Is Kate Perry Roar Celeb the coolest Auntie Around?

kate perry and niece coolest aunt award

Kate Perry has won the award of the coolest Auntie you will ever met.

Here is Katy Perry carrying her niece together with a handbag that is much better that most of what we own.

kate perry and niece coolest aunt award

Is Kate Perry the Coolest Auntie Around?

Despite this suggesting that all other Aunts can now keep watching as Katy Perry rocks again, the Roar talented singer
has continually posted fashionable pieces of what she terms “chic” including the chanel bag captured herein just to lavish her niece.

How cute? how sweet of her? It didn’t end there either, she has also gone a notch higher to spoil her niece with one other amazing
custom made jeremy scott designed for a adidas trainers. Believe me, this will rock your world and don’t forget to show some love to little tot…

kate perry buys her niece some adidas shoe

Well, you may be jealous. But do you really think its worth doing it for a two months old wardrobe?

The lucky baby here is said to belong to Katey’s elder sister Angela and it therefore goes without any doubt that she takes her as one of her

What are your thoughts on this?

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