New GRACO Extend2FIT convertible Review – 2016

Gracoextend2fit review

Graco! Graco! They did it again. Graco raises the bar once again and this time everyone who was at the ABC Kids expo in Vegas will tell you just how the GRACO Extend2FIT convertible seat rocked the day.

Important Points to Remember:

Here are some points to note:

The Academy of pediatrics does recommend that you keep your baby facing the rear until age 2 years when it is deemed OKAY. I mean Like indicated in the picture above.

Letting your child’s legs bend while facing the rear may not be such a comfortable idea, but Graco has addressed
this major concern with a smarty designed extend-to-fit the legs car seat.

Placing your child in the rear-facing position, calls for giving your child some additional leg room which wasnt the norm with most of the rear facing car seats.

This is one of the NEWEST inventions in car seats and it is become official.
The rear facing height limit is somewhat 45″ and approx. 49″ while forward facing.

This Car seat was one of the most anticipated car seats in the last years expo. And girl.. it ROCKED!!

Going by the design, one can overthink over the extend2fit’s ability to consume less amount of seating area. The car seat actually came through on the test and we can confirm that the roundest Tom, Dick or Harry will sit comfortably in the front seat.
This is a standard convertible seat without a boost mode.

How it Works

Gracoextend2fit car seatVisualizing how the extension will create additional legroom when installed
may be a little confusing.

– First look at the picture above.
– Extend the base a bit further back when the tray is extended and you are good to start using it.


Features and Pros

graco convertible car seat extend2fit-label


  • Approx 5″ of extra legroom. Dope!!
  • 6 Super swift recline positions
  • Multiple headrest positions, approximately 10 of them.
  • It can easily be cleaned up(Machine washable cover) just like other car seats except the harness
    where you need to do some hand-washing with a piece of clothing.
  • Premium Push-on LATCH connectors.
  • The seat was crash tested and shouldn’t be much of a worry on both front and rear impacts.
  • 10 years lifespan before expiry.
  • Steel reinforced frame for better safety to the child in case of a crash.


  • Graco did have a major fix late last year such that they had to do a recall. That was somewhere around November 2015 and January 2016. Actually, it was the labels that failed in indicating recline positions clearly in a readable language english/spanish. This drawback on the car seat brand has since been fixed.


Conclusion and Things to Note

Check the manufacture date, model number and make sure that the recline labels languages are correct and matching on both sides (All Spanish on one side and all English on the other side).

To check, Look at the white label on the bottom of the car seat to. .

I know you may be a little hesitant to get something that just came out this year.
Nevertheless, this is one of the best car seats to hit the stores EVER!!!

Even these regular baby sittings moms will tell you that the car seat technicians super amazed by the car seat.

If you got a Newborn, a 2 year old or a 3 year old. Kudos!! This is the car seat to Install this year.

It is Never well played until you get it from the manufacturers mouth. We went all the way to request a
detailed Manual for you. so you can hear it from the horses mouth on its top notch quality.
Remember!! The Blue color seems to be doing it for most parents out there, you may want to go with a different
color though , Black and Grey colors are also available.

The car seat is indeed outmatches the Safety 1st 50-lb Advance EX 65 Air+

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