What to put in a diaper bag

what to put in a Diaper bag like Skip Hop Studio Tote

What to put in designer diaper bag Before and After Hospital


Are you still confused on What to put in a diaper bag?

what to put in a Diaper bag like Skip Hop Studio ToteNever wait for the last minute rush until you are being taken to the hospital during your early labor to start scrabbling for what to put in a diaper bag.

Research has proven that you should at least have your baby bag 2-3weeks prior to your due date. Despite this proven research, several new moms are still struggling to be prepared well in advance.
From my experience as I peruse the several forums out there, moms who prepared 10weeks+ earlier were even more inspired about their process in giving birth and less stressed as well.

when your baby decides its time to come into earth, every loving baby mama will tell you it takes devotion and complete focus on your newborn.

You will need to check on your labor closely just to have a good idea on when you should have everything ready.
Once the new baby is on earth, most moms have always preferred to spend another night in the hospital while complicated births could even go a little longer. Believe you me its not a good time to thing about basic baby essentials you should have had like 3 weeks earlier. In fact a good plan would be have a couple of these baby bags that can help you out both at home and at the hospital during our labor pains.

Here is a checklist on some essentials to have before the baby kicks to leave the womb and join our beautiful world with a smile.

What to put in diaper bag During Labor

  • Don’t forget to carry a watch with you just to confirm the minute your joy of heart comes on earth.
  • Have all your contacts very closely and most preferably in a piece of paper that you can carry around.
  • Get a top notch baby bag (Designer ones are the best) that can last long enough with the correct features. Some few that have amazed me lately are the one’s from Kate spade and Skip hop. They are also amongst the best sellers online. There are some good one’s as well. but make sure its one that is spacious enough to accommodate this list.
  • Carry a backup battery that will always come in handy whenever your batteries run out.
  • An old nightie dress that you can dispose after the delivery is also vital.
  • Check on your clothes colors as well. Dark colored and stain friendly one’s are the best.
  • Don’t forget thick socks to save from the cold as well.
  • Hair Grips – This will save you from looking like the latest fly-whisk rider to mars. Don’t let that shaggy look catch up with your joyous moments.
  • Try and have some drinks and snacks that is enough for your birthing partner too.
  • Have a water spray full of cold water. It will come in handy.

What do you think your Husband would carry?

What is in your Hospital Bag

Newborn Essentials After Birth

If you just gave birth already and now wondering on what to put in a diaper bag you just bought? Well, You just got sorted as well

  • Never ever forget breast pads even if you do not plan to breastfeed a  baby
  • Baby bottles, Face wipes, Deodorants and other toiletries like baby bath sets
  • Maternity pads – They are known to be bigger and a little more absorbent which is a good thing. Some parents like the disposable changing pads for traveling.
  • Time to Go home Clothing – Make sure that these are comfy and loose enough.  You can also try them with waistbands that will not harm you in case of a CS delivery.
  • Don’t leave the hospital and go start putting on your pre-pregrancy clothes, I know you will miss them, but please give them a little break as you recuperate.
  • Wet wipes – Just remember there is always something to wipe whenever you are with the baby.
  • Baby nappies and changing pads – This is a basic necessity
  • Toddler Car seat – Its time to have a seat for the baby back at home and in the car as well. Eco baby car seats have been proven to be good for the job. Train the birth partner on how to use the car seats.
  • Baby sleep suits – I once saw one that looks like a dolphin kind of suit, It was amazing to be precise. Carry at least 2.
  • Carry Enough Baby clothes – You never know when the next spill will be taking place.
  • Don’t forget to also carry a blanket, baby hat/sunscreen to save from the sun, baby vest, cardigan (VITAL) and some cotton wool that is very good for premature babies. Don’t use wet wipes on such lovely babies, give them like 4weeks.

These are some of the basic baby essentials on what to put in diaper bag and don’t forget to entertain yourself with with a magazine or ipod that plays some smooth music.
Please let us know if there is any newborn essential that we have missed.

Now that you know what to put in a diaper bag. Its now Your turn!! Tell us, what is it you can never go without in your designer diaper bag?