Small Diaper Bag For Toddlers to Try

Urban Expressions Katella Woven Satchel

One year down the line and still using diaper bags as a purse even while at work. I would like to chime in today with something
that I tested out and realized works like a charm.

Having streamlined the baby caring necessities for my toddlers I did find something that simply eliminates the massive need for a big baby bag. You will agree that carrying such large diaper bags to work can be really tedious.

I also noted that I would have to swing around the big bag even when it really made sense to tote around with something a little much smaller. It even becomes a lot heavier when am going out a lone and want to maintain the use of my diaper bag as a purse.

Yippie! I think I found something for the toddler situation that still remains stylish, cute and it doesn’t look like a diaper bag either. What I love most about this selection is that carrying my work essentials also makes sense while using it.

Being the amazon freak I am, I launched my browser and this is what I discovered:

Urban Expressions Katella Woven Satchel

Urban Expressions Katella Woven Satchel

This satchel bag is totally on-trend as a structured handbag convertible to a diaper bag. Besides it has an attractive shape, plus the basket-weave texture makes it a unique outfit.

Despite this bag having less reviews online, the few that have used it so far are a happy lot. It is a smart way to tote your classy look even while you are a mom. It comes with lots of pockets for storage, can be worn cross-body or simply hands free, zippered pockets are available for carrying phone and keys, the zippered pocket also comes in handy when you want to store the small mom & baby essentials like lotions, tissues and tampons.

Below is a mint green version of the same satchel bag

Urban Expressions Katella Woven Satchel - mint green -Small Diaper Bag For Toddlers

Of course you will want to bring along some disposable diaper and wipes when you are going out with the toddler.

If am just going out to work and need to be super light with my lunch along –¬† BYO Rambler Pink Neoprene Lunch Bag(It’s made from neoprene to expand and accommodate most foods) does the “abra kadabra” thing for me.

BYO Rambler Pink Neoprene Lunch Bag
All in all, I think the urban expression is so far a minimalistic way to express yourself in the city while taking a walk with your toddler around.

It is pretty chilling when you know that you are stylish on the go and do not have to keep switching bags all the time.

This is sure a bag to love at the toddler stage. Every mom knows that things do change at some point and you have to catch up with the new stages of baby caring as fast as you can.

BTW, for longer journeys a larger diaper bag like this one makes the most sense. This lets you carry the most baby stuff as you need and feel much secured while traveling compared to the Small Diaper Bag For Toddlers.

That’s it, What kind of diaper bags are you toting at the toddler stage?

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