Newborn Baby Bath Time


How to give a bath to a newborn baby


Generally it gets so frightening for most moms especially first time moms to bath their young ones for the first time. Well,bathing a baby is a no difficult task,some moms think that bathing the baby frequently will keep their skin dry,no it also depends on the type of soap or lotion one uses to bath the baby. Also if you bath the baby and leave the soap to dry up on the skin before rinsing then the skin is likely to dry up.

Don’t get twisted that just because you baby is very delicate at this time,its not necessary to give him or her a bath,sponge bathing is ok especially for the first two or three days before baby gets used to the new temperature and environment .

For the first few weeks,the baby’s umblicol cord is the most sensitive part on the body and you ought to be careful when bathing the baby.

Here are the requirements needed to bath the baby

  • A bath tab
  • warm water(not hot)
  • Cotton wool and a clean soft wash cloth
  • A mild soap
  • A warm towel and blanket to keep baby warm after the bath
  • Baby oil/lotion
  • Change of clothes and a clean diaper
    NB; Remember never to leave the baby unattended to,if you have to grab or get something go with the baby.

Steps to follow when giving baby a bath

  • First and foremost ensure that the temperature of the room is ok i.e not cool
  • Prepare the water,warm water and that you can test using your elbow or wrist and ensure that there are no hot patches.
  • You can now undress the baby keeping his or her diaper on because he or she might want to poop or so.
  • Using the towel, wrap him or her leaving the head uncovered.

baby 1st 1st bath

  • Take a piece of cotton wool dumped in warm water,clean his or her face carefully including the ears not pricking or scratching baby’s eyes or or face.
  • Support your baby’s head and neck using one arm then begin to wash the head gently with soap and water then pat the head dry using the towel.
  • You can now fully undress the baby then while still supporting the head and the bottom,lay the baby in the warm bath and then begin to wash your baby.
  • Using baby’s wash cloth,cautiously clean baby’s body especially the armpits,under the chin,behind the knees,around the neck,behind the ears,fingers and groin. These parts of the body holds a lot of hidden creases not forgetting the genital area and his or her bottom that is cleaned using water only.

baby 1st bath

  • Baby is now fresh and ready to go. Rinse him or her well then support the head and neck including the bottom and lift the baby up from the bath tab and lay him or her on that soft spread towel then wrap your baby and pat dry the body.
  • ¬†Remember not to expose the baby after the bath. After drying the body,take off the towel because it is now wet and have a warm blanket to keep the baby warm first before dressing.
  • This is now the perfect time to give your baby a massage and this will keep the baby more relaxed and sleep well.

bby massage

  • Check on your baby’s skin keenly then apply the correct lotion that suits his or her skin.
  • You can now dress the baby putting on his warm tops first so he or she is not exposed to cold a lot. Then the diapering session can follow.
  • Check the baby’s umblicol cord and treat it as directed.
  • Place the baby in a safe place in the cot maybe so you are not worried of him falling while you go empty the bath tab.

baby cute dressed

NOTE; Remember young baby’s are always very delicate and should be handled with a lot of care and kept warm at all cost.

How easy can this exercise get. Your baby’s first bath can be so terrifying for him or her and can really scream her heart out,but that is very normal he or she will soon get used to it and fall in love with the bath water.

Generally its recommended to give the baby a bath before meals so he or she does not get shaken,this can cause vomit. Also a bath is important at bed time. Therefore its all on you mom to decide when you want to bath your child and keep them fresh all day long.

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