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badger basket and hamper

Portable Changing Table

You have your nursery all set up except for a changing table that’s also cool to have for your baby essentials at hand. A changing table will make you look more organized when you want to change the baby. It has compartments that mommy can put  baby’s stuff for diapering and clothing. There are variety of changing tables  made from different materials, wood, plastic and metal for you to choose from.

There are portable changing tables that are designed in a way that the storage areas are removable.

badger basket and hamperCheck out (Badger  Basket Modern Changing Table with 3 Baskets  and Hamper)

Having the baby take a bath and get him/her all dressed up in one spot is one great feature that some portable changing tables have (Primo Euro Spa Baby Bath and Changing Table)

71PYUWjdZFL._SY355_Primo Euro Spa Baby Bath and Changing Table)find it here

Factors to consider when purchasing a portable changing table

  • Choose a well built portable changing table that is not tickery so your baby is stable and safe.
  • One with no nails or screws exposed that might  prick the baby
  • Ensure that there are safety rails surrounding the changing area
  • Get a changing table that ‘s convenient with your height so that you don’t strain your back.
  • The feet are stable enough.
  • Make sure the portable changing table has a safety belt and is padded if not buy and insert.

Make sure that there is enough space to  keep all the necessary gear at hand so you don’t have to leave baby on his or her own on the changing table


  • Some of the portable changing tables are multipurpose,can be used as dressers and drawers too.
  • Most of them are easy to assemble.
  • Are very durable and can be used by other kids.
  • Others can be used as towel rack or home organizers after baby outgrows diapering.


  • Some don’t come with the changing pad that you have to buy.

Here are some tips on how to set up your Portable Changing Table

Placing: Always keep the changing table against the wall and is away from windows, door or heaters.
Size of the room: Have enough room or spacing to place the changing table
Stability: Place it on a flat ground where it doesn’t teeter.
Arrangement:  Keep everything you need to change the baby within the changing table.

Make diapering duty simple by get a portable changing table that suits your needs and style.

Note: Babies approaching the age of one are known to be so wriggly and don’t like being laid on their backs so you can give them some distractors like toys  so they stay put or better still opt for a changing mat.

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