Baby Diaper Bag Buying Guide

ultimate diaper bag buyer guide

Best Diaper Bag Buying Guide – How to buy a diaper bag

Whether you are a New Parent or  a Practiced parent, choosing a diaper bag to buy can be one task that burns your time if not well done.

ultimate diaper bag buyer guide

You need to be extremely wise in how you do go about how to buy a diaper bag that does its work. Some would even prefer a diaper bag that doesn’t look like a diaper bag at the same time.

Well, Pause for a few minutes and I promise this small read will be worth it in helping you even have  an ultimate diaper bag checklist ready to load.

The difference between various diaper bag options boils down to majorly style and the size you want tote around.
Almost all of the choices normally falls into one of the following categories.

best diaper bag buying guide

Basic choices to look for in a diaper bag


Totes is the most common style of diaper bags that we see around. If you can find a nice tote bag then you will live to love it for a
long long time. It is one of the most common and familiar styles amongst both new and practiced moms.
They seem to resonate so well with moms who want a particular style, color, design, class and a ton more of factors to chose from.

Some of the basic designs would come with a single big compartment that just does it all whilst some highly stylish ones would have several compartments with some immense power to get you organized.

There are long shoulder strapped ones and Two shoulder Strapped ones.

Messenger Bag

Messenger bags have been lately doing rounds considering that it is a great way to stash baby items without really
telling everyone you are carrying a diaper bag.

Usually designed with a longer strap on it that can be worn over the shoulder or on a cross-body style they can really be
great for a hands free option plus the unisex look that they do present as a pick up option for both moms and dads.

Backpack Style

Just like messenger bag style it also brings aboard a comfortable and hands free use with a couple straps that help to distribute
the body weight on your body evenly.

If you are going to carry several baby items and maybe some items for you too, then this is the perfect way to get going.
Even though an backpack could be converted into a baby bag, the best backpack diaper bags have been readily designed with salient features to help with diapering. Some features included are insulated baby bottles, changing pads and multiple pockets with suited functions.

What to look For in a Diaper Bag

No matter how Stylish and Cool your diaper bag is, you need something that is functional and practical for the job at hand. These are some of the core factors to consider when picking a diaper bag.

Roomy and Organized

A larger diaper bag has got immense benefits that you will appreciate especially when you are outside for long. Example today
I will be leaving for a weekend trip together with my family and it seems like I may have to carry along some stuff for Baby Faith, Baby Grace and some for change clothes for myself as well.

Believe me, you need a large diaper bag for such a stress free trip.

The main inside of the bag should be big enough to accommodate almost everything that mommy will need packed leaving the pocket for the immediate diapering accessories.

We all vary in our personalities and that is why you need to now realize that what works for Mama Faith may not comfortably work for you. Take a closer look into your natural behavior to help pick the best roomy diaper bag for your needs.

Consider something that is also well organized into compartments plus interior and exterior pockets. This gives you the added benefit of being super fast in access to you baby essentials like wipes, creams and safely get hold of your keys without scrambling down for it at the bottom of the bag.

If you already have a hand bag that you really want to convert into a diaper bag then a diaper bag organizer can be worth the investment.
We have seen moms like Anjali Joshi satisfactorily convert a Louis Vuitton Purse bag into the perfect diaper bag she has ever dream’t of owning.


Consider the use of a diaper bag that has been designed using stronger material. Of course it depends much on your choice of taste.
Some parents prefer leather diaper bags, some vinyl diaper bags, some like going for the canvas diaper bags.

Despite wipe clean Vinyl bags being a good alternative to the jungly looking leather bags, canvas bags seem to be the better option for a heavy duty fabric that stands to do its work for a long long time to come. A good alternative to Canvas bags is the Nylon bags that are extremely lightweight plus very much durable to shun wear and tear.

Secured Closures

Always think Zippered, Snapped, Buttoned or Velcro closures for a quality diaper bag to help make sure that no baby items are coming out unawares.

Just be careful not to go for a magnetic snapped closure that would require some mighty Yokozuna to help you open it up.
One thing that magnetic closures does so great with compared to the Velcro closures is the Quietness that they carry along thus not easy to wake up a sleeping baby. Velcro closures are still doing it though.

Stroller Compatibility

Before you swipe that card, ask yourself “is it a stroller compatible diaper bag?”
Having at least one bag that matches your baby stroller can be saver when you want to stroll around so you don’t need two more hands to take a walk with your baby.

Changing Pad

As a mom-on-the-move, you definitely need a clean, comfortable surface to do your baby changing. There are no “buts”, a changing pad will spell a lot of difference in how fast you can get things done.

Where to Buy Diaper Bags

Diaper bags being a baby must have in the current society, it is of great essence to find a functional diaper bag from a TRUSTED store that will guarantee you the best bang of your buck.

You can find baby bags almost anywhere including the following:

  • Departmental Stores
  • Baby Boutiques
  • Discount Offers (Some Discount Offers are Feautured here)
  • Clothing Stores For Children
  • Baby Toy shops
  • Amazon – This is the Best and our Most Recommended source. But Why? Lots of Reviews to help you know what you are going for.

You can also find some used diaper bags at Yard sales and second hand item shops.

Parents and Their Diaper Bags

The New Mom

New moms have proven to be the best carry-it-along lovers for diaper bags considering they still do have lots of baby items to carry.
Just like a Stethoscope to any budding doctor, new moms will always need their baby bag readily stocked on their shoulders or hands for the ultimate solution that they need to have. Think of pacifiers, baby bottles, blankets , onesies and more.

Some do believe that the baby bag only belong to the little kiddie whilst some do believe that the baby bag belongs to them and not the little tot. Seriously, why would you carry 5 mommy change clothes and a pair for the little tot?

With all the options available out there on diaper bags, here is a tip for moms. Check out the 2 out of 10 strongest features and style that makes a bag winner for you. Not all the features you see listed will always be a unique selling point for a good baby bag.

All the diaper bag parts have got something that they carry along, some components will always be a head turner compared to others i.e. Lets say its a signature label for example, is it the most stylish thing that does the magic for you?

If you are a new mom and don’t know what to go for. You can never be wrong on Kate Spade

Carry it all Moms

Take a look at your baby bag next time you are packing for a trip. Is it fully packed? If Yes, you just joined the carry it all moms club.
The quantity of baby supplies seems to be a key concern for you and you don’t need to pretend about this natural tendency. We are all different right?

Simply go get a bigger diaper bag that serve your much better like the Skip hop duo deluxe, Diaper Dude or some Timi and Leslie Antoinette II


Carry-it-less style is also a fancy way that some moms and dads have adopted. You simply want to have some small pack of baby wipes, diapers, a snack and the baby bottle plus a couple clothes of change.

Jujube has done quite some good job here with their messenger small bags that make it easy to tote around without losing touch with wowing the public on your latest trendy fashionable baby bag.


These are the moms and dads who will argue that your latest trendy diaper bag does not have the necessary features. These are purists who believe and preach the immense need of carrying your most basic essentials while making sense at the same time.

There’s a ton of no-nonsense mommies out there who will open a sermon to love on just how you can do great with a particular style of bags.

Some of the baby bags doing rounds for realists are the Kate Spade New York, Okkatots Travel bag for travel moms and more.

Parting Shot

Whatever the diaper bag you choose to run with, always remember that you have something that will make you feel like a super mommy whilst offering lots of pockets, roomy enough, comfortable straps or handles, secured closures, changing pad, long lasting material to help keep the bag strong enough to serve even after the baby has grown up.

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