Is North Face diaper bag the Real Deal For Dads?

North Face diaper bag - Dadgear Backpack Diaper Bag

Is North face diaper bag the best baby bag for Dads?

Time is really up against us in defining what is the best diaper bag for each an every person out there, moms, dads, boys, girls, militants and all bag lovers.

I may have done most of the convos here about diaper bags for mums with very little to offer our baby parenting partners “Daddy”.
I have had to go into a comment hunting spree to hear what daddies had to say on their favorite diaper bags.

This is what daddies had to say:

Honestly, its something far from what I had expected. Most of them voted for North face diaper bag (Dadgear Backpack Diaper Bag by Dadgear). Oh.oh,  I know you are now wondering how comes my favorite isn’t ranked?

North Face diaper bag - Dadgear Backpack Diaper Bag
Well, it is a fact there are Great daddy diaper bags as well (like the Daddy Builder and Military bags) but this one just seemed to be the most popular amongst the dads I interacted with , it is more about the “never scream diaper when I carry you ” technique that was deployed in this baby gear.

Not forgetting, the North face diaper  bag is functional, comfy bag, and a lightweight bag when fit as a messenger style using the slingshot.
Speaking of colors, I bet you will find one that impresses you. There are colors such as Blue Retro, Classic rock, Black, Metal Maori, red retro-stripe, camouflage, universal camo, green retro stripe, grey professional, genuine quality, pink retro, wicket white and more.

Another amazing thing with this gender natural bag is that you can stuff a laptop inside it as well.

If you live in the plane and island most of your time making flying tips, you may just know enough how much better it is to fit all of the necessary items into one bag

But What is the Drawback with North Face diaper bags for men?

It may look overly sized despite its light weight feature. This could be a turn down if you have some love for minimalistic design in diaper bags.
Other than that, I do not think there is any biggie with size as you could be planning to carry it along for a couple children.

Do remember to attach the slingshot to convert it into a lightweight diaper bag distributing the weight all over your body.

Do you think this will work out for Hubby as a gift?

Yes, It would do much better compared to the girly looking “hello kitty” bags to keep hubby confident as he carries it along.

Parting Shot

If I was to buy a gift for my hubby, then I would simply run with a north face designer bag especially the Dadgear Backpack Diaper Bag by Dadgear which looks promising.

This diaper bag can easily qualify as a backpack, messenger bag (with sling attached) hence the love from men and can be re-purposed as the child grows older.

Note: The next North Face diaper bag close to the dadgear backpack is the DadGear Courier Diaper Bag manufactured by dadgear as well.