Thirsties Diaper Covers simply Rock

thirsties diaper covers are way better - ocean

Thirsties Diaper Covers Review – Best Diaper Wraps For Moms

Its been quite a while without really enlightening you about the touchy touchy subject on diaper covers/diaper wraps.

Thirsties diaper covers have got some of the most innovative designs that offers both the comfort-ability and the much needed baby protection for the baby against any kind of leaks.

thirsties diaper covers are way better - ocean

I actually took a look into the fairly known ocean thirsty type ones – Large, Medium and the x-small one(6-12 lbs), here is what I got.

Thirsties diaper covers bring aboard some of the much needed support through its waterproof exterior for all types of cloth diapers, be it flat, contoured, fitted or pre-folded cloth diapers.

These diapers have been designed with a single layer of polyester laminate thus making them hassle easy to wash while offering optimal fresh air flow for the diapers to breath.

Just in case it gets soiled up, it is always quite easy to wipe and wash them clean before re-using them. Being a product designed by bright moms for the everyday moms, I do believe it a smart product so far so good with lots of moms raving about it already especially if you are a green mommy(eco friendly solution oriented) then this is a must have for your baby. Besides it is much usable all the way from the time they have “small chicken legs” to the time they become sturdy enough to potty train.

Actually I am yet to find wrap snaps that work like the Thirsty one, although Thirsties Duo Wrap Snap(Blackbird) and the Thirsties Duo Wrap (Honeydew) seem to do the magic as well.


Thirsties Duo Wrap Honeydew Thirsties Duo Wrap Snap baby on a Blackbird

Thirsties Pros

  • I actually like how the wrap gives room for the baby Bummis. Remember Comfort is Key for the baby.
  • The fabric material is very flexible, another add-on for baby comfort.
  • Gussets does the real hard work in preventing baby leaks through the legs – I would award it a 10/10 for this
  • Washable for re-use and still remain looking sturdy.
  • Its cheaper and can get easily get a load of them if you aren’t interested in re-using them.
  • Urine is no biggie with these. Was actually worried about this part. Questions Answered!!
  • I was blown away by how adjustable and easily fits on pre-folds.
  • A variety of colors to chose from
  • They dry super fast when washed.
  • Aren’t ridiculously bulky like some of the stuff I see out there. Can easily stuff additional ones into your diaper bag and tote lightly.
  • Say bye bye to red baby marks on the legs or tummy.


How About the Cons

  • Thirsties haven’t really gone into doing something for all the medium baby size range. The Small and XS still do the job real well.
  • Try and keep watch just in case the moisture touches the white trimming. It’s observed to cause leaks, It is a rare event though.


thirsties duo wrap snap ocean blue

If you are so much of a newbie mom, you may need to arm yourself well and have some stock ready to use (36 of them is a good number to start with).
The moment you see your baby learns how to undo the Velcro, then you need start doing some potty training real quick. We all grow older and it only makes perfect sense to start training them for the next stage.

Remember, there is a lot of hullabaloo out there about cloth diapering and the use of various detergents.

Here is my advise:  Tide original powders are doing it for me much better compared to fabric  softener. The fabric softener seems to leave some residues that prevent proper absorption and find it much better with Tide. For Baby diaper rashes, I brought into the game some little bit of organic coconut oil (Checkout these benefits) which is much much better than the traditional diaper rash creams.

All the Best to all the Mommies who do cloth diapering. Thirsties diaper covers are just Awesome.. Awesome.. Go go for them. Hopefully, this thirsties diaper covers review is helpful to you. Don’t forget to hit the share button like always.


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