Kalencom Diaper Bags

Kalencom Diaper Bags are some of the most versatile line of bags that comes bundled with a ton of options for parents to chose from ranging from messenger bags like the hannah messenger bag, weekender diaper bag to New orleans diaper tote. I must ay Kelencom is also doing some good things with a select collection of their diaper bags.

Kelencom is a multi-faceted manufacturer with both a domestic and international presence hat makes up their divisions of bags categorized according to the target market. This is one god sign to check out and helps one know whether a designer really understands their market.

They have recently organized the Kalencom.com store with a Packaging division as well making it a good thing if you want to order a ton of those baby bags.

It is also worth taking a look at their New Orlean Kalencom store

The Kalencom Hadaki New Orleans

Their Army butler store also seems to be doing good @


Having been founded in the early 1970’s you can bet this brand really knows what they have been dealing in with corporate headquarters in the New orleans. The luxurious storey building at 60,000 square feet is more than enough to convince you that this company has heavily invested in their resources including a manufacturing plant back in the Asia plus sub-locations in the overseas.

How to spot a fake Kalencom diaper bag

There being some fake Kalencom diaper bags listed online and always promising to be some full baked truth deals, these counterfeit Kalencom bags are a con with poor quality to spit on.

1. Checkout for the shape of the Kalencom tag. Non-rectangular shapes are a number one sign. At least not the
2. If you meet a Kalencom diaper bag that is a cheap Kalencom baby bag under $20 or even selling as low as $10 then I would highly advise you to run for your dollar save.
3. 3M bottles is another sign. Kalencom doesnt package bottles from 3M
4. Original Kalencom diaper bags always come with a New Orleans image in the inside. Always check out for this.

Please find some legit bags from the Kalencom collection reviewed for you here at xpress.

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