My Louis Vuitton is my Diaper Bag Says Anjali Joshi

Anjali Joshi

As some may already know her Angela Joshi is a frugal mom who likes to save as much as she could, she is no doubt one kind of a mom who would want to see the best of the best for her family besides being able to keep her credit card balance in check always.

Her favorite shopping spots for some great discounts are the TJ MAxx and the Marshalls. No matter where she buys her shopping she is always busy thinking about what the till is going to say about her wallet and would want to hit the sale point of sale soonest.

Grab a seat next to her and you will be surprised to see her pull out a baby wipe out her Louis Vuitton bag. It is her way of life and don’t be quick enough to fill your mind with prejudice.

Anjali Joshi

Being a Housewife herself You could go as quick as possible to think the traditional way with thoughts like:

1. She could be broke and carrying a fake diaper bag.
2. She is from some rich family out there.
3. She is just not sound enough to manage her finances carefully like the Wise Rebecca. Or maybe carrying a ton of credit cards ready to be swiped at any impulse.

As long as you keep your eyes set on her Louis Vuitton bag to get a glimpse of what she flashes out next, you will be surprised at just how much she knows her stuff, starting from doing her taxes down to the way she packs her bag the super-mommy style.

Louis Vuitton can be a shocker to some especially when you are graded as the non-modern kind of mom. Some only get them as a luxurious gift from a boyfie who cares to see you happy.
While she could be graded as a Generation Y’er she closely guards her finances – the regular teacher salary just to purchase her first designer diaper bag. I know you are wondering but how?
Anjali Joshi had to decide between trading in her Louis for a polyester, air-tight and “stinky” proof diaper bag.

Here is Why she Made the Surprising Decision

Take a closer look at her, What do you see?

She says “When I look at me, I see a Woman” whose current version is an all inclusive of the woman she was earlier

The kind of woman who had a career without any baby stuff like diapers, wipes and always spending her sweet time in the salon before leaving to go get the best accessorized hand bag to swing along.
While the old Anjali seizes to exist “kind of” she is determined to give the best of the best to her bundle of joy and wants to keep alive to see what the world has in store for her family.

Being blessed with a baby boy and having made a decision to swing along the paradigm shift, she is indeed a blessed mom with a “big heart”, who never cares about adding the position of mom to her daily to do list.
For the past 3 decades Her greatest desire is the drive to always want to feel great wherever she is and wherever she goes. She actually discovered the “ahaa moment” in her life would be brought about by her dream designer diaper bag and today proudly owns a Louis Vuitton.

The eyebrow raises are perfectly fine for her and would go well with a nice branded shirt for her maybe “Raise your Brows Again!! Louis Vuitton All the Way”

She has perfectly proved to us that being a mom is not all about promoting the rigid society gospel of rigid mommies who only seem to exist for their children but way much more than that.
She feels good for herself as well and ready to face the worth of life experiences that keep shaping her into the real kind of “mom” who is ready to break boundaries.

Thanks to her diaper bag that is helping in her jail break of “rigid moms” life movie.

Congratulations Anjali Joshi. We love you back here at Xpress!!


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