How to make a diaper cake step by step with pictures

How to make a diaper cake step by step with pictures

How to make a diaper cake step by step with pictures

Diaper cakes have gone viral lately with lots of moms giving it a try for their new baby shower thus trying to learn on how to make a diaper cake step by step with pictures. I therefore decided to give it a try and see how it turns out. Are you with me? I want to prepare this cake you see here.

How to make a diaper cake step by step with pictures

If you are to think of any diaper cake then just as the name suggest ‘diapers’ will be one of the necessities as an ingredient.

Your mind must be now blowing like ‘Heck! Diapers Seriously?’, yes am serious about diapers, in fact we need some soft classic ones of size 1 to 2. It will be a sweet one!! Believe me.

Here are the Ingredients required for this 3-tier cake

  • We will need like 60 diapers for this to workout well.
  • Also try and get some rubber bands ready (get both the 60 pieces clear rubber bands and 10 pieces thick rubber bands)
  • A Pair of scissor – Can get this from your dept store if you lack one.
  • Thick colored ribbons for every layer  – Get a color that matches your babies shower theme. – Cost $6
  • Double sided tape $5.93
  • Get a couple toys for decoration where things go hot
    platter and Two(8oz.) baby bottles.
  • These are good collection of items to use for the diaper cake and every mom will love these for their baby shower before putting them in their diaper bag.

Step By Step Diaper Cake Making Instructions

1. Now, its time to prepare the cake, hold your ground and start rolling some diapers. Rolling them inwards has proven to be the best thing so far.
Make sure you roll it till it reaches a tight spot and then round it up with a rubber band.
You will need to do this process for all the 60 diapers. Use the colorless bands for this.


2. Now, secondly, we will need to start the 1st tier at the bottom by placing a bottle at the center of the cake platter and then wrap the big rubber band around it, sliding it smoothly.

It is now a good time to take the diapers we rolled previously and insert them slowly inside the rubber bands in a balanced circular way so that it forms a ring. You will note that the first ring around the bottle will need somewhere between 6-8 diapers you prepared earlier.


3. The second tier build up is now the focus.
Just like we did with the first tier of the cake, we will again wrap the rubber band around the bottle and slide the diapers slowly inside like in this demonstration below.You will start noting that the diaper cake is slowly becoming stronger and stronger.


4. Add a rubber band around the top of the bottle and fill with diapers.

This will connect and stabilize the diaper cake. You should end up with something like this.

2tiers are now ready on diaper cake.

3rings at the first layer and 2 rings at the second layer. We haven’t sweetened it yet!!! Stop salivating. haha

5. You will note that there is still some small space at the top that is not yet unused. Its time for the second bottle to come into use.
You will note that even after you insert the second bottle and wrap it around with diapers like we did with the previous tiers, it will still leave some bottle space at the top.
Remember we only need one ring for tier 3 (The top most tier) and finally having something like this one.

3tier diaper cake is almost ready

Now, You can start salivating!! Its Decoration Time!!

6. There is actually an array of several items you can use to decorate this cake nicely. You can make use of flowers or other baby toys like pacifiers,
rattles, wash cloths, combs, bibs and many more.

How to Decorate Diaper Cake

1. We will start by wrapping a pretty colored ribbon around each tier to cover the 3 rubber bands that we used to hold up the whole cake. The double tape we talked of earlier actually comes handy here once again for fastening at the ends.

Now, get some small flowers, I prefer green flowers that have got a small mix of white. Its a good match to the diaper color I used here. Insert each
of those small green flowers at the top of each diaper you rolled. At this stage you will be salivating even much more!! even though we are not done yet.

2. Get a flower bouquet (For Baby boy or Baby girl )to sit at the remaining top of the baby bottle. You can do away with the bottle top in order to arrange some flowers inside there.
You want to attach some matching ribbons at the top  as well. This will hold it up firmly at the top as well.

3. To make a bouquet of flowers on the top, remove the top of the baby bottle. Arrange silk flowers as a bouquet inside the open baby bottle.
Attach matching curling ribbon on toothpicks to add some fullness to the bouquet. And voila, you’re done!

Yay! You just prepared a diaper cake, and its now time to start your celebrations and have fun. These cakes are normally good gifts for baby showers. Its a Cheap baby shower gift at the same time a unique baby shower gift that every mom-to-be will appreciate so much!

You will end up with something like this:

amazing diaper cake for baby shower is ready

FINAL PRODUCT: Diaper Cake is Ready

But When Can I eat a Diaper Cake I just prepared?
I know you must have thought you will be eating this cake. But sorry a diaper cake is not really a cake meant to be eaten, its normally an
arrangement that looks more like a cake for gift.

When are you preparing yours? You can take up the challenge and come up with this one.diaper cake kit

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