Ju Ju Be Super Be Zippered Tote Review

Kate Middleton the dutchess of cambridge

Ju ju be super be zippered tote, the duchess, flower power and other designs

Kate Middleton the dutchess of cambridgeGet to see how to go the dutchess way in a duffel

Are you looking for a car bag, weekender bag gym bag or just your purse bag all blended into one and the same thing?

ju ju be super be zippered tote diaper bag dutchess

Other than the duchess, you could also decide to run with the 9pocket diaper bag for first ladies. a version of the ju ju be super be.

ju ju be super be zippered

Ju Ju Be Super Be Zippered tote is proving to seal the real deal today. The zippered tote has an inner lining that is protected with a natural antimicrobial treatment that  prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew.

The size is great and is a Perfect bag for twins plus can also carry your family stuff when going out.

Ju Ju Be Super Be Zippered Tote


  • The bag can be used as a day to day tote bag for two kids.
  • It’s lightweight so it’s comfy to carry.
  • antimicrobial treatment prevents Odor causing bacteria
  • Machine washable. Yes, forget the niggling worry when you can’t just wash it.
  • Tote in all metal hardware while your counterparts in plastic gaze at you.
  • Perfect stroller clipping system attached
  • Shoulder padded in memory foam
  • Several designs to chose from –Flower power, Charcoal roses, pixie dust, Syrah syrah, silver petal, Scarlet ice, Mystic Miani, Magic merlot, Animalini and more.
  • Most of the designs are perfect for a fashionable fun wear.

Ju-Ju-Be-Super-Be-Diaper-Bag-Flower-Power-is hereHere is the Flower Power in action


  • Its a frail bag but smooth handling will keep it durable


Generally, Ju Ju Be Super Be Zippered tote diaper bag is an up to date bag readily available at a modest pricing (less than $100). You will love its functionality,very modish for new moms who need some swag to get the news out of their presence in town.

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