keeping Safety at Home for the Baby

baby safety 4

keeping safety at home for the baby

Babies are one of the most precious gifts to have in life and one thing for sure is that nobody ever wants his or her child to get hurt in any way or the other,and as they grow they too want to explore,know how things are done and mostly try to do exactly what everyone does,therefore they need so much care and protection from a lot of things around the home and also maintaining safety in the rooms around the house.

baby safety 4

How to keep the kitchen safe

The kitchen is one of the most unsafest places in the house that you wouldn’t like your child visiting. Here are some of the precautions needed to ensure your baby’s safety around this place.

kitchen proofing baby

  • You can opt for a gated kitchen so that baby does not disturb you while cooking.
  • Never leave the sharp utensils at baby’s disposal,you don’t want your baby getting playful with them which might cause serious cuts.
  • Keep the kitchen cabinets locked always. Children love to hang onto them which might also break down and make them fall hence serious injuries.
  • Make sure you have a lockable trash can/dustbin or keep them locked inside a drawer away from babies reach. The toddlers are known of picking the little left overs from the trash or grab things from the bin and change to a toy.
  • Be sure to keep away the washing detergents and any chemicals out of baby’s reach.
  • Always make a raise on your cookers to avoid baby trying to switch them on and try to get cooking” like mommy cooks”.
  • Never leave the electrical items like blenders,toasters and gas appliances plugged on to power.
  • Be watchful on where you put or leave hot stuff in the kitchen.
  • Cautiousness is required on how you place those plastic bags you use for shopping because they can easily suffocate a child. Dispose them off the surrounding.

NB:When you need to cook and you are all alone with the baby in the house,learn to keep him or her busy with toys or something so that he or she doesn’t bother you in there.

How to keep the bedroom safe

Here are what to look out for in your baby’s  room and obviously in your room too since he or she wont stop the rounds to your room.

  • The baby’s crib should be well made in that there are no sharp objects pointing out that might harm or cause injury to the child.
  • Changing table or dresser tables must be well fixed to avoid tippling and falling off on/with the baby.
    Never place baby’s toys on high shelves which he or she might try to reach on to and fall.
  • The windows of the room should always be well secured meaning the knobs should be tightly fixed that the baby cant
  • be able to open or rather have grills,window stopper or window guard that cant allow baby fall off the window, and of course allowing some fresh air in the room.
  • Lock all the drawers and cabinets that are used for storage in the room.
  • Investing in a baby monitor is also a safe way to be on the watch so as to know what your baby is up to when you are away from him or her.
  • Maintain cleanliness inside the baby’s room i.e clear off any small objects that are likely to choke.
  • Remember never too\ leave hanging electric wires unguarded/covered using the wire guards.
  • Remove any strings or cords that are hanging which might coil around baby’s neck.

keeping bathroom and bath time safe

baby safety 3

First and foremost the bath room should be a no go zone for your child i.e without an adult. Most moms considers baby’s bath time to be more fun but what they don’t know is that this area is also one of the most dangerous places for a child to be.

  • The bathroom knob or handle should be placed higher than the child’s height so he or she can not reach to.
  • Ensure that the door can be be locked and unlocked from inside and outside.
  • In case there are any appliances like electric shavers and curling iron in your bathroom,always unplug them and ensure that they are well covered and placed out of baby reach to avoid electrocution.
  • Make sure that the soaps,shampoos,moisturizers,conditioners toothpaste,mouthwash, and all other chemicals up in the cabinets and locked.
  • Remember to always empty the bath tab if its not in use,most babies love playing in water but this is very risky since the child can drown.
  • It will take just a few seconds for your baby to get burnt out of that hot water temperature you have set.,therefore the best solution to this is to set the water heater up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit which is 49 degrees Celsius.
  • The sharp objects like razors,scissors and any other sharp object must be kept out of baby’s reach.
  • The bathroom door mat should be non-slippery. A rubber mat is cool for this area.

after bath doo mat2

  • Make sure that the waterlogged door mats and towels are cleaned and aired.
  • The trash can in your bathroom contains all sorts of dirt and you don’t want your child trying to figure out what’s in there on her own,so it is advisable to use a lockable trash can.
  • Find a way to allow air circulation into the bathroom to let out moist and avoid suffocation.
  • Lastly always keep the bathroom clean and disinfected.

General childproofing tips at home.

  • Never leave your baby unattended to no matter what!be it on a changing table or  on any raised surface,a door bell ring,always take your baby with you.
  • All medicines should be kept out of baby’s reach.
  • Buy toys that suits your child’s age,to avoid unnecessary chocking and injuries too small and sharp edged toys are very risky.
  • Always keep the house neat and disinfected to prevent bacterial infections to your child.
  • Make sure you have a first aid box with you in the house in case the child gets into any accident.
  • Use safety gates for the staircase in case the baby wakes up and  goes out of the room to look for someones attention,its better to find the gate closed than “roll down”the stairs.

baby gate

Well, its better to take preventive measures than curative,therefore don’t be left out on what to do to childproof your home off the dangers.

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