Best Diaper Bags 2014 Reviews

Okkatots Travel Baby Depot Diaper Bag Backpack

Okkatots Travel Baby Depot -pronounced as “Aukka Tots” 


Okkatots Travel Baby Depot Diaper Bag BackpackThis is more of a backpack style diaper bag that has recently emerged as the perfect match for both domestic and international travels. Regardless of how much stuff you would want in your diaper bag, this baby bag is highly adjustable altogether with a strap on the shoulder that makes it easier to move along with.

Besides the comfort that comes along with this bag, you can also strap it on your car seat while still accessing your super fast needed stuff like drinks, toys and snacks.There are moments when you simply need a functional pack without necessarily being of a larger capacity, and the Okkatots Backpack Diaper Bag could just be the perfect one for the job.

It currently comes in four colors  Black, Navy Blue,  Red and Grey being some of the colors that are available. Personally am loving the red one so far.

Don’t forget that it is designed with a handle making it easier to carry along like most tote style diaper bags.

Some Okkatots Travel Baby Depot Features

  • Insulated pocket holding bottles.
  • Ventilated poach
  • Outside pockets with an additional DVD pocket player holder.
  • 2 Way opening
  • Warranty is available.
  • Hand washable.
  • Airplane friendly for trips – measures 19″ 15.5″ x 8.5″
  • You can tote as many as sixteen diapers in the pockets plus it includes many other pockets for all yopu need to carry.


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Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack

petunia pickle bottom boxy backpack in mystic mykonosPPB also comes in line as a diaper bag that most parents would love to have. It can easily justify the cost of $100+ when you want to take the plunge to buy. Whether you have a toddler and/or an infant this diaper bag should suit your rooming needs and perhaps throw in your purse inside there as well without the need for  another baby bag.

The PPB Boxy Backpack has been rocking the world of PPB lovers. Check it out

Skip Hop Studio and Skip Hop Duo Deluxe

Skip Hop Duo Deluxe Diaper Bag ChevronSkip Hop, a New York-based company has released the Skip Hop Duo Deluxe Diaper Bag that was also an upgrade to the Skip hop Duo diaper bag. The Duo deluxe diaper bag has been a great one as well.   I have been raving about Skip Hop Studio for sometime now and it is indeed a favorite brand of mine too. Besides it being a regular best selling bag at the amazon stores, you can run with it as a bag that does not look like a diaper bag. The features are always customer satisfying with an array of compartments together with friendly costs on the shelf.

This company has made it a mission to manufacture some of the safest products without compromising on style, functionality and innovation thus demonstrating their commitment to both parents and children.

Skip Hop Duo Deluxe Features:

  • Made from durable ply canvas and water prevention material.
  • Several pockets to keep you organized.
  • Side pockets for bottles and cups
  • Magnetic closures
  • Stroller attachable and easily used as a carry over the shoulder as well.
  • Water resistant material
  • Cushioned changing pad
  • Variety of colors to chose from.

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Storksak Olivia:

Storkstak Olivia is indeed a winner!! Coming in seven different colors with an ultra stylish touch of fashion. It still remains functional with an eye catching look for moms especially. I personally love the combination of tote handles and the shoulder straps made of nylon satin and coated with a metal frame.

Despite this diaper bag looking smaller, you wont believe its several compartments (Over 10 pockets) that will help you keep organized .

This chic fashionable diaper bag is designed with a faux-leather trim and a wipe clean interior together with a padded change mat hence a recommendable diaper bag for moms-on-the-go. The only drawback could be the price of the bag but  I can sure tell this diaper bag is worth it. Read More
Here are some Classic Diaper bags that have been trending lately:

Fisher Price FastFinder – Designed to last longer with a wipe dispenser on it. Read full review

JJ Cole Satchel – Designer outlook with a shoe string budget. Read full review

Skip Hop Grand Central Diaper bag – More like the heartbeat of baby bags at Skip hop . Read full review