Timi and leslie marie antoinette II Diaper Bag

Timi and leslie marie antoinette

The Timi and Leslie Marie Antoinette

Timi and leslie marie antoinette

The Timi and Leslie Marie Antoinette tote is one of the lightest weight designer diaper bags on the market.

The bag comes made in a light weighted nylon(quilt) featuring some of the custom designs  using brass finishing you would ever find.
The Marie Antoinette comes with several fashionable accessories like adjustable detachable strap and a cross body, both of which make it easier to wear it hands free whenever and wherever you need to.

This wonderful diaper bag also comes with a special changing pad with a front pocket where you can store baby diapers and wipes; there is also a zipped sac to keep the solid clothes; insulated bottle tote is also available to keep the baby bottles warm or cool at anytime.

One thing you wouldn’t want to miss about this bag is the stylish clutch which you can use as your purse, thus saving you from carrying your purse separately.Timi and leslie marie antoinette complete

Oh! They’re even slots for your credit cards with an inside zipper. Isn’t that cool? matching stroller straps are also available to help you hang the baby bag from your stroller when you are taking a walk out there. Not forgetting how cool it can get to have a diaper bag that matches any color of a stroller and still looks cool.

Timmie might look small for other moms especially if you are an over packer mom.The idea of not being able to zip it up could not be cool for others but seriously its a cool for sleep overs.

timie and leslie antoniette diaper bag

There are just a bunch of cool features in this bag, including water resistance, 8 more pockets (two exterior pockets and six interior ones to help you get organized), interior key fob to keep your house or office keys very safe and a very cool light colored lining to see everything in your bag easily so you can do those quick checks when getting set to go. check out the interior here.

Get it Today! and you will be glad you did.

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