Top 5 Eco friendly diaper bags for moms and dads

ERGO baby organic backpack

Top 5 eco friendly diaper bags for Parents keen to save mother Earth

1. ERGObaby Organic Backpack Review

ERGO baby organic backpackSee detailed features here

I do know there are a ton of other ERGO product fans as much as I am. For one reason most moms love the backpack is the advantage that comes on how to tote them around by simply having them on your back and a baby carrier on your front.

Things to Consider

If you are going to tote in this style(Front carrier like the ERGO Carriers and back pack) I don’t really recommend it for babies that cannot sit up on their own at least.

how to carry the ERGO organic baby carrier and the baby backpackPhoto Credit: Reviews from moms who have seen the ERGO baby carrier in action

You therefore,  want your baby to be grown a little bit before toting this way for baby health reasons.

There are various ways you will want to hold this bag, diagonally across the body, shoulder straps or the chic backpack style.
Strapping a baby on your back will always leave you with little or no option to go for in carrying the extra weight from the diaper bag backpack. Any weight is some weight and it all adds up into defining how easily you can move around the city.

The ERGObaby organic backpack is a little unique though as it comes along with a sleek option in weight balancing through an attach-to-carrier straps. This can be super chic for throwing all the weight on to your back.

Who is it recommended for?

This backpack easily qualifies as a diaper bag that doesn’t look like a diaper bag and I know dads will love it for what it is besides the image one would portray as an environmentalists.

Green moms are also welcome on this one as it’s more of a unisex type, not your regular girly diaper bag though but am personally loving it for what it is.

To get the backpack, just be sure to get it from a genuine source. You can never go wrong with Amazon.

Is it worth it as an eco-friendly diaper bag?

Yes it is. You can see the special price here and the Brand ERGO is a tested and proven company when it comes to green products.


2. Diaper Dude Green Dude diaper Bag

The Green diaper dude version is one epic product at a shocker $92 just for saving the world.
Believe it or dream it the Eco-friendly diaper is manufactured from pieces of recycled water bottle – Recycled pet material.

Diaper Dude - Green Dude Messenger II - Eco Friendly

Source: enfantstyle

Diaper Dude – Green Dude Messenger II – Eco Friendly

The elastic nature of the bag is a good feel coupled with a ton of pockets to use and an accompanying changing pad.
It is also a perfect option for dads who are seeking something new in wearing a diaper bag.

Get it Direct from Diaper dude

3. Skip hop studio diaper tote

Skip Hop’s Studio diaper tote is proud to join the list of eco friendly diaper bags with a sweet touch of PVC free materials thus making it an environment friendly diaper bag

Skip Hop Studio Diaper Tote Bag

Learn some insider tips on the Skip hop studio tote


4. Fleurville Re-Run Messenger/Diaper Bag

Fleurville Re-Run Messenger Bag – This is what you want when you need something more practical, socially responsible and environmentally sound.

Fleurville Re-Run Messenger

I would wear it messenger style but it can be worn in other different styles as well while doing a short trip when you only need a baby bottle, sippy cup, phone and your personal items like cards.

I wouldn’t mind having a match-matchy Sherpani’s Nuvie diaper bag ($74) diaper bag to carry it along especially when doing a longer trip and want to do short walks at the destination.

Get it from Fleurville


5. Cotton Batik Diaper Bag

Cotton is stylish yes and doestn’t take a degree in natural fabrics to pull this off. This unique diaper bag will catch the envious eyes and hat is sure to catch the eyes of other moms.
The mamas at Ghana are doing a great job with this Cotton Batik bag Eco-friendly diaper bag and this is your chance to join the fight to saving mother earth.

cotton batik baby bagPhoto source: Love it so so much


These are some of the best Eco-friendly diaper bags you will come across, if you are looking for something a little more closer to designer but not really that much of a green saver, then you may want to consider the designer diaper bags.

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