Touchy Moments When Daddies Saw Their Babies For The First Time

military dad sees baby for first time

military dad sees baby for first time1. Military Dad Returns Back home with a load of Kisses

Daddy calls every one around the world to see his lil tot2. Sarah Wise  – Could he be calling the local baby shop? “Get me a gazillion pack of diapers

daddy crying over his good job3. Sophias Delivery – “Finally!! I delivered. Enough of the sleep sofa set sleep”

Daddy sees baby for first time - bamboozled4. Sophias – “Whaat? I cant believe my eyes. Thanks to God”


daddy sees child for first time and investigates5. Art of Birth – “Come on, open your eyes I want to see myself in there.. LOL”


daddy shouts after seeing baby for first time6. You and Me – “Yeees!! From Today I am Super Daddy.. “


he had to cry when he saw his little one7. Photos By Ashley – “Oh! my God. This is such a Blessing…  ” – Hot Tears


I cant help but rejoice of this blessing from God 8. Emily Robinson –  “Now this is Freakin Amazin. I found a blood line heir to take over my Cap finally”

yada yada - lindsey scholz9. Lindsey Scholz Photography – “Yay! Welcome to the World Little one. Lets Rock”

From this list you can pretty see that all these Dads had different reactions. It would be interesting to know what kind of reaction closely matches you. See you in the comments.

How Did you React when you First Saw Your Newborn ?

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