t just have any wipes,ensure the wipes are designed for newborns to use on baby.


These will cover baby’s fingers  for warmth and more so are necessary since some babies are born with long nails and might scratch their faces.

Sanitary pads

Mostly provided by the hospital,but you might be having a different brand in mind that you think will suit you for that heavy flow.

Nightgown and a robe

Make sure that the front is open to allow you breastfeed easily.

There are a ton of other newborn baby essentials to pack in a diaper bag, some of which will be defined with your personal style. Every mom is unique ranging from minimalists, over packers, celeb moms and the funky personalities. As such what to put in a diaper bag for delivery varies from mom to mom. This list should be helpful enough to keep you abreast of the baby essentials.

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