One Little Momma on a Red Lily Jade Diaper Bag, Navy Stripe Sweater and a Chic Destroyed denim Short

destroyed denim striped sweater red bag

I have been closely following One little momma who has been fortunate enough to see the outside door of the world despite the warm weather that blows along with the cool winds in the chilly morning.

Although it cant be totally assuring to be alone out there(without a baby), the love for it went wild with a destroyed denim short that was never owned before accessorized with a red diaper bag.  Seriously, would you believe this is a diaper bag on Kylee?

destroyed denim striped sweater red bag  Source – Kylee @ Onelittlemomma

The red diaper bag has got an inner bag that snaps in and out nicely. This diaper bag could easily be the nicest bags for moms who are looking for something that adopts the tote style while allowing you to carry it backpack style.  The bag has a ton of pockets and accompanied with a changing pad.

striped-sweater-lily jade-red-bag Source – Kylee @ Onelittlemomma

Besides, the inner bag is also super awesome to fit inside the main compartment of the bag making it pretty easy to switch to a purse anytime you need to.  Other than the pricey look I can bet it is hard to come across something like this one and seems to be more addictive too.

triped sweater red lily jade diaper bag

Source – Kylee @ Onelittlemomma

I finally realized just how much stripes, jeans and a popping red will always do something good.  Go give it a try and tell me what comes out.

Where to get the accessories

Sweater: From Forever 21
Jeans: Thrifted (GAP)
Sandals: Old Navy
The Red Diaper Bag: From Lily Jade
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