How to wear a Timi and Leslie Charlie II convertible diaper bag in Style

how to wear timi and leslie convertible ii

The Timi and Leslie charlie II Convertible diaper bag is no doubt one of the most roomy baby bags toted around even by your regular celeb..
how to wear timi and leslie convertible ii
While there is much to talk about this diaper bag, it is so smart in being used as a multifunctional bag including; serving as an evening bag, day-to-day trips and easily accommodates multiples so well. Even when your kids have outgrown this very bag there is always a smarter way to put these baby bags into use.

You may need to take a look at some of the beautiful aspects and the glaring issues of the Charlie diaper bag  before dropping a buck. It is well under $200

It wouldn’t be complete without a Cashmere giant scarf ($600), cat eye sunglasses ($615), black sheepskin coat ($755) and not forgetting some per-owned platform shoes($325) as well. I had problems finding the perfect platform shoes but I guess some light colored non-platform shoes can equally do well.

Above all, it sticks as a roomy, stylish, perfectly accessorized and will appeal to most celeb moms.

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